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THE CHASSIS EXPERTS Schaeffler is a trusted technical partner of the automotive industry, delivering high-tech components and systems for OE fitment by vehicle manufacturers around the world. We have used this OE know-how and engineering excellence to create our FAG steering and suspension range, which offers a genuine quality alternative to independent workshops. It is also the perfect accompaniment to our leading range of FAG hub repair solutions, which offers garages genuine OE quality at a competitive price. And, until the end of December, every time you scan the OneCode and collect your bonus points from an FAG Wheelset or Track Control Arm Kit, you will be entered into January’s Schaeffler REPXPERT Millionaire prize draw! Get more inside - choose FAG. | |

October 2023

Dear Reader, As another eventful year draws to a close, it is time to celebrate accomplishments, take stock and plan for a prosperous new year.


This issue focuses on the support, training and equipment available to optimise garage management, facilitate a move into high voltage service and repair, tools, garage equipment and ADAS training. We do hope it inspires and provides some food for thought. We wish you all a merry Christmas and all the very best for 2024.


Nicola St Clair Editor

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Record growth for plug-in hybrid sales October’s new car market grew by 14%, marking the best performance for the month since 2018, according to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Electrified vehicle sales continued to accelerate, accounting for 37% of new car registrations – plug-in hybrid vehicles recorded the highest growth, up 60%, and full electric vehicle uptake increased to 20% – taking BEV market share to 15%, a small rise from last year. A significant increase in chargepoints were recorded but the vast majority of these were in London and the Southeast. The SMMT says action should be taken to ensure more equitable distribution and pricing for public charging,

suggesting: ‘ Reducing VAT on public charging to match home use would mean those unable to install their own chargepoint would avoid paying four times the tax paid by those who can’. Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “With demand for new cars surpassing pre-pandemic levels in the month, the market is defying expectations and driving growth. As fleet uptake flourishes, particularly for EVs, sustained success depends on encouraging all consumers to invest in the latest zero emission vehicles. The Autumn Statement is a key opportunity for government to introduce incentives and facilitate infrastructure investment. Doing so would send a clear signal of support for drivers, reassuring them that now is the time to switch to electric.”

New checks for MOT testers announced

The DVSA announced new annual training measures for MOT testers at last month’s IGA member event in Runcorn. As of January 2024, MOT testers who fail to complete the year’s annual training who later want to be reinstated, will be required to complete a DBS check, a DVSA demonstration and the current year’s annual training. Stuart James, IGA Chief Executive, commented: "It's essential for MOT testers to understand the importance of staying current with their annual training. Failing to complete these requirements and subsequently encountering challenges with the DBS check may affect their eligibility for reinstatement as an MOT tester. The DVSA's commitment to maintaining industry standards is clear, and it's our hope that all testers will embrace this opportunity to continue providing a highquality service to the public."


Employer Toolkit highlights neurodiversity The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) created a Diversity Task Force to help automotive businesses become more inclusive workplaces and has produced a free 'Neurodiversity Awareness in the Workplace' Toolkit that provides information, guidance and experiences from automotive people to help educate and raise awareness about neurodiversity in the workplace. The free download includes facts and figures and tangible actions for business and individuals. “We have developed this vital resource for businesses across the automotive sector, to help raise awareness about neurodiversity across the workforce, and to emphasise the many benefits neurodivergent thinkers can bring to the work environment,”

explained Sally Hodder, Head of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at the IMI. “We know 17% of people already working in automotive have a disability and we are striving to create a sector where people can be their authentic selves to thrive. Everyone is entitled to work in a safe and healthy environment, where they feel they belong because they are understood and valued for the qualities they bring. This toolkit aims to inform and support employers in being able to make meaningful and positive change in the workplace to account for everyone’s neurology being different and unique.”

Cleevely Motors celebrate five industry awards Over the period of a week, the team of Cleevely Motors, and sister company Cleevely EV – a trailblazer in EV servicing and repairs, had been recognised for their pioneering work with no less than five industry awards. The team, headed up by Matt and Claire Cleevely, received the EVSure Autocentre of the Year Award, South Region Award and Special Recognition Award, as well as being named Garage of the Year at The Blend and Top Garage by Aftermarket magazine.

L-R, Shaun Williamson (aka Barry Evans from EastEnders), Matt and Claire Cleevely of Cleevely EV, Luke Garratt of Delphi and Paul Dineen of Servicesure

“I am sure many will join me in congratulating and thanking Matt for all his input and hard work,” said Paul Dineen, Head of Servicesure. “Matt has consistently and selflessly championed the transition to EV in the aftermarket, helping others to understand how to adapt to this emerging sector whilst demonstrating the opportunities available now and in the notso-distant future.”


GEA ACCREDITED ENGINEER Name XX123456 Company XX123456 Discipline XX123456 Exp Date XX123456 ID Number XX123456

The Garage Equipment Association

The Upholders of Industry standards since 1945

GEA ACCREDITED? For peace of mind always use a Garage Equipment Association member. GEA accredited engineers work to an industry code of conduct. Your assurance their skills and knowledge have been independently assessed.

Ask your engineer for his accreditation card ! 5

Verifying lubricant claims The Verification of Lubricant Specifications, VLS, is an independent organisation formed ten years ago, to verify lubricant specifications and marketing claims to protect workshops and their customers. It has investigated 98 cases to date, with 12 cases already received this year – the vast majority of which relate to passenger car engine oils and involve incorrect claims to its chemical or physical properties (ACEA specifications) or where companies use the terms such as ‘manufacturer approved’ with no evidence to support such claims. A recent case involved a range of gearbox oils, automatic transmission fluids and power steering fluids claiming Merecedes-Benz approval, but no reference could be found on the approved lubricants listing on the VM’s website. VLS worked with the lubricant marketer to revise the product claims to ‘according to the specifications of…’. autotechnician spoke with Jacquie Berryman, who took over as Chair of VLS from Mike Bewsey in September, whose mission is to support the trade through the transition to alternative fuels, the implementation of Euro 7 and maintain the body’s track record in managing non-compliance in the lubricant market. “The marketplace is becoming more complex with the transition to electric vehicles; the types of fluids that those vehicles require are completely different,” explains Jacquie. “They perform differently – need to be able to manage the temperature, have different compatibilities…The industry as a whole needs to work towards standardisation for fluids. There are tests, obviously, to ensure compatibility with the different materials that are used to ensure that the thermal management is appropriate but there aren't really any industry specifications for electric vehicles yet, but that will come. There will then be a role for VLS to play to ensure that the products that are being marketed against those specifications are equally compliant.” 6

As the car parc shifts towards electrification, Jacqui predicts the repercussions on the ICE lubricant market. “One of the implications of the move towards electrification is that the actual size of the market for the lubricants for traditional internal combustion engines is going to, over time, become smaller. As the market becomes smaller, it will get more competitive and that puts pressure on companies to make their product cheaper. Cheaper generally means lower quality. I think VLS will have an increasingly important role in making sure that as the market becomes more competitive, people continue to make sure that the products are compliant and provide the quality that's required.”









