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Control of the matrix router AVM500-ES by Crestron 速 control panels

September 2010


Objective and description  Objective: control the audio patch through a Crestron ® control panel, without having to use ESMonitor software  Designed and successfully implemented for a major home automation project, in Switzerland  Integrator: Smart Home Switzerland (  AuviTran distributor: ZAP Audio

 Description:  Development of a serial port embedded a command interpreter that allows you to patch the whole matrix through a simple RS232 protocol  Feature available since AVM500-ES firmware version 0x110C/0x118C  Available on AVM500-ES and AVM500-ES/3ports  More details available in the newest version of AVM500 user manual (version 2.1)  We can propose that on basis project to other brands such as AMX, or on other AuviTran products Please contact us for that

September 2010


Application illustration

September 2010


Reference, timetable and price  Date of availability: Now  Available for AVM500-ES and AVM500-ES/3ports

 Description available in AVM500 user manual version 2.1  Software version  ESMonitor version 3.9.4 and later

 Price:  Free for AVM500-ES and AVM500-ES/3ports

September 2010


Sept 2010 - Crestron control of AVM500  
Sept 2010 - Crestron control of AVM500  

Introducing patch control on AVM500 through Crestron control panels