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Asten’s Update Hello and welcome to the second issue of Autzine! It has been a busy few months for the Autzine team. On 2nd November 2010 we had a launch party for the first issue held at Suffolk New College. We invited the corporate board of Suffolk New College and other interested people to the event. Roger Fern kindly formally launched the magazine. We had refreshments laid on and throughout the event each member of the team gave individual speeches. Then Matt and I received a framed front cover from the first issue. Photographers from the East Anglian Daily Times also came to the launch, and off the back of that they invited Matt,

Annie and I down to their offices to pick up some helpful tips on developing the magazine and website. The article they wrote about us was headlined “Talented teenagers create new magazine” and highlighted how we came up with the idea and how the magazine boosts awareness of our disabilities. I hope this will help create more publicity for us. I would really like to thank Suffolk New College for hosting the launch and for their continued

support. I would also like to thank Jon Elsey from

the East Anglia Daily Times for giving up so much of his time to give us some great advice. We have some really great articles in this issue, submitted by people who have read our magazine throughout East Anglia, including an article about disabled access at the O2 Arena, graffitti, London Film Museum, ADHD, dealing with obsessions, a games review and a mental health article.. Hope you enjoy this issue!



The Media and Mental Health

Today we’re going to talk about the impact that media and games have on the public. Some people think that the whole issue that video games are ‘making the world a bad place’ is a bunch of rubbish, but reports, statements and evidence seem to show otherwise.

because it is well known that they spend a lot of their free time watching and playing it. I don’t think this is due to the fact that there is nothing else to do, but for a lot of them it’s what they would prefer to do.

but several people were hurt. There was no direct evidence that the game is why they did it. but in court they stated that they just wanted to try it out, like the game, and the media got hold of this.

Games will effect people’s mental health without them actually We’re not saying that all knowing because that is crime is because of this, the power of the media; or that games, videos and people become influenced movies may do the same by what they see and hear, thing to you, but first off, For example, if a gamer let’s explain why, society hears a good review about thinks it does a game, they will go get it because that’s what is The media has such a big being said about it. A film influence in the world and can make us happy or sad, we all see it and take it in, soaps portray story lines in some way or another. that can upset people and It makes us think and it they will offer information will change your mood and support in the credits. when watching it and, its Every day these influences argued, will then influence One of the violent events are there and it does what you do. that may have happened effect us in some way. because of video games is The reason that games get Video games are such that after playing the game most of the attention and a big thing now with ‘Grand Theft Auto’ (which attraction is because they technology getting better is a game where you can are used more than any and better, graphics are go round stealing cars and other media product, even improving to the point kill people at free will), films. that everything looks so two teenagers got hold of real and this does not help some rifles, went down to Put your Opinion on our anything. The people that the highway and started Website are most influenced by this shooting the cars as they are children and teenagers went by. No one was killed


Jo Searle Interview First of all can you tell me a little bit about yourself and Suffolk Mind? Suffolk Mind has only just come to be known as Suffolk Mind, as we have merged with West Suffolk Mind. We provide services for people suffering from some form of mental illness, or mental stress and provided housing services and support for people with high levels of mental illness,through to those with lower level anxiety .We provide information and advice throughout Suffolk and into Cambridgeshire. We’ve been around for over 25 years and hope to be around for a lot longer! I have been working for Suffolk mind now for 4 1/2 years and its certainly not been dull. I came to Suffolk having worked in London .

and whether it was a learning disability or a mental health issue and what we found nobody seems to know and that it straddles both things. This made us think it was something that we needed to know about and this is an opportunity for us to support something. I was also very excited about the whole idea of this being developed by somebody with Aspergers and a group of young people and also the business angle. I thought it was a really good, innovative and exciting thing Are there any future articles that you would like to be put into the magazine? One of things we are very interested in at the moment is how we support people to live their lives. Articles around healthy lifestyles and dealing with stress and anger and giving information on how deal with it.

Can you tell us why you decided to sponsor Autzine? When I was first approached about sponsoring Autzine it How do see raised some really big yourself working questions and debate with Autzine and about Asperger Syndrome making Autzine


happen? We are excited by Autzine and very pleased with the first issue We also think there are a lot of places where would could help promote Autzine to a much broader audience, but am also interested in how we can support Autzine to work with other groups to help them do these sort of things for themselves, because self help is a much better way forward. Also one of the things that we as an organisation are not very good at, at the moment, is our web profile and our social networking. You can influence us as an organisation and help us. So that’s how I hopefully see the future. Thank you for your time And thank you for allowing us to be involved and Good Luck!!!!!