The VLS has created a leaflet for motorists, highlighting the importance of correct oil choice and decodes the letters on oil packs. Printed copies are available to workshops, email

“Over the past fifteen to twenty years, the contribution of engine oil has been increasingly recognised by OEMs. No longer just a consumable, the lubricant is viewed as an essential component in the same way as any other car part. The right lubricant properties can assist OEMs in delivering fuel economy and meeting emissions regulations whilst providing engine durability.”

Keeping electronic car parts on the road!

Reliable Sustainable Cost effective Two Years Warranty Quality remanufacturing


01206 849920

4.9 Trusted by over 2500+ workshops in the United Kingdom


Welcome to the sixth bitesize guide in our series of tips to help your workshop maximise the potential of Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 software


Figure 1


In our previous lesson, we focused our attention on the trouble-shooting prowess of our Service Information System (SIS) – including how it can quickly and easily guide you all the way from symptom detection and associated trouble code to root cause and rectification. Now that you have an accurate diagnosis you will need technical support that you can rely on to undertake any required remediation work. In this short guide, we’ll be exploring our RMI Manuals – an extensive library of technical support documents designed to give you all the information needed to deliver efficient and effective repairs and replacements, in the face of an increasingly complex maintenance and repair process.


Accessed via the ‘Manuals’ tab in the top navigation bar, your ESI[tronic] 2.0 software offers access to an extensive range 10

of original manufacturer technical manuals. Currently, the information from manufacturer sources includes brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Fiat and Ford – with the number of manuals and brands continually expanding. It is noteworthy that not all the content included under the ‘Manuals’ tab originates from the OE’s, however this tab is structured in the same way so that no matter which manufacturer, model or system you are working on, you will be able to find a familiar level of detail present.

FINDING ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED, MADE SIMPLE Whether you need to repair an electrical system, recalibrate driver assistance features or even replace components completely – we’re putting all the insight you need, right at your fingertips. By clicking on the ‘Manuals’ tab you will bring up the full list of available manufacturer guidance listed in alphabetical order (Figure 1).

Figure 2 Figure 4

The quickest and easiest way to refine this list is by searching by keyword in the search box located above the list. For example, if you are working on a fix involving the airbag, simply search airbag to filter the most relevant content (Figure 2).


The vehicle overview will always sit at the top of this list. By clicking on this link, you will get a full top-level view of the information available – from applicability of instructions and vehicle ID to a contextual menu capable of jumping you straight to relevant search items.


Electrical circuit diagrams are the latest addition to our ‘Manuals’ functionality – bringing you comprehensive instructions and clear visual guidance to undertake any electrical work. As we continue to add to our library of original manufacturer manuals, you will find more models and variations become available. Making it a one-stop-shop for all of your technical remediation work and dramatically streamlining your repair process (Figure 5).

Figure 3


Figure 5

For any unfamiliar fixes, select component location from the contextual menu to bring up instructions of where to locate the relevant component. This is supported by a manufacturer diagram with contextual rollovers for added detail (Figure 3).


Once you have identified the right component for your fix, you can quickly and easily find step-by-step instructions to remove the old part and install a new one. Where available, this is also supported by annotated and easy to follow diagrams (Figure 4). You will also find any relevant test instructions as well as any test prerequisites and warnings – such as the need to disconnect the battery or for specialist training before attempting the test or fix.

WHAT TO READ NEXT? Join us for our next lesson to discover the benefits available when evaluating the ‘Actual values’ of a system – an essential source of information for automotive system diagnosis and analysis.



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Driving business forward

Managing a successful modern garage is no easy task – we present some initiatives and resources to help organise workloads and staff, with advice from industry leaders on shaping your workshop’s future

To specialise or not to specialise? That is the question: Is it better to carry on trying to fix multiple brands, or is it just easier to specialise in one or two? Andy Brooke of Maverick Diagnostics describes some of his personal experiences of running multi-make workshops and how he made the decision to become a specialist. As cars become more complex, it may be a very good idea to specialise. With the increasing complexity of vehicles, specialisation is becoming a smart move for garages and workshops. Read Andy’s article here.

Manage daily workshop activities

Workshop Manager, from GDS, is an easy-to-use garage software application for managing daily workshop activities, including the creation of invoices, job sheets and estimates, and maintaining workshop service records. The system handles internal billing and has cost-tracking functions, managing purchase invoices and stock control. You can create bespoke vehicle inspection sheets that can be emailed to customers and the eVHC App allows you to enter check sheets on your mobile to synchronise with the GDS system. Visit for more details and you can book a demo here.

The latest episode of Tea Break Talk with Laser Tools & The Garage Inspector

Garages need to claw back wasted time

Online expert Jim Lang of Garage Services Online urges garages to look at how much time their technicians waste carrying out daily tasks, such as answering the phone or searching for the right spanner. In the latest episode of Tea

Break Talk, a podcast designed to help busy garage owners run better businesses, Jim talks to Laser Tools and The Garage Inspector about the simple steps garages can take to claw back valuable time. To listen to the latest episode of Tea Break Talk, click here. 13

GARAGE MANAGEMENT The Business of Diagnostics

Having systems and set processes in place, that all workshop staff are aware of and adhere to, promotes efficiency and makes each person more effective and stress-free. Here, Andy explains the difference between a process and a system using a diagnostic assessment as an example. For more ideas, advice and free training, consider joining Andy’s Garage Owners Network Facebook group here.

The Next Generation of Driving

The PETRONAS Workshop Network, is one example of a workshop peer group that offers training resources and support to futureproof businesses, giving garages the opportunity to enhance technical skills, broaden their knowledge base, and develop a sustainable mindset. What are the steps that workshops need to take to ensure they are leveraging the right skills to meet new sustainability needs, customer demand and ultimately, stay profitable? Marsha Thomas, UK & Ireland Country Manager at PETRONAS Lubricants considers what the future holds for automotive workshops in this online feature.

