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Winterizing Your Daily Driver Article by Nick Book of A&G Auto Spa 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Tribute Car

A special promotional event for The Grand Tour, courtesy of Amazon Prime and Cars & Coffee STL Cars shows and other events coming up in and around the St. Louis area.

November 2017

Issue #12

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Audio Integration

mobile electronics test equipment to do such measurements can be found in the bays of quality shops with technicians trained to use it. So whether you are in search of a high quality audio system or would just prefer a bit more sub, there are plenty of options available. available. ■ Thank you for reading, Brandon Green/ Owner The Car Audio Shop MECP Master Certified Technician Have a question or topic idea for Mobile Electronics? Email us at

Integrating upgraded audio and video products into the factory system is a great way to enhance your driving experience while maintaining the OEM aesthetics. Even something like a small subwoofer to fill in the low end of the musical spectrum can be a very pleasing addition. And with many of the new products that have come to market in the past few years, a complete audiophile grade system is possible. There are many products available to seamlessly integrate into the factory system ranging from basic converters to complete processors and vehicle specific pieces to get a high quality audio signal to send to

aftermarket amplifiers. Having a high quality signal means a better end result and is safer for your equipment. In order to achieve the best quality for your dollar, you’re vehicle’s audio signals need to be tested and verified (using a factory tweeter output with a high pass crossover will create a poor results for a subwoofer or midrange and vice versa). Proper

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Car Care

Winterizing your daily driver

Winter is fast approaching and will be here before you know it. Now is the perfect time to get your car protected from the harsh winter conditions we will all soon encounter. From road salt to ice storms, these winter preparations are going to keep your daily driver looking fresh through winter while also increasing safety when driving in the elements. Protecting Your Paint Winter in the Midwest can be very harsh on a vehicle’s finish and it is an absolute must to apply some sort of paint protection before winter. I highly recommend using a synthetic sealant over the traditional carnauba based waxes. These sealants are much more resilient to chemicals and should not need to be reapplied in the middle of winter. Silica and polymer based sealants are going to be the easiest to apply and offer tremendous results. CarPro Reload and IGL Premier are great silica based spray sealants that can be layered and used as a drying aid. If you fancy more traditional paste or liquid wax, HDPoxy is hard to beat. To ensure proper bonding of these sealants it’s necessary to use a clay bar to remove all surface contamination. This allows the sealant to bond with the paint directly and will ensure maximum durability throughout winter. If you are unsure what a clay bar is or how to

use it, reach out to a local detailer, most would be more than happy to talk you through the process. Keep in mind, the ultimate in paint protection comes in the form of ceramic coatings. Professional level ceramic coatings will keep paint protected year round while making the washing process much easier. While there are consumer grade coatings available, the professionally installed coatings hold up much better and offer the greatest level of protection for your vehicles paint year round. Protecting Your Wheels & Tires Most people are unaware how damaging road salt and frigid winter air can be for your wheels at tires. Just like your paint, you will want to apply some sort of protection to keep them looking their best through winter. In order to help prevent the buildup of ice and salt, a sealant such as those mentioned above can be applied directly to a clean wheel. They can be used year round to also help reduce brake dust build up and increase the ease of cleaning. Using an environmentally friendly, non solvent based tire shine will also help keep your tires supple despite the dry winter air. This is necessary to help prevent cracking from the

cold during the winter months. Interior Care The best way to prevent salt and grime buildup in your vehicle’s carpets is to invest in a set of all-weather floor mats. WeatherTech is an industry leader and makes custom fit mats for most makes and models. They have raised lips to prevent melted snow and ice from getting onto your carpets making them an indispensable investment for your car’s interior. For those that prefer fabric mats, spray on fabric protectants are going to be the only safeguard from salt stains. Regular cleaning and reapplication of fabric protectants should keep your mats looking like new. ■ Article by Nick Book of A & G Auto Spa. For more information please visit Pictures Provided by: A & G Auto Spa Have a question or topic idea for Mobile Electronics? Email us at

Proud Pony You walk into an outbuilding in 2008 and find a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 sitting there waiting for you to bring it to its new home. Most of us would be starting to think of all the different directions you could take this muscle car. Do you go back to stock? Turn it into 70’s or 80’s era street killer? An all-out custom? Resto-mod it? Etc.. So many choices. Well, Scott and Lynette Lewis of St. Charles county struggled with that indecision too. The car was not perfect, but it was restorable. Scott jumped in and started the restoration process not knowing for sure what direction he wanted to go with it. He did know he wanted to do something with the hood to make a strong statement regarding their support for America and our troops. He started collaborating with Keirsten McDaniel, a local graphic artist, on ideas for the hood. Before long the ideas overflowed, and it turned into a whole car tribute to our military called the “American Spirit Mustang”.