Music Column They released their second album ‘Riot’ in 2007 which shot to number 24 in the UK best selling albums and sold 44,000 copies in the first week. Paramore hit the movie soundtrack scene with Decode which was featured in the movie Twilight. I Caught Myself was also featured on the Twilight soundtrack - this boasted their popularity and they were noticed more due to the huge success of Twilight. In this issue we are going to be talking about the band Paramore, who made their debut in 2004 with their single ‘Conspiracy’ just after they were signed by FUELEDBYRAMEN and Atlantic records. Originally their lead singer Hayley Williams was signed as a solo act but refused to become a pop singer, and with that Paramore became more noticed. This ld to their signing and subsequent release of their first album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ in 2005. The reason that Paramore became such a big hit would have to

be the fact that their lead singer is a female. That is very rare in rock music - well, it was when Paramore first started off playing. It became a big thing to try although hardly any band have become as well known as Paramore, So without originally realising it Paramore started off a big thing within the music industry. They got noticed by the British music magazine NME as being one of the top ten bands to out for in 2007. They were also voted as the ‘Best New Band’.


In 2009 they released their latest album ‘Brand New Eyes’. They have now released several songs from this album - Ignorance, Brick By Boring Brick, The Only Exception, Careful and Playing God - all of which hit the charts in both the United States and the UK. The band toured in the UK on November 2010 and sold out, so they had to do two days at several of the venues so more fans could see them. Paramore is a definite band to try out, their lyrics are great and so is their sound. Matt


My name is Joe Wilson I am 14 and I enjoy playing YU-GI-OH and I would like to tell you all about it. YU-GI-OH is a fun card game, which is usually played with two people but can be played

with 3 to 4 people as well. The aim of the game is to get your opponent’s life points down to zero. The reason that I enjoy it is because it’s fun to test my brain. I play it every Friday at the 24th Ipswich Scout hut Bramford Road, Ipswich. The club has been running for a few years now, and while I am there I am treated for who I am not what I have. By Joe Wilson Thanks Joe. Why don’t you


check out if there is a club like what Joe attends in your area. Let us know we can put the information on the website. If not why not

Games Review The first game of the Killzone series Killzone 1 on PlayStation 2 some seven years ago by and large slipped under the radar, despite using an innovative team based game-play mechanic and creating a rounded and fleshed-out universe for the game to exist within and of course Guerrilla Games’ trademark beautiful graphics; Killzone 1 was not well received with many reviewers citing technical issues particularly with the games AI. Fast forward a year to 2005 and the first trailer of Killzone 2 was shown in its full spectacular glory at the annual E3 event in Los Angles, despite the trailer being fully computer generated at the time of showing Guerrilla Games was not only able to deliver on the graphical quality shown, but surpass it. The game was critically received mostly due to the fact in went against the grain of most First-Person Shooters in

that it was a gritty and mostly monochromatic emphasising the true relentless and harsh act of war. The story was also rather grim and depressing acceptable for what it was portraying and never detracted from the

action but after all games are generally designed for entertainment first. It also featured controls that represented the weight and movement of a solider with heavy weapons, meaning that your moving, turning and jumping was not like other First-Person Shooters - realism occupied the action realm of the heart of this game which combined with


realistic health points made the game an FPS where you had to struggle as a team to succeed both in single player and online, where it was also impossible to simply runand-gun. Killzone 3 follows all the traits of its predecessors, it looks gorgeous and team play is centric. But despite what hard-core followers of the series will reject, Guerrilla Games have made the game more accessible, specifically tuning the controls to be lighter and more responsive; this makes it slightly less realistic but certainly more intense and action lead. When making Killzone 2 the developers used so much power in their base in Amsterdam they caused a power cut and had to ship in their own generators to carry on working - for Killzone 3 that must have built their own power station as although its not such a huge graphical leap from

the second iteration it has still improved upon an already good looking engine, and the scale of enemies, scenes and the sheer volume of the action all taking place is breath taking. Lighting has been improved drastically, weather effects are prevalent and the detail on characters, weapons and buildings have all been increased. Environments are detailed to an unprecedented level both from an artistic standpoint and technical - which all creates believable and realistic levels that engage and challenge you.

this ranges from snow flakes falling right into your face to bullets screaming past you that can only be described as a magnificent gaming experience and one that I hope all gamers will get a chance to enjoy.