Supporting garage management best practice

Niterra UK, home of NGK and NTK components, has developed garagebacking programmes dedicated to workshop customers and focused on supporting their successes. Firstly, the supplier says that its NGK spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils, and growing NTK vehicle electronics portfolio of sensors, match or exceed VM standards to support quality repairs and a positive reputation. Its BoxClever loyalty scheme offers points from NGK & NTK packaging which can be redeemed for all types of gifts, from hats and workwear to electronic devices. The new NGK Academy provides online technical training, with over 270 training videos delivered by automotive experts. Users can find courses on basic servicing, hybrid technology and diagnostics. Becca Knight of Niterra UK, said: “We want garages to thrive across the UK, whether that’s through work generation support thanks to a BoxCleverPlus account via WhoCanFixMyCar or closing a knowledge gap via the NGK Academy.”

Managing staff – ensure compliance and nurture a positive work environment Within a series of articles, our Human Resource expert Julia Crawford from People Pillar, provides practical advice on all things people related. Here, she provides checklists on the fundamentals for the person responsible for managing HR in your workshop.

7 steps to effective low-cost recruitment can be found here and Julia provides comprehensive advice on problematic staff and how to deal with them effectively in this online article.

Garage Hive integrates major suppliers

Garage Hive MD Ray Dilsons credited its loyal community of users for driving the enhancement of the garage management system at The Blend event last month and announced developments including regular webinars and an ‘Ideas’ page, where suggestions could be voted up or down and reviewed. Existing connections to LKQ Euro Car Parts, GSF Car Parts and Autodata will be joined by PartsLink24 and users now have access to the Micheldever tyre catalogue for real-time pricing, availability and orders. Garages will also be able to identify specific oil and fluids required for a vehicle in their workshop using a Castrol oil ‘look up’ function, that can be added to a customer job sheet in a few clicks.



SAVE MONEY WITH PULS-AIR – WORKSHOP AND HALL HEATING Enjoy 50% less heating costs, thanks to innovative workshop heating from Austria Inflation and price increases in all sectors have caused heating costs to rise sharply for many workshops and halls. With the heaters from the Austrian manufacturer Puls-air, heating costs can be reduced.

What is Puls-air?

Puls-air is an oil-powered warm air heater for workshops and halls. Halls up to 1,800 m³ (with very good insulation) can be heated with one unit. For larger premises, several units can be used in combination. The commissioning of Puls-air is very simple and no separate chimney is necessary.

Most Puls-air customers report heating cost savings of more than 50 % compared to ceiling fans, radiators, etc.

How does Puls-air work?

Clean combustion, quiet operation

The patented pulsating combustion with an efficiency of 97 % is installed. This means that almost all the fuel supplied is converted into heat. Pulsating combustion originally comes from rocket research and has been used by Puls-air to heat workshops for over 30 years.

Why is Puls-air so economical?

Firstly, because of the already mentioned patented pulsating combustion with 97 % efficiency. During combustion, an oscillating gas column is created that changes direction 63 times a second. Movement = heat. This heat is used to heat the workshops and halls. The second reason is the physically optimal positioning on the floor of the room to be heated. The warm air is released where work is being done, distributes itself in the floor area and then slowly rises, cools at the top, sinks again and is drawn back through the unit preheated. A slowly rotating thermal air roll is created, the entire room is heated evenly and quickly.

The pulsating combustion achieves excellent exhaust gas values (NOX - 25 - 30, CO - 2 - 5 ppm; soot number 00). The running noise of the innovative heater from Austria is low at 57 dB.

Easy commissioning (plug and play)

The commissioning of Puls-air is very simple and consists of 3 main steps: 1) Place the unit in the room to be heated 2) Plug in 230 volt power 3) Conduct the exhaust gas via a 35 mm stainless steel pipe over the roof into the open air. DONE. The manufacturer also recommends connecting the unit to a larger heating oil tank via an 8 mm copper pipe and a non-return valve. Thanks to the 20-litre tank supplied, the heating system is immediately ready for operation.

Delivery time, order and advice

In order to avoid delivery bottlenecks, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible. Puls-air will be happy to advise you by telephone or e-mail in German and English. Orders can be placed online at

Further information can be found at: | +436642015883 | 15


Repairify urges workshops to get involved with ADAS calibration and repair as an ADAS system can be affected by anything that can change the sensor detection or location

Garage equipment As routine servicing and repairs become evermore complex, we highlight new tools, equipment and support services available to keep you ahead of the game What type of garages should be conducting ADAS repairs?

As of last year, all new vehicles are fitted with anti-braking and other ADAS features as standard, so cars coming out of their three-year warranty and no longer serviced by a franchise dealer, will need ADAS features that need calibrating. Repairify urges workshops to get ahead of the competition and consider this new revenue stream by investing in the appropriate tools and training now, as even a straightforward wheel alignment on certain models will require an ADAS reset and calibration. Director Martin Brown says, “Workshops that want to safeguard their business for the future and grow the ADAS repair opportunity should consider working closely with a company such as Repairify, as we can provide technicians with the skills and confidence that they are employing OEM tools and methods to calibrate, reset and programme components correctly and safely, supported by remote services carried out by our IMI-trained technicians.” The company also supports garages with a global insurance policy so that in the event an ADAS repair goes wrong, the

chat function on its app and website produces a written transcript of the process, should a claim be made. Its asTech Digital ADAS Calibration System has now been updated to support new Nissan Juke and Qashqai models, providing access through the secure gateway on the device.

Top tips when calibrating ADAS systems: Remember that an ADAS system can be affected by anything that can change the sensor detection or location Digest all the calibration instructions on the diagnostic tool before starting work Take your time when doing the calibration – if you rush the set-up, it increases the chance of the calibration not being completed properly Make sure the vehicle is on level ground during static calibrations Road test the vehicle after calibration ensuring the systems work correctly Complete certification that complies with IIR requirements.

New tool designed to help resolve complex issues

Opus IVS has introduced the FixPro diagnostic tool, combining its BlueBox legacy single-brand diagnostics and DrivoPro’s IVS 360 and Remote Assist Program (RAP). Technicians can access comprehensive diagnostic information for a wide range of vehicle makes and models and step-by-step instructions for repairs using IVS 360 directly via the device. Workshops working with one brand have the option to select and pay for just the one, such as JLR, BMW and VAG. 16

Bosch Brakes

Born Safe Having the ability to transfer strong knowledge and competences from original equipment to the Aftermarket business allows Bosch Braking to truly learn from the best in Brake Discs. From material selection to constant tests under extreme conditions in our own dynometer benches, Bosch ensures outstanding quality that set standards in the market. Because for us safety always comes first.