Pictured: Lynette and Scott Lewis

In addition to the restoration process, the decision had to be made whether to paint the vehicle or wrap it with all the pics honoring our military? The team discussed all the pros and cons of paint vs a wrap. Many factors were considered such as ease of repair if damaged, the ability to show each and every detail of the pictures, etc. The decision was to wrap it which also allowed a more personal experience with the car. As Scott mentioned, “We didn’t want to build something as emotional as the American Spirit Mustang then keep people at arm’s reach, and as we have seen in our travels, people have to touch it, connect to it and try and understand it.” To make this project a little more difficult, they decided they wanted to keep this project secret and plan a public unveiling. The project involved a small group of dedicated people and opportunities for new friendships and unique experiences along the way. As I write this story, it is hard not

to share all the stories I have learned about the people involved in this car. And no one story is more important than another. However, I want to share the following story as I believe it shows the effect this car has on people and its importance. It involves the decision to wrap the car and how to get it accomplished. Scott approached Bill Riechmann about possibly helping out with the development and application of the wrap. Unknown at the time to Scott, Bill was also a 20-year Air Force Veteran. Scott said “When I first approached Bill with the idea of the American Spirit Mustang, Bill understood the project but didn’t show much interest…after visiting with Bill four times at his shop to discuss the project, Bill stopped me mid-sentence, lowered his head and said ‘You don’t understand! It’s not that I don’t want to, it is that I can’t, the memories, the pain still are strong’ I could see the emotion on his face as he turned and went to the back of the shop” Bill later told Scott that he realized he could not walk away from the project and he knew someone would do the

job, and he wouldn’t want to trust someone else with this project. Bill said, “The American Spirit Mustang must be done by someone who understood the meaning, who lived the life, who served and understood this car had to be perfect and nothing less would be acceptable.” Again, this is only one example of the dedication of so many individuals who helped make this car a reality. There are even more stories as to how this car has touched the lives of people across our great nation that have been able to experience this car since its completion over 7 years ago. After countless hours on the car’s restoration and improvements, plus 5,000-man-hours on the design process and installation of the whole vehicle wrap, the car was completed and had its first public appearance 2 ½ years later on Memorial Day 2010.

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Nov 2017



Proud Pony (cont)

have served, and Lynette is a veteran herself.

You need to see this car in person. The subtle change from the most recent images in color up front, to the gradual fading to the black and white photos towards the rear is truly stunning. Plus, all the other one-off features of this car, which many have their own unique story. If you ever get a chance to meet Scott and Lynette and have the opportunity to talk to them about this great tribute, consider yourselves lucky to have met two selfless patriots that have served their country in more ways than one. Both have relatives that

Scott and Lynette can usually be found at various events around the area including Fords Unlimited Club events here in the St. Louis area which they are proud members of. Look for them at club meetings, the annual show or other local car shows. As I conclude this story about the American Spirit Mustang and with Veterans Day upon us, we here at AutoUrge want to thank Scott and Lynette Lewis for their time and efforts traveling this great country impacting lives along the way. We also want to take this opportunity on behalf of everyone involved in the American Spirit Mustang tribute car and all of us at AutoUrge, THANK YOU to all our

SPECS: ■ Original 302 Engine ■ Converted to Fuel Injection off a

1993 Thunderbird ■ Ford Electronic Ignition ■ Drive Train is all original C4 Transmission and rear end is original ■ Converted to Power Brakes with disc’s in the front ■ Converted to Serpentine Belt System ■ Aluminum 4 core radiator ■ Added a Vintage Air System ■ Dakota Electronic Digital Gauge Cluster ■ Engine work by Bill Vance of Carson Natural Bridge Automotive



Nov 2017

Members of VFW Post 5077 8500 Veterans Memorial Pkwy O’Fallon, MO 63366

WIN YOUR VERY OWN AMERICAN SPIRIT MUSTANG! Did you know you can own your very own American Spirit Mustang!

Veterans, those that have served and all that currently serve! You will never be forgotten, and we can’t thank you enough for your sacrifices. After all, because of all of you, we can openly enjoy and share our passion as an enthusiast for these great cars we love and enjoy. Article by Ron Tucker Photos by Ryan Ledesma To learn more about the American Spirit Mustang and organizations impacted by this great tribute car visit: ■ For more photos, visit

A 1/24 Die Cast Replica American Spirit Mustang donated by Winning Technologies will be given away!. Post a picture on AutoUrge’s Facebook page and/or Instagram page of a Military Veteran (past or present) with a cool car and add #ASMGIVEAWAY. We will pick a random winner before an upcoming issue and feature the winning photo within AutoUrge Magazine and on For more details on this giveaway visit Need one now? Visit www.americanspiritmustang. com to purchase your very own 1/24 Die Cast Replica of this car. ALL PROCEEDS go to the VFW Support Fund!

ASM Original Condition

AMERICAN SPIRIT MUSTANG TEAM ■ Scott and Lynette Lewis- car owners ■ Bill Vance of Carson Natural Bridge

Automotive- Mechanical ■ Mike Vance of Carson Natural Bridge Automotive- Mechanical ■ Kenny Simms - All Star Mechanic ■ Kiersten McDaniel of Winning Technologies Inc - Graphic artist ■ Bill Riechmann- vehicle wrap ■ Scott Francis of Francis Restoration -Body and Paint ■ Jerry Benetatos – Close friend of Scott and Lynette ■ Tom Conboy – Winning Technologies ■ Brian Ivey – Winning Technologies

Cars & Coffee STL...