But the graphics are only half the story and where Killzone 3 shines is with the refined and well thought out game-play. The single player although short (about 6 hours if your good) picks up from the moment Killzone 2 finished. You follow the stereotypical macho protagonist Sev a Special Forces solider fighting for the Killzone 3 is also the Interplanetary Strategic premier shooter on Alliance (ISA). After PlayStation 3 to feature killing the evil Helghast stereoscopic 3D, it is also dictator Radec, both Sev the best use of 3D that and his comrade Rico you’ll find in any game. If find themselves stuck your lucky enough to own between the cross-fire a 3D television then this of the newly created game is a must buy and internal chaos they have only a few minutes with caused between different it will solidify you reason for purchasing. The 3D graphics doesn’t only add extraordinary depth and immersion to the game but the technology is used to create a true sense of atmosphere,


factions of the Helghast, they are cut-off as the ISA forces try to regroup from their terrible losses seen at the end of Killzone 2, and as the game develops its soon clear that the Helghast are on an unholy rampage to destroy every ISA ‘dog’ they find. Without giving away any spoiling information its clear to see that Guerrilla Games have moved away from a dark and sinister plot to a more action lead story, this is especially noticeable with the truly breath taking set pieces that are abundantly sprawled through-out the single player campaign. Written by Matt Riches Find the full Review on the website, Autzine. http://www.

Visiting The O2 On the 9th December 2010, I went to see a JLS concert at the O2 Arena in London. I went with one of my best friends, who uses a wheelchair. I had been looking forward to the concert for almost a year – I got the tickets for Christmas the year before. The reason I am writing this article is to report on accessibility options at the O2 Arena for people with autism and other disabilities, and also to give my opinion of the concert and the venue. Wheelchairs The fact that my friend was in a wheelchair meant that we got to skip the queue and go straight to our seats in the arena. This was very helpful for me as well, as I also hate waiting in long queues. People

with ASD are also treated as disabled at the O2 – this is helpful for those who don’t like waiting in queues and/or crowds. You don’t have to show any evidence, just mention your disability when booking. Toilets In the arena there are two regular toilets and a disabled toilet. Security guards The security guards are really friendly. The first set of guards took us to the front of the queue and then the guards at the front took us directly to our seats. Seating We sat in the area specifically for people with disabilities Our seats were right at the side of the arena and quite close to the stage, with doors close by, which made it easier to get out if we needed to. There was lots of leg room and space between the seats. Car parking There are disabled parking spaces but you have to book in advance.


Transport options There are loads of options for getting to the O2. You can drive there or alternatively you can use the train or take a taxi. Food and drink There is a wide variety of restaurants both inside and outside the arena, from Pizza to Chinese to Fish and chips and lots more, there is something for everyone. What I thought of the concert JLS were amazing and it was probably the best concert I’ve ever seen. I loved all the songs and the dance routines and sitting near the front was a brilliant experience as well. Overall, I think if you are going to a concert, choosing the O2 is a good option because it is really accessible and the Staff

are really friendly. By Asten

Dealing With Obsessions Do you have an Obsession or any repetitive behaviours and routines?? Well you are not alone They are a big feature of Autism and Asperger Syndrome and lots of you have them. They can be very different for each person . They may include arm or hand-flapping, rocking or head-banging. Or you may love a small part of an object like spinning wheels of toy cars.Some people are obssesed with certain clours or places and you may use your obsession in response to anxiety or stress (Howlin, 1998), or because you just enjoy them.

ASDat‌.a high quality bespoke service providing support, information and training for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ADHD

Many of you may have been fascinated with Thomas the Tank Engine, dinosaurs when you were little, and sometimes these can stay with you when you are older. Lots of you seem to love cartoons and characters that may appear childish to your peer group, but you still love them. And why not???? I think its pretty cool Some of you may develop obsessions in unusual subject areas such as car registration numbers, bus or train timetables,


postal codes, traffic lights or numbers, and some of you may love to collect things from star trek to fossils like the picture above. And in the same way that the things you love can vary enormously so can the reasons why you become obsessed . Sadly, sometimes obsessions can be very intrusive in your life and limit your involvement in other activities, or they can be dangerous like fire.