CSC-Tool SE The second generation of our award-winning multi-brand solution for ADAS camera and radar calibration

CSC-Tool Mobile Compact and portable for mobile use and smaller workshops

CSC-Tool Digital The ultimate ADAS calibration tool, with a 200cm screen and downloadable digital calibration targets

ADAS calibration solutions for every workshop Hella Gutmann's range of modular, multi-brand ADAS calibration tools enables both camera and radar-based ADAS to be calibrated to main dealer accuracy. To find out more and for a FREE demonstration call 01295 662402 or email


It may sound boring, but it is not. Bosch's ADAS Calibration training is relevant to future technician success

TRAINING: THE ULTIMATE FUTURE INVESTMENT? Quality training is an ideal way to keep up with technical trends and techniques. Yet, is it worth it? Rob Marshall drops into ADAS training at Bosch's Training Centre to find out…

There has never been a more exciting time to be an independent repairer. With technology evolving so rapidly, the keen professional technician cannot get the chance to get bored with so much new information to absorb. Even so, taking time out to learn is not easy. Independent garages remain immensely busy and losing one technician for just one day places the workshop under extra strain. Yet, regular training is becoming ever more necessary, because learning on the job is no longer sufficient to keep up to date. It takes management with long-term foresight and devoted technicians to set aside the necessary time to develop skills outside the workplace.

Decisions, decisions...

Thanks to established training providers catering for the aftermarket, it is not as though workshops and technicians are stuck for choice. Bosch, for instance, offers a wealth of topics and qualifications, with both online and in-person training options. Courses vary from generic, such as the 'Braking and Chassis Systems' (VSC6) and 'Engine Operation and Measuring of Components' (VSTD52) to being more focussed. 'Gasoline Direct Injection System Diagnosis' (VSG11) and 'Common Rail System Analysis' (VSD15), for instance. You can also look at developing specific expertise,


had a degree of obligation to attend. Again, this was untrue. Admittedly, while some Bosch Car Service members were present, several independent garage owners and technicians had also registered for ADAS calibration training and, intriguingly, not all of them use Bosch's diagnostic equipment.

Practical demonstrations may be conducted using Bosch equipment but the calibration process is emphasised as the most important factor

by participating in, for example, 'Oscilloscope Operation & Signal Test Methods' (VSTD9), or 'Control Unit Programming, using Bosch's KTS' (VSTD54). When looking at very recent and developing technologies, two courses that appealed to us especially were those on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems (VSH267) or one of a trio on ADAS. While electrification tends to be very visual, ADAS presents more of a challenge. Firstly, there is scant on-car work to do, other than plugging into the EOBD socket, supporting the battery and cycling the ignition. Most of the course, therefore, involves moderately dry theory and learning how to operate specific hard and software to print out certificates that confirm the work has been done. This is not an easy topic to teach.

Our course of choice was VSB41: 'ADAS Diagnosis and Calibration' – a title that struggles to stir the soul. Truthfully, the expectation was a day of monotonous lecturing, surrounded by bored technicians, struggling to stifle their yawns. To his considerable credit, the course trainer, Paul Harper, kept everybody engaged by combining group sit-down explanations, interactive theory, practical demonstrations and one-on-one guidance. The atmosphere overall was professional but not over-formal and the course was sufficiently flexible to allow questions at any point. As successful completion results in a lifetime-lasting IMI Level 2 qualification, the course curriculum is influenced by IMI requirements. The two-day course comprises a single day of learning that provides all that you need to know to pass day two's written and practical assessments. A potential problem was that all technicians had to be familiar with Bosch's KTS590, DAS 3000 and the company's ADAS Positioning

So, what is a course like?

With this in mind, we ventured to Bosch's Automotive Aftermarket Service Training Centre, based in Denham, West London. The cynic might have thought that the technicians present all hailed from the South East. This was not the case. Representatives from Wales, Suffolk and Yorkshire had all made the effort. One delegate had even travelled from Bulgaria. Furthermore, you might have expected all techs to originate from the Bosch Car Service network and, therefore,

Bosch's ADAS offering Course code VSB40 is a single-day, face-to-face introduction to ADAS technologies and offers an IMI Level Three qualification. We attended the first day of the VSB41, 'ADAS Diagnosis and Calibration', which requires you to complete VSB40 successfully beforehand. When taken in-person at Bosch's Automotive Aftermarket Service Training Centre, VSB41 blends theoretical learning, with practical demonstrations and exercises. The second day is the assessment. Due to vagaries in the IMI qualifications, the two-day-long VSB41 provides successful candidates with an IMI Level 2 ADAS calibration award.

Participating technicians are split into groups to calibrate ADAS on a demonstration car, under the guidance of Paul Harper. The model of car used in the examination is kept secret. 20

Should you require advanced ADAS diagnostic skills, Bosch offers the IMI Level 3 VSB47. You must have completed both VSB40 and VSB41 beforehand, because VSB47 builds on the knowledge and experience that you would have gained from these earlier courses.

"Even technicians that do not use Bosch equipment daily were brought up to speed quickly, thanks to the systems being surprisingly intuitive"

Fitting targets is one of the few tasks performed on the vehicle. Our only criticism of the course is that it does not (yet) include side camera calibration, utilising floor mats.

(BAP) Software. Yet, even technicians that do not use Bosch equipment daily were brought up to speed quickly, thanks to the systems being surprisingly intuitive. It was refreshing also that the course placed more emphasis on technician competence, not the brilliance and apparent infallibility of the equipment. Recognising that different garages use diverse equipment, the focus on the ADAS calibration process was a vital transferrable skill. Further useful advice for technicians to take back to their workshops included a substantial, A4 handbook that included not just a course overview but also advice on how a workshop should be laid out for effective ADAS calibrations.

Day 1 involved preparing for Day 2's assessments. Out of the nine delegates registered for the course AT attended, everybody passed the multiple choice paper and eight passed the practical assessment.

Coming to the crunch

Day 2 of VSB41 starts with multiple-choice questions, set by the IMI. This is followed by every delegate having 90 minutes to calibrate the ADAS on a vehicle other than the Nissan Qashqai training car. While the fear of being examined strikes fear into many technicians, several garage owners told us that they prefer being assessed, rather than gaining a qualification for simply turning up. They elaborated that being tested is the only way to confirm if they can calibrate ADAS systems correctly. With the calibration procedure becoming ever-more essential to complete an increasing number of common repair operations safely, it is hard to disagree with their sentiments.

As the assessment uses Bosch equipment, some delegates had to familiarise themselves with the hard and software

Access more information about Bosch's training courses at



Mobile calibration service

No need for brute force or torches!

