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Eric Auvino


Eric Auvino Setiawan architecture graduate

07 / 05 / 1996 +62-812-1950-0707 Jl. Ahmad Yani No.96 Cikampek 41373 Indonesia


2014 - 2018 Parahyangan Catholic University

Bandung 2011 - 2014 Yos Sudarso Senior High School

Karawang 2008 - 2011 Yos Sudarso Junior High School

Work Experience

Karawang June - August

Fulltime Internship

2017 Pipih Priyatna Architects & Contractor

Bandung August - October

Fulltime Internship

2018 Tan Tik Lam Architects


Bandung 2016 2nd Prize Winner ArchEvent Universitas Negeri Solo 2017 Outstanding Student Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung 2018 SAA Awards 44 Nominee awarded as Citation Parahyangan Catholic University Bandung

Organization Experience

2015 Publication & Documentation Division Titian Bidara - FAP 2015

Public Relations Division HMPSARS 2015/2016

Committee of “Skripsi Award” 2016 Treasurer of “Visitars”

Head of Lightning Division SATURA

Instalation, Publication, & Documentation Division Entrance - FAP 2016

Academic & Profession Division HMPSARS 2016/2017 2017 Head of Installation & Exhibition Paradesc 2017


SketchUp Autocad 2D Lumion Photoshop Archicad21 InDesign

BANDUNG PUBLIC LIBRARY Pasteur, Bandung, Jawa Barat 2018 Status : Citation Award of SAA Awards Type : Public Building Reading interest reduced around any society and a lot of fake news quickly stream all over country through internet. Library as building that contains a lot of verified information through book. But people nowadays seem don’t give any attention to library anymore, so this public library has a Activity Support area that could engage more visitors to come to library. Library itself has a relation into culture image and the activity generator still has cultural atmosphere such as art community space, temporary exhibition area. And to fulfill the modern society lifestyle, it has cafe and co-working space too. So this library not only become a common library but it also become activity generator to the society. Wrapped with vertical element, this building facade express Bandung character that has a lot of tree all round the city at the same time it used as sound barrier from road noise into the building. As technology improvement in the future developtment, the interior has open plan concept. Shown floor plan is a default or base design plan as designed and every room shape could adjust easily as following the future needs and technology.

Massing Concept. Building shape driven by the site area context and in site problem. Setback at top of building area and rotating mass to respond the intersection under the bridge.

(Above) West Pedestrian Entrance. (Middle) East Pedestrian Entrance. (Below) Main Drop-off.

Bird Eye View.

Block Plan.

Ground Floor Plan. Cafe - Lobby - Office Area

Information desk

Cafe at Public Area

Self-service desk

Book Showcase

Temporary Art Exhibition


First Floor Plan. Art Community Space - Book Collection - Office

(B (Belo

Second Floor Plan. Co-working Space - Book Collection - Office

(Above Left) Kids Book Collection. Above Right) Art Community Space. (Below) Temporary Collection Area

(Above) Co-working space. Below Right) Braille Collection Area. ow Left) Multimedia Collection Area

Third Floor Plan. Function Room - Book Collection - Book Storage

Fourth Floor Plan. Discussion & Research Room - Book Collection

(Right) General Book

(Right) Research and Rare Collection Area & Discussion Room.

k Collection Area

Hotel view from Cihampelas Sky Walk

KAI HOTEL Cihampelas, Bandung, Jawa Barat 2017 Status : 6th Studio Assignment Type : 3-star Hotel

Cihampelas has known as one of the most visited place by tourist in Bandung. Tourists really feel that Cihampelas area is a one-stop shopping area including stay-cation place. Kai Hotel want to accomodate tourists needs when they have a visit to Cihampelas. Kai stands for wood in sundanese and wood brings warm feeling to against Bandung’s cold atmosphere. vKai Hotel provides such as standard room for two persons, and two deluxe room option for a better stay experience on their holiday at Cihampelas. Every room has a view to north, east, or south view of Bandung city landscape. There is also a Public Cafe in front of the hotel area to accomodate the nowness urban lifestyle for hotel visitors or everyone who pass by only want to hanging out at cafe. This cafe also become a setback area from hotel building mass toward Cihampelas Skywalk. (Left) Hotel Lobby.

