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Equally fueled by a dark humor are Jenkins’ adult-sized “dummies” (his description) of vagrant body parts in impossible and violent situations. All the pieces pounce with the benefit of surprise. “There’s so much rubbish on the streets already that the pieces I put up are camouflaged and ambiguous. The vagrant dummies too; like real homeless people they’re so much part of the urban landscape that you’re desensitized to the sight of them.” He uses hand-me-downs he has received to clothe his “Homeless Dummies”, and creates the body shape using a dry casting process where he wraps himself in packing tape. The babies he uses in his instillations are cast from children’s dolls. He denies placing his simulacra in public spaces “an out of body experience.”

Museum Catalogue  

Exhibit Catalogue. Typography 1. December 2011.