The handheld induction heating equipment from Induction Innovations were invented by a collision repair technician, seeking a safer and more precise way to undertake various workshop tasks, such as loosening and removing components with heat.

A1 ADAS Solutions provides a mobile ADAS calibration, diagnostics and programming service to workshops across East Anglia via its fleet of fully equipped vans. It has set its sights on nationwide coverage.

The heat can be applied precisely and turns a nut red hot in less than 15 seconds! Click on the image above to watch a short video overview of the tool.

MD Iain Molloy created the firm following a position with an ADAS market leader and wanted to support workshops who did not want to specialise in this area as well as those who did, he explains: “We supply the ADAS and diagnostic equipment to workshops who want to specialise, as well as train their technicians, and then supply ADAS as a service to those who don’t want to invest or have the liability of carrying out the work themselves.”

The Pro-Max can be used for larger applications, such as a rotor or caliper. Using the concentrator (U-411) attachment, you can heat up other components in the tyre hub. Rather than having to use multiple brute force methods, Pro-Max gives you the option to be able to break free components quickly and safely, without the collateral damage from a torch.

It has recently launched A1 Remote Diagnostics, an on-demand service where its ADAS and EV certified technicians can connect to a vehicle in any workshop location.

They use high-frequency magnetic fields to create flameless heat, making it easy to remove adhesives bonded to metal, fasteners bonded with thread lock compound and seized or corroded parts, to name a few uses. The Mini-Ductor Venom is the 3rd generation in the Mini-Ductor series, with a range of coils for various applications, including ones to access recessed or tight areas. The coils can be used around 300 times.

Next generation scan tool

Snap-on has upgraded its SOLUS platform with various additional features to support a broad range of diagnostics. The SOLUS+ scan tool, with its eight-inch touchscreen display, boots up quicky and is ready to use in just two seconds and diagnostic results are available in as little as 30 seconds. Features include detailed DTC definitions, live data, functional tests, relearns and adaptations. SureTrack provides access to verified repair information and parts replacement records harvested from millions of successful repair orders. A one-touch code scan and clear performs quick checks and completes full vehicle clear codes for all available modules on the vehicle. Custom data list lets technicians customise the way they work, with freeze-frame, PID sorting, pause, zoom, PID trigger, snapshot 22

and cursor functions. Verify the diagnosis and repair with bidirectional controls for operations such as injector balance, gauge sweep, misfire detection, brake bleed and EVAP.

REMOVE THE GUESSWORK MAKE COMPLICATED REPAIRS SIMPLE WITH ALLDATA REPAIR ALLDATA Repair® is the industry’s top automotive repair software that puts the latest, original OEM repair information right at your fingertips. It covers more than 91,950 unique vehicle combinations – that’s 95% of all vehicles on the road today and brings you all these features and benefits: Instant access to complete and up-to-date OEM repair information 32 brands in one portal Over 6 million technical drawings and wire diagrams Mechanical repair procedures including body and frame, electrical wiring diagrams, filling quantities, service schedules and checklists, tightening torques...

YOU CAN ALSO ADD ON ALLDATA LABOUR TIMES As an optional extra you can also add on OEM Standard Labour Times to your subscription.

ALLDATA® Automotive Intelligence™ ALLDATA Europe GmbH | 20 Farringdon Street | London | EC4A 4AB 10/2023




resources more efficiently.


For any work needed, this will give the precise length of time it should take to complete, so you can give more accurate estimates and schedule your workshop


Are you considering an alignment upgrade?

Straightset says workshops should consider upgrading their wheel alignment system to 3D technology – coupled with a suitable lift, this will carry out a swift and accurate assessment of a vehicle’s toe, camber and caster measurements. It will also carry out an initial body dimension check – a great indication of potential body damage. The company supplies the Beissbarth range of equipment and advises that the Q.Lign, pictured, is one of the most compact web-based 3D systems that features a comprehensive database of OEM alignment data for a range of all makes and models of vehicles up to a 5m wheelbase. The system guides the user through the entire process and presents the measurements on an Android tablet, this can also be accessed on a phone or laptop. These values are compared with the latest OEM data before an adjustment report is generated, which can be printed off or emailed to the customer. Once adjustments have been made, a quick caster sweep is performed with the steering wheel returned to the straight-ahead position to generate the afteradjustment report alongside the initial figures. For a no obligation conversation, you can contact the Straightset team on 01909 480055 or email info@


Garage unlocks potential from data software

Tim Benson, owner of Oldfields Garage, enrolled onto Alldata Repair back in November 2022 and after a period of getting used to the program, a free training session was arranged for Tim and four members of his team on-site with Alldata’s Eric Ware. As ALLDATA Repair has a library of 79 million documents, it can take time to adapt to each VM system and layout. Training helps to unlock best practice. “Training is a significant part of that understanding and processing period,” disclosed Eric. “The primary use of our software is diagnostics – mostly wiring diagrams – and they vary between VMs. I will show how a wiring diagram links to connectors and how to navigate the ‘search’ function to locate torque settings, for example – these are all methods that will enhance the user experience." Training recipient, Tim, declared that his four members of staff, including an apprentice, felt confident after their session. "Finding the exact information is now easier", he said, "and the team can now utilise ALLDATA Repair for more investigationtype jobs”. He continued: “From our perspective, the training Eric delivered enabled us to apply ALLDATA Repair quicker, which,

given the workload and pressure associated with getting vehicles back out on the road, is essential. The training was the catalyst for a surge in use and activity." You can request a free trial of the software here

WHEEL ALIGNMENT SOLUTIONS TO SUIT ALL BUDGETS AND REQUIREMENTS 3D Wheel Alignment The Beissbarth Q.Lign 3D Wheel Alignment range for customers looking for high precision, accuracy and repeatability. Large vertical field of vision

Laser & CCD Alignment

Four cameras, one for each wheel

Fully integrated measurement technology

No height adjustment required to compensate for lift height Easy to navigate software Multifunctional Q.Grip clamps Comprehensive OEM vehicle database

6 or 8 sensor systems Available with hangers or 3Point clamps

Wall hung or on trolley Supplied with or without column

Available at Straightset. Contact our Alignment Specialist for advice, demonstrations or a quotation.