Pedestrian Entrance

Drop-off Area


Public Cafe

Bistro @ Kai hotel

Roof Swimming Pool

Hotel Tower

Standard Room I & II Unit

Deluxe I Living Room

Deluxe I Bedroom

Deluxe I Room Unit

Deluxe II Living Room

Deluxe II Bedroom

Deluxe II Room Unit

North-South Section

East-West Section

ENSEMBLE THEATRE Padalarang, Bandung, Jawa Barat 2017 Status : 5th Studio Assignment Type : Cultural Center

View from main street.

View from car entrance.

This theatre providing a cultural performance space. Building mass based on shape of grand piano which is piano as basic learning to any kind of other music instrument. This base design doesn’t directly express it’s function as concert hall but at the same time it could show cultural and traditional art. Bandung city is surrounded by mountains and known with Tangkuban Perahu folktale, this is shown at the building wide-span roof shape. So this theatre could be the new icon of Bandung new cultural icon building.

Drop-off Area.

Pedestrian Entrance.

Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan

(Above) Side Entrance. (Middle) Waiting Area & Information Desk

(Middle) Souvenir Shop. (Below) Performer Entrance & Loading Dock.

Main Theatre.

Hallway to enter the theatre room.

First Floor Plan.

Foodcourt at the same level as the theatre room.

Second Floor Plan.

East Elevation

South Section

North Elevation

West Section

WALUNGAN BALAREA Cikapundung Riverside, Bandung, Jawa Barat 2016 Status : 2nd Winner ArchEvent UNS 2016 Type : Community Center Team : Michael Sugondo & Kelvin Cinev

Walungan Balarea is a sustainable community space area. Walungan Balarea stands for people’s river has function to change people’s paradigm from using river as their disposal area into river as development focus. We try to expand Bandung city focus development from this design especially in Braga not only at the main road but also Cikapundung river which is located behind the famous art-deco building at Braga street. This design provide green spaces fo the society and try to develop the people around the area through education and culture, and at the same time the design sustainability also including the community them self as well.

Free flow pedestrian circulation make connection between river and land space without barrier.

Building mass located along with the river stream also the river make a connection between two different lands.

Outdoor Space


Social Space

LEGEND I. ‘Angkringan’ Plaza A. Entrance ‘Gapura’ J. Water Pond B. ‘Ngariung’ Plaza K. Urban Farming C. Green Space D. Dance Hall L. Children Playground M. Bridge E. ‘Omah Ngariung’ N. River Stairs F. Mini Library O. Sidewalk G. Fish Pond P. River Filtering H. Amphitheater

Switching Paradigm Economy Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Enviromental Sustainability

Informal and Green Economy

Building As Social Identity

Open Green Spaces

Long Term Economy Education

Communal Spaces

Waste Recycling

Social Space

Performing Arts

Urban Farming

Internship Program Tan Tik Lam Architects Jl. Gempol Wetan no. 113 Bandung Jawa Barat August 2018 - October 2018

Housing Projects 3D Modelling Detail Drawings Design Alternative

Dago Asri


Dago Pakar



Internship Program Pipih Priyatna Architects & Contractor Jl. Bukit Dago Utara II No. 19 Bandung Jawa Barat June 2017 - August 2017

Housing Projects 3D Modelling Detail Drawings Design Alternative

GPH House - Wiyoga Nurdiansyah Architects

Cisatu House - Pipih Priyatna Architects

LX House - Tan Tik Lam Architects

Villa Dago - Pipih Priyatna Architects

+ Others Project

THE HIVE Movable House Competition Entry WEX UGM 2016 Team : Aurelius Aaron Ellen Gohtami

LEMPUYANG GALLERY Cultural Building Competition Entry EXPORIVM UKDW 2015 Team : Albert Bernadus Spain Louis


Housing Competition Entry Sinar Mas Land Young Architect 2017 Team : Bernardus Rosario Michael Sugondo

SHOP HOUSE Facade Alternatives Design (built) Private Project Cikampek Jawa Barat 2016

Eric Auvino +62 812 1950 0707

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Architecture Portfolio by Eric Auvino  

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