The following are some possible reasons why you may have an ‘obsession’ • Particular subjects or objects may provide structure and order which can help you cope with the things that change all the time. • If you find it hard to chat to people you may use the things you know so much about to help you start a conversation and help you feel confident.. • Perhaps they help you to relax, or you may just get a great sense of enjoyment from learning or collecting things. But that’s what professionals and research tell us – I want to know - how is it for you, what sort of things are you obsessed about and can you say that the reason you are obsessed is because of one of the reasons listed above? Or have we got it all wrong? I would love to hear from you. We have put a small questionnaire on the website, or just email or blog us. You can even put a posting on our facebook page. Then we can let other people know how it really is for you all on a day to day basis, and then we can

use this information to let people know when we are delivering training or providing support. Art work by Anne Spark For more information on obsessions and repetitive

behaviours visit www. where there is a much bigger article and some suggestions on how to manage them if they are problematic for you. Written By Annie Clements ASDat.... A Poem


About Obsessions!! My thoughts twist, turn and spiral out of control. I sit staring, vacantly, intensely, seemingly into a void. I am consumed. Eaten up by a force I cannot control. A force of which the source is a mystery to me. How do I let this happen? And why do I let it continue? You’re in my head. Hammering away until my brain is sore. Consuming each thought I have. Like a ravenous fire intent on destroying my very soul.Obsession! It eats and eats. Until the self has been savaged, pulled apart.Be gone, Get out, Leave me! I am stronger than this.

Are you a Victim of Hate crime?? Have you been targeted, bullied, harassed or discriminating against because of something about you? Then you could have been the victim of a hate crime.

All hate incidents or crimes should be recorded by the police so that an investigation can take place.

The Police see Hate Crime as a priority offence In Suffolk for example, and will respond quickly the Hate Crime Service to any call made to them works to increase the which is recognised as a awareness of hate crime, Hate Crime. Offenders the importance of reporting will also receive a harsher it and a support service for sentencing as the Hate victims. Crime is seen as an aggravating feature. What is a Hate Incident or crime? If you have been a victim A Hate Incident is defined then please report it. You as “any incident, which can tell the police, family, may or may not constitute college tutors or contact a criminal offence, which is the local Hate Crime perceived by the victim or Service for support. The any other person as being important thing is to tell motivated by prejudice or someone so that you can hate.”A hate crime is any get some support Many criminal offence that is offenders do not think motivated by hostility or about how their behaviour prejudice based upon the is affecting others and once victim’s: Race, Religion, educated on this they do Disability, Gender, Age, not reoffend. Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity. When you report hate You may be a victim crime, you are making a of an incident or crime bigger difference than you which you feel is because think. Not only does it of something about you. help you get support, but You may also witness an you are helping us to make incident or crime and are your community safer. concerned that the victim has been targeted because Hate crime is extremely of something about them. under-reported. Your


reports help us to paint a better picture of how hate crime is affecting the country, where the ‘hotspots’ are and how best to tackle the problem. We would always encourage people to contact the police to report an incident to them direct. However, if you are worried about contacting the police direct you could speak to family, friends or a tutor and ask them to support you. If you live in Suffolk you can contact he Suffolk Hate Crime Service direct on (01473) 668966 by email at report@ or you can download a reporting form from our website at www. check the internet for you local service. You could also email us.

Farlingaye Talk Recently we were very kindly invited to talk at Farlingaye High School inWoodbridge at their Equality and Diversity day. On this day, the school invites different speakers to come and talk about their personal experinces of dealing with disabilty, race or gender. Asten and I were asked to talk about our expereiences at School and how we overcame them, as we had both been excluded during High School as a direct result of our disability. In spite of this we had both had successful placements at our next schools and had gone onto college. I had studied Public Services and Media and then gone onto to get a job working with ASDat and producing this

magazine as part of that whilst Asten is currently studying Art & Design and the magazine was her idea! So all round we should be pretty proud of ourselves. We thought we were going to be talking to about 15 students but ended up talking to about 40. We told them all about our lives so far and the audience were great! After that one class were asked to go and write a piece about what they thought about our talk and sent them to us. Unfortunately we don’t have space to include all of them , but thankyou for letting us read them all. They were very humbling and showed us that us coming and talking to people really does make a difference and allows people to understand


what it is like for those of us who are dealing with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD every day.