New green laser system for increased precision

Iconic, simple, accurate wheel alignment systems from the home of straight forward wheel alignment Manufactured in the UK short lead times Quick return on investment Reliable and easy to use Hang on system - eliminates damage to wheels

01909 480055 |



Castrol introduces a HYSPEC quality standard, a technical benchmark to measure performance of lubricants in the challenging conditions of modern hybrid powertrains

Are you ready for Hybrid & EV servicing and repair? Getting yourself trained to work on high voltage systems will give you a competitive edge and a minimal investment for workshops will ensure loyal customers don’t look elsewhere when the time comes. We look at EV specific issues, the equipment, training and support available, and the new generation of parts and systems to support the electrified road ahead

LUBRICATION Hybrids face challenging operating conditions The switch between a combustion engine and electric motor challenges engine oil in three ways, states Castrol – increased contamination from cooler engine temperatures, reduced performance due to engine intermittency, and a reduction in system efficiency due to cooler running and lower oil temperatures. The switch between the electric motor and ICE can result in engines running at cooler temperatures, which can lead to water and fuel build-up in the oil and cause engine deterioration. Cooler running and lower oil temperatures can reduce engine efficiency, resulting in poorer fuel efficiency and charging of the battery. The switching between power sources also means the engine operates at lower speeds then ramps up to high engine speeds quickly. Castrol says that if the lubricant is not up to the job, engine performance and protection will suffer. 28

Having spent over 25 years investigating the characteristics of hybrids, including a year-long road trial to capture 7,000 hours of data, it has created the HYSPEC standard to ensure its products deliver against these high technical parameters. Learn more about HYSPEC and its range of engine oils for hybrids here. “EVs are bringing new opportunities for independent garages and it’s much more than just strong market growth. Our own data shows that EVs boast higher than average invoice values, better profit margins and improved customer retention. It’s a daunting prospect though, having to adapt your current business. That’s why I’m keen to motivate and inspire others on how to integrate EVs into the traditional workshop offering.” Matt Cleevely of Cleevely Electric Vehicles speaking at The Blend 2023

HYBRID & EV Bespoke service products

Electric and hybrid vehicles are increasing in numbers on our roads, but Liqui Moly sensibly predicts the number of conventionally powered vehicles will remain far higher than that of vehicles with alternative drives in the coming decades and it’s offering has evolved to cater for the mix of ICE, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, range extender and pure electric vehicles. Its vast range of products includes lubricants, oils, additives, vehicle care and service items for every vehicle that enters your workshop. Most electric-powered vehicles are heavier than those with combustion engines which places a significantly increased strain on brakes – Liqui Moly has developed a DOT 5.1 EV brake fluid to address these conditions. An EV has a transmission, but its gears are not usually shifted, its Top Tec Gear EV 510 has been developed with this in mind, currently available for Tesla vehicles, with more soon to be added. It has recently added a battery coolant, pictured, specifically for fuel cell vehicles and a hybrid additive to protect the

"EVs don’t require engine oil changes but do require vital fluids to ensure they are performing at their best, and safest. These three vital components are reduction gear, brake and coolant fluids. EVs heavily rely on coolant to flow through the system to stop the all-important battery from overheating, therefore a regular replacement of any coolant fluid is mandatory during servicing. Similarly, it is recommended that brake fluid is replaced in EVs every 40,000 km (25,000 miles) or 2 years. However, much like traditional combustion engines, hybrid vehicles still require the same level of care and therefore the same maintenance. This includes engine oil, transmission oil, coolants and brake fluids." Marsha Thomas, UK & Ireland Country Manager at PETRONAS Lubricants

engine at all speeds – removing deposits on valves and injectors that are caused by the ICE operating over short distance and at low temperatures.

TRAINING Gain the confidence to face new faults

Pro-moto has developed three new courses to help technicians gain the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to service, diagnose, and repair vehicles with high voltage systems. The two-day ‘Electric Vehicle HV Battery Analysis, Diagnosis and Repair’ builds on the Level 4 EV course to master HV battery failures. A one-day ‘Electric Vehicle Charging System Operation, Types and Troubleshooting’ training day ensures delegates can tackle any charging faults they come across. Finally, the ‘Electric Vehicle System Problem Solving, Diagnosis and Repair’ two-day course has been created using feedback from the EV community on common problems being encountered, such as insulation issues, battery degradation and HV battery imbalance.

Alternative drive training

Bosch offers both in-person and online training, at all levels, on hybrid and electric vehicles. If you are looking for an introduction to working on Teslas, it’s ‘First Steps’ online Tesla diagnosis training is for you. It is delivered in an online video and provides the preconditions, hardware and software information you need to diagnose faults on a Tesla. On completion, users will be able to login to the Tesla Customer Portal, prepare for a successful diagnostic session using the Toolbox software, connect a Tesla model to the computer, establish connection to the Ethernet and correctly search for the appropriate service manual. View all available Bosch training courses here



EV qualified workforce grows but at slower pace

The latest IMI analysis suggests independent garage are lagging behind in the EV race – revealing that 20% of the UK aftermarket is now qualified to some level for work on electric vehicles but the rate of certifications is slowing. Emma Carrigy, Research Manager at the IMI, comments: “It’s perhaps not surprising, given the enormous amount of uncertainty in the early part of this year about the ICE ban, that individuals working in the sector and their employers have taken their foot off the pedal on EV training.” Early uptake in training was concentrated in dealerships and smaller businesses may not invest on a drivetrain they are yet to see much of in their workshops at the moment. As the EV car parc increases and ages, the IMI says it’s critical that motorists have confidence that they can take their electric vehicle where they choose and not be limited to the franchised dealer sector.

Get fully qualified for less with new training bundle

Autotech Training has created an EV Training bundle which saves garages almost £230 per person when booking all three IMI Electric Hybrid Vehicle courses (Levels 2 – 4) at the same time. The discounted bundle provides four days of learning for £1,599 per person, which can be carried out within its dedicated EV Training Suite in Milton Keynes, or on the premises of any garage or organisation. Autotech Training’s ability to deliver electric/hybrid vehicle training within the working environment of delegates is a popular option and can be delivered at any time, including weekends and Bank Holidays, to minimise business downtime. The training is catered for each garage aided by the latest electric vehicle to ensure it directly meets their specific needs.

Expect the Unexpected

with febiPLUS

With over 2,100 parts available, febiPLUS provides the Independent Aftermarket with a vast range of different and more unusual - products for current car models.

Your Benefits Check febi First - Instead of going straight to the manufacturer or dealer, make sure to check febiPLUS first! The Highest Quality - All articles go through a stringent 3-stage inspection process to guarantee that only the highest quality standards are maintained. Extra Profit - Customers may find what they’re looking for with febiPLUS - instead of going directly to the manufacturer or dealer.