“If you know, you’ll go”…that was the unofficial Cars and Coffee STL statement leading up to the official announcement of this unique event. It was hard for Ben Schneider and Craig Whitehead of Cars and Coffee St. Louis not to let the cat out of the bag before it could be officially announced.

a hugely popular TV show called Top Gear with a worldwide following which could be seen on BBC America here in the states. Due to some disagreements, let’s say with BBC, one of the three left the show and shortly after, the other two followed. They signed with Amazon Prime for a new show called The Grand Tour.

Saturday, October 14th marked an exciting day for a lot of us auto enthusiasts in our great area…Amazon Prime and The Grand Tour made a stop in Chesterfield, MO. If you are an enthusiast, you probably already know about the Grand Tour TV show. If not, it consists of 3 journalist/auto enthusiasts that have a unique friendship. They review various cars, go on road trips together and sometimes do crazy things involving cars. Up until recent they had

Fast forward to the fall of 2017, a production/ event company, on behalf of their client Amazon Prime, put a promotional plan in place that consisted of a tour of the US and partnering with a few select Cars and Coffee organizations to help promote Season 2 of The Grand Tour. They reached out to Ben Schneider of Cars and Coffee St. Louis. After multiple communications, approval processes, etc. they received word that St. Louis was



Nov 2017

chosen as 1 of only a few Cars and Coffees to partner with to help promote the show. From first contact to the actual event date was only a few short weeks and it came together very fast. Ben mentioned they asked among other things how many people usually are in attendance at a Super Car Sunday event. Ben replied “Approximately 300-500”. However, assured them that with The Grand Tour combined with the Super Car Sunday event that there would be at least 1,000 people. Well, Ben actually underestimated as there were more likely closer to 1,500 people in attendance that evening. Evident by the long lines at the food truck and the vast number of cars.

and Hollywood? It was fitting the event took place in Chesterfield at The Place. First, The Place is a unique enthusiast environment. Secondly, I say it was fitting because obviously, this time of year weather is a big unknown. The weather was amazing just like it was back in January of this year when Cars and Coffee St. Louis had an improv to Super Car Sunday event on an unseasonably warm day as well at the Place.

it is always easy to see their love of cars and community. However, we have never seen as much joy and excitement as we did leading up and during the event from these two. They were in heaven! As Ben stated, “Being able to bring a special event like this to the St. Louis Automotive community is what it’s all about for us. Continued on Page 14

The evening consisted of a normal Super Car Sunday consisting of some of the finest cars in the area both inside the gates of The Place and outside as well, a showing of a Grand Tour episode on a large outdoor screen, a free food truck for those that answered a handful of questions for Amazon Prime, a few select auto enthusiast related vendors including AutoUrge and a great auto enthusiast’s environment. It was quite the evening and an amazing turnout of area enthusiasts. If you have ever met Ben or his partner, Craig Whitehead,

Cars & Coffee STL (cont)

We don’t get paid to run this organization... I’m fueled by an extreme passion for cars & giving back to our community. We were so grateful to have Amazon grant us the opportunity to put together an event like this for all the awesome people that supported us this year. Big thanks to everyone who attended and believed in us! I think we surprised Amazon Prime and the event promoter with the overwhelming turnout, which is a big win for St. Louis.” We couldn’t agree more. When we asked Craig about this successful event he stated, “Without the loyalty of our amazing Cars and Coffee members, none of this would be possible. Thank you for everything! I would also like to thank the best partner in the world, Ben Schneider, for giving me the opportunity to help bring some of the finest automotive networking shows in St. Louis.” As the season winds down for Cars and Coffee events, it was fitting to have a hugely successful turnout at a late fall event to help cap off a great year. Look for an upcoming story featuring Cars and Coffee St. Louis /Ben Schneider and Craig Whitehead. For more information regarding Cars and Coffee St. Louis, visit ■ Article by Ron Tucker Photos by Robert Ledesma For more photos, visit



Nov 2017

Coming Events

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Date Event Venue Times Contact and/or Website 11/11 Autumn-obiles Lamborghini Gold Coast - Athletic Centre 1:30-5:00PM For Autism 49 Lawrence St St. Charles, Missouri 63301 11/18 Cars and Coffee St. Louis Westport Plaza 8A -11AM 11/23 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 11/25 Cars and Coffee St. Louis St. Louis Motorcars 10AM-12PM 11/25 Cars and Coffee St. Louis Gateway Classic Cars 9AM-12PM Note: AutoUrge is not responsible for incorrect information, cancellations, etc. As always visit the event’s website,etc before attending. Not all area events can be listed. We do our best to include all Events submitted to Have fun!

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