After doing a talk at Farlingaye all about Aspergers and ADHD we spoke a little bit about Autzine and we asked if anyone could send us in some articles and a class of year 9’s sent us loads of articles about the talk, here is the one of them. Enjoy. My name is Lilac and I am a pupil at Farlingaye High School. Every year we have a Focus Fortnight; Two weeks filled with talks, trips and activities connected to the chosen theme. This year our theme was Equality and Diversity. I signed up for three things, I did two arty things, one where I drew over a picture of me and changed the way I looked by adding a big nose and a moustache. Also there as a talk about how people who are depressed or upset can be cured by art. Lastly I went to a talk with my English class. Asten and Matt told us about how they had

problems at school because of ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome. They were both expelled from school because of misunderstandings and bullying. We went to the talk because we have been reading a book called ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time’ which is about a boy called Christopher who has Aspergers

syndrome. The talk help me understand why Christopher behaved the way he does. But as like Asten I do worry that people assume that all people with Asperger’s are the same and will behave in the same way, when in fact they are still individual people. find the book online here.


Graffiti Article The thing I like about graffiti that is that it can show people how you feel, It can also be a form of communciation or just show people what you can do. I like graffiti because it makes me feel free. I express my graffiti in a sketchbook or in the corner of my page. I like doing it this way because I can always take it with me. I can add to it later on and show my friends. I would like to try doing graffiti with a spray can. I don’t think graffiti is a crime because to me it art.

The thing that got me into doing graffiti was designing the front cover of my English book text book and looking at various stryles of art. My most favourite artist has got to be Banksy. The one thing I don’t like about graffiti is the tags people leave. The reason I don’t like it is because to me it is not art and it just a quick way of writing your name and looks untidy. Graffiti makes me feel happy and when I am drawing I feel like there is nothing else to worry about. By Sam Clements

^ Artwork is By Banksy


This is a piece of graffiti that I done for my art course at Suffolk New College. The reason I done this design was because I have a passion for music, so I started with a graffiti style skull with arrows coming from it. Then I incorporated headphones with music symbols. This is the final piece. Enjoy. Sam Clements The History of Graffiti Graffiti has a long and proud history. The subculture surrounding graffiti has existed for several decades, and it’s still going strong. The graffiti artists (or “writers” as they prefer to call themselves) are passionate, skilled, communityoriented, and socially conscious in ways that profoundly contradict the way they’ve been portrayed as common criminals and vandals. Graffiti, if we define it as any type of writing on the wall goes back to ancient Rome, and if drawn images count, then we could point to the first graf artists. But the style of urban graffiti that most people have seen and know about, the kind that uses spraycans, came from New York City in the late 1960s, and was born on the subway trains. Taki 183, who lived on 183rd street in Washington Heights, worked as a messenger who traveled all throughout the city. While he did so, he would use a marker and write his name wherever he went, at subway stations and also the insides and outsides of subway cars. Eventually, he became known all throughout the city as this mysterious figure. In 1971, he was interviewed for an article by the New York Times. Kids all over New York, realizing the fame and notoriety that could be gained from “tagging” their names on subway cars (that traveled all over the city, naturally) began to emulate Taki 183. To read the full article go onto this link culture/Graffiti_History.html


ADHD more nteresting, perhaps by using video clips and practical tasks and examples. This not an easy thing to do and its not always possible, but it is something worth trying. ADHD sufferers are very easily distracted by even the simplest things even down to a leaf falling off a tree.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is a condition that makes it very hard for people to concentrate and focus on anything. This is a major problem for younger people in the community because as you grow up you need to learn and without the concentration or focus that becomes difficult. Having ADHD doesn’t mean that you are mental or not normal, it just means you find things difficult at times. The main problems that people with ADHD deal