FADV115 febi Plus A4 A5 v2.indd 2

13/09/2023 08:44:14

Source the right kit Get the right equipment for your EV servicing plan

The increased weight of electrified vehicles, around 20-30% higher than ICE vehicles due to the battery, has a direct impact on fuel economy and tyre wear. Straightset advises that EV tyres typically last around 30,000 to 40,000 miles before needing replacement but ensuring correct alignment can lengthen this time, benefitting your customer as EV tyres cost around £77 more than an ICE tyre. Tesla recommends rotating the tyres every 6,000 miles – an ideal opportunity to check the alignment for improved tyre wear and efficiency.

EV-Ready tyres

Bridgestone has confirmed that all its newly engineered tyres will be ‘EV-ready’, with every future product meeting both general performance demands and the specific requirements of EVs – to improve energy efficiency, maximise battery range and accommodate the increased weight and torque of EVs.

Straightset supplies a range of wheel alignment equipment to suit various budgets from Beissbarth, Supertracker and HPA-Faip. It also offers EV specific lifts, battery lifting tables and insulated tools. It also provides a full EV workshop design service. In this case study, the firm helps a training college create an EV service and training centre.

A number of Bridgestone’s existing tyres are ‘EV-ready’, including the Turanza 6 and Turanza All Season 6, which are both suited to hybrid and EVs, as well as ICE vehicles.

The world’s most complete EV testing solution


E m a i l : s a l e s @ p i c o t e c h . c o m . E r r o r s a n d o m i s s i o n s e x c e p t e d . P l e a s e c o n t a c t P i c o Te c h n o l o g y f o r t h e l a t e s t p r i c e s b e f o r e o r d e r i n g .


HYBRID & EV Prevent battery fault code with a filter change

Nine traction battery cabin filters join the Blue Print range, covering 54 hybrid and EV applications. The high-voltage battery cooling fan is shielded by this filter, to protect it from dust, lint or any other debris, which can reduce the efficiency of the high-voltage battery cooling system. However, due to the position inside the vehicle, it can collect large amounts of dust from within the cabin. If the filter becomes blocked, the message: "Maintenance Required for Traction Battery Cooling Parts See Owner's Manual“ appears. Replace these filters at the manufacturer’s specified service intervals to avoid issues with the battery system. This brief video highlights the high-voltage traction battery filter replacement process for a 2019 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Estate.

Valeo explores the 48Volt revolution and the intricacies of its 48 Volt iBSG (Integrated Belt Starter Generator) – read the article here.

Components that combat range anxiety

Schaeffler has developed components and systems for fully electrified powertrains to help combat range anxiety, by reducing power consumption. A set of highly efficient transmission bearings reduce frictional losses, saving about 50 watts of energy. In addition, its TriFinity wheel bearings ensure the wheels rotate with minimal resistance, even under high mechanical load. These reduce frictional losses by 67% compared to conventional parts, saving 200 watts, which equates to around 13 miles of additional range in a fully charged SUV with 120 kWh battery capacity. It also offers a 10% weight saving, longer service life and 20% greater stiffness so it can transfer greater axle loads.

Keep work in-house with an aftermarket Tesla tool Last year, the SMMT ranked Tesla’s Model Y and 3 as the UK’s most popular electric cars, with over 50,000 vehicles sold. To aid independent workshops in diagnosing these vehicles, Maverick Diagnostics has created the LOKI Tesla diagnostic tool, to enable diagnostics, repair and configuration on the bestselling Model Y and 3, as well as the X and S.

Safety feature added to EV charging cables

WAI is adding a thermal cut off switch inside the plug of its electric vehicle charging cable range, which will switch off if it reaches a certain temperature and switch back on once cooled. Charging cables are available for many EV models, covering, Audi, BMW, Tesla Jaguar, Nissan and many more. They are available in a five- and 10-meter extension length and supplied in a portable bag for storage. 34

As Tesla’s do not have standard diagnostic connectors, the company strong advises technicians undertake practical IMI-accredited EV and hybrid training, which it can provide in its Automotive Training Academy in Wrexham. The accompanying laptop/PC will require several, unique configurations to use it, which is included in the bundle price. The tool requires registration with LOKI before the software is accessible. Maverick has also introduced a battery diagnostic tool in partnership with Aviloo, to assess the condition of a HV battery in detail, find out more from page 37.

• Business peaks, annual leave, training days and sickness cover • Fully qualified and vetted vehicle technicians and MOT testers • Contracts lasting from one day to six months at a time • UK-wide network of over 450 contractors


• Flexible work patterns: early, late, night & weekend shifts

Contact us today to book your contractor! Tel: 01234 432988 Email: Web:

• 6 to 12-month paid internships are a new, risk-free way of bringing new talent to your workshop


• Vetted candidates with a recent IMI Level 3 automotive qualification, equipped with a starter toolkit, basic safety workwear and uniform • Assess your intern’s skills and work ethic before commiting to bringing them on as a permanent employee • Over 200 candidates ready for an immediate start

We have interns ready to fill roles. Get in touch today! Tel: 01234 432988 Email: Web:

HYBRID & EV Support for hassle-free thermal system replacement

"Many New Energy Vehicle (NEV) thermal systems rely on heat pump solutions, which are more advanced than a typical air conditioning (AC) loop and these systems are crucial for the electric car's mobility, range, battery, charging and driving comfort,” explains Nissens Automotive’s Marketing Manager, Jan Zieleskiewicz. Nissens has established a wide range of NEV thermal management parts for the majority of makes and models and has an online platform to share the technical knowledge required for a trouble-free diagnosis and replacement. Focusing on Tesla, products include the AC compressor for the Model 3, which comes with O-rings and is prefilled with POE oil, the AC condenser for the Model S, 3 and X, the pressure sensor for the Model S and 3, which again has additional items such as O-rings, clips and washers supplied in the box, and the radiator for the Model S, S PD, 3 and X. More than 40 new parts are under development, for among other applications, Audi E-Tron, BMW IX Series, Mercedes EQCSeries.