The H in ADHD stands for hyperactivity. Not everbody has this. It with is keeping focus means that they will and concentration with have boundless energy things that they are and will not be able to not interested in. If control their behaviour a tutor, for example, as well as those without teaches in a manner that hyperactivity. This is they find boring, then no excuse for people’s someone with ADHD will behaviour but it does completely loose focus mean that they find and not pay attention, it more difficult than which in turn means others to control that they will not learn themselves. a thing. But people with ADHD can actually be Medication can be very focused at times if given for ADHD, but to it is subject or an object each person given it, it that they are really has different effects. For interested in. They will some people it will work then focus brilliantly so and by that I mean it the best way to tackle will help to keep people this within school is to calm and think straight try and make the lesson


without the fuzzy fast moving thoughts. The drugs do have a fair few amount of side effects with them though, but they do not affect everyone. One of the main side effects is that it will take away their appetite. This is not good as most people that deal with ADHD need to eat more, not less, because of their metabolism being so fast. If they do not eat there is a possibility that they will become very skinny in a short amount of time. It is claimed that ADHD is over diagnosed now because so many people now know about it and they use it as an excuse more than a diagnosis. the argument is that because the symptoms are so similar to that of just bad behaviour it is being used a cop out for a child’s behaviour or

poor parenting. This is making ADHD more and more unbelievable because some people think that it is not ADHD it is just bad behaviour, which is not helpful when you really do have it and need the additional support and understanding. Written By Matt Ellis


These are a few websites that you can check out to find to find out a little bit more about ADHD. -www.livingwithadhd. adhd/neurology blog/

London Film Museum Just after christmas, Tom Clements and myself went and visited the Film Museum in London, right next to the Millenium Wheel on the Embankment. We asked Tom some questions about his visit What did you enjoy the most about the film museum? I really enjoyed the James Bond sections. And I loved seeing the Helicopter Little Nelli from the film You Only Live Twice. Did the staff try to talk you and be friendly with you? Yes, the staff we mostly young people, and they

were really friendly and helpful and had a lot of knowledge about the museum and the exhibits Were they always willing to help? Yes What were your favorite exhibitions? The Clash of the Titians, King Kong and Godzilla. Tell us why is it you liked going? Tell us what made it good? All the different exhibitions made it good and I like anything to do with film. Why should other people go to the museum? Because it was fun and interesting How did you get to the museum? Is it easy to get to? I travelled by car from Ipswich, which took about an hour and a half. You could go by train and the tube or travel by bus. There are several place around the Musuem you can park with your Blue Badge if you have one.


Did you enjoy the journey and why? I enjoyed the journey in the car as I could sit and watch my DVD’s How much is it to get in? adult £13.50, child £9.50, seniors £11.50 but if you have a carer with you they get in for free Is it worth it going to the museum and why? Yes I do think its worth going to the museum if you are interested in films as there are lots of props to look at and some interactive displays Thank you Tom. I would just like to add some comments as well – the museum is really well laid out and you can take photographs in nearly all the exhibition areas. There are plenty of spaces to sit down and because it is in separate rooms it isn’t too overwhelming. The Star Wars area, where you can have your photograph taken by a member of staff for £5 was well organized. The staff were very supportive and worked well with Tom once I had explained he had ASD.

The photos came onto the computer immediately and printed out quickly once you had choosen which shot you wanted., I would recommend agreeing with any young person you are with how many photos you are prepared to buy before they are taken as they take quite a lot of shots and at £5 each you don’t want to be in a position of buying all of them!!! Also the museum not enormous and you can be round in about 90 minutes.

position there are several other great things to go and visit close by. The website is www. londonfilmmuseum. com/

And the really big bonus we got out without visiting a shop!!! What a breath of fresh air!!!! There are plenty of stalls close by selling food,and there is a MacDonald’s next door. I want to say a big thank you to all the staff. They were really enthusiastic when we said we were going round to do a review of the Museum for this Magazine, and asked for a copy once it was written. For you film enthusiasts its well worth a visit to have a look at all the props and because of its


And the closest tube station is Waterloo. . There are also lots of the London Bikes very close by Annie Clements

Wordsearch: Games

















Questionnaire 1. What is your overall opinion on this issue? very good good ok


very poor

2. What Do you think the lay out of this issue? very good good ok


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3. Would you like to be in the next? Yes


4. Is there anything you don’t like about the magazine? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 5. What do you think would be a subject for an article for the next issue? _______________________________________________________ 6. Is there a venue you would like us to visit to see if it is Asperger friendly? _______________________________________________________ 7. Any other Comments? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ You can either complete and send it to Autzine Suffolk New College Ropewalk Ipswich Suffolk Or fill it out online at


A Big Thank You to Steve Flory at Hudson Signs for Printing this edition of the Magazine for free

World Autism Day is on the 2nd April. For badges and ribbons go to www.


Autzine Email: Autzine@suffolk. Text: 07583364212

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