Unlocking Electric Vehicle Performance By Pete Melville, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Alliance Increasing the performance of a car is a subject that goes back almost as far as the invention of the car itself. For combustion engines, the basic formula is to get more air into the engine. Whether that’s through making the engine bigger, fitting forced induction to push more air in, increasing the rotation speed, improving the flow of the intake or exhaust, or increasing the number of valves per cylinder, they all have the same objective – more air (and of course fuel mixed with it) = more power. Of course, when it comes to a vehicle powered by electricity, the obvious answer is that you need more current or more voltage. But the limiting factor isn’t always what you expect. In this article, we’ll look at three aspects of increasing performance: acceleration, top speed, and towing capacity. Firstly, let’s consider acceleration, which, if you’ve driven one, you’ll appreciate is one thing electric vehicles do pretty well. Whilst there are high-performance models from companies like Porsche, Tesla, and BMW, even a run-of-the-mill 60bhp Kangoo van pulls away quite well when nipping about town. There are a few factors at play here – one is probably that the lack of noise makes the acceleration feel effortless, therefore perhaps is only a perception rather than a real factor. Another is that a combustion engine has such a narrow speed range that it requires multiple adapters to make it useful for driving a car, and these need to be swapped over whilst on the move. 36

These gear changes take time, which of course slows down our acceleration and is another win for the single-speed electric vehicle. But the biggest difference of course is that the electric motor can provide full torque as soon as it starts turning. The inverter can also control the torque (via current) and the speed (via frequency) separately. Some situations such as motorway cruising require low torque but high speed, whilst others such as driving up a kerb, need more torque but less speed. So, we’re already off to a good starting point, but how do we increase the power of our electric car? Continue reading the article here…

“Drivers of used EVs shouldn’t be paying over the odds to service and repair them in the dealerships, so it’s vital that independent garages can do the work. Garage owners need support with the cost of retooling and upskilling staff, and a willingness from OEMs to collaborate – not just on access to RMI data and coded parts, but also when it comes to refurbishing and repairing key components, to maximise the lifespan of an EV and realise the sustainability benefits fully.” Andy Hamilton, CEO at LKQ Euro Car Parts


Cleevely EV of Cheltenham hosted the UK launch of Aviloo's trade-focussed Flash EV battery test

EV BATTERY HEALTH IN A FLASH Establishing EV battery health is one of the biggest barriers for professionals dealing with EVs. By teaming up with the Austrians, Maverick Diagnostics tells Rob Marshall that it has the answer

One cannot ignore that EVs have been having a slightly hard time of late. From scuffles breaking out at charging stations to plunging residual values, customer confidence is starting to wobble. Perhaps a rocky road ahead is inevitable, as EVs move from early adopters to the mainstream consumer. Maverick Diagnostics hopes to smoothen this journey with its latest partnership. Considering that the high-voltage battery pack represents at least half of the car's value, we should be unsurprised that its State of Health is a primary concern not just for owners but also the motor trade. Second-hand dealers are worried especially about taking on an EV, in case it has an 'abused' battery – i.e. one that has been fast-

Prices of second-hand electric vehicles are set to massively reduce as corporate leases come to an end, according to new data from New AutoMotive. Companies now own around 475,000 electric cars, and 200,000 plug-in hybrids, most of which will be held for 2-4 years before being sold into the second-hand market for around 50% of the original value.


The founder of Aviloo, Nikolaus Mayerhofer, demonstrates the hardware. The dongle plugs into the vehicle's EOBD socket and transmits to a pre-installed mobile phone app. Maverick reports that fees are available for workshops on application. Yet, the RRP for the workshop's customer is £49 per Flash Test.

charged continually, and/or stored with 100% State of Charge for long periods. Yet, there is no way to tell, until now. Aviloo, an Austrian battery diagnostic company, has created a product that it reckons will solve the problem. It states that the 'Aviloo Premium' is the only neutral, exact State of Health high-voltage battery test available. It works by a dongle being supplied to the customer, who charges the high-voltage battery fully and drives the car sufficiently to discharge it to a 10% charge level. The resultant algorithm that determines the remaining State of Health looks at the history of battery use, the cells' performance and condition, temperature sensor measurements, the communication system, plus the 12-volts circuit's integrity. However, Aviloo realises that forecourt staff and technicians do not have the luxury of several days to run the EV's battery down, unlike certain tech-savvy owners. By utilising the huge amounts of data created by five years of cars running its Premium Test (which collects over 100 samples per second), it has developed the quicker and more convenient Flash Test. By comparing all of this data from other vehicles with information taken from the test car's EOBD port, it can produce a calculated battery health figure, the 'Aviloo Score', in just a few minutes. Distributed in the UK by Wrexham-based Maverick Diagnostics (, Aviloo says that garages can benefit not just from sales of a battery assessment service but the system is also useful for diagnostic purposes. Obviously, this includes the main battery pack but the data can also indicate whether the current draw of a particular high-voltage component is normal, or not, and even if the charger is working properly. While the lengthier Premium Test (RRP £99.00) provides a precise State of Health reading, the quicker and easier Flash Test gives a State of Health Score, which is calculated rather than measured. For more details, e-mail, or call 01978 594 013. 38

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One brand, all solutions As a world-renowned manufacturer of the highest-quality motor oils, additives, vehicle care products, chemical repair aids as well as service products, adhesives and sealants, we offer you the full range for the technical and visual preservation of vehicle value. A unique variety of products that you can only find at LIQUI MOLY. With us, you get everything from a single source. This saves you a lot of time and money. A strong argument for retailers, workshops and consumers alike. Benefit from this added value, and take advantage of our product range and product expertise!

TOOLS Owning and having access to the right tools are crucial to your ability to do your job and to survive as a business. You do not have to spend a fortune, either. Pictured is Sealey's S01250 Micro Ratchet Wrench & Bit Driver Set, which we found offered by one of its stockists for £16.73 including VAT.

FAST MOVERS AND TIME SAVERS Some tools are absolutely vital; others make the job quicker and easier. This leads Rob Marshall to look at some of the pre-Christmas offerings to suit all budgets

One of the most exciting things about automotive technology evolving so quickly is that vibrant, reactive and innovative aftermarket tool suppliers strive to keep the repair industry up to date. As many readers treat their toolboxes as lifetime investments, we hope that some of our picks may appeal as future additions. Yet, more expensive tooling costs are borne by businesses, rather than the individual – although, of course, this could be the same thing in some set-ups. Should you be an employee, your boss may find it useful if you communicate that certain purchases will make your life easier and can benefit the business, by making more efficient use of your time. Sealey should be on your radar, if you are looking for affordable and useful additions to your 'box. The high-grade plated steel Micro Ratchet Wrench & Bit Driver Set (part number S01250) can be had for under £20 (including VAT) online, for instance. Its brake pipe flaring kit is tough enough to work even steel lines and not just softer Cunifer pipe. Its official price is a VAT-inclusive £261.54 but we found one of Sealey's stockists offering it for £167.12 – so consider that it pays to shop around. While quite an investment at £1,079.94 including VAT (again our online search found the price slashed to £649.92), our favourite Sealey offering is the 2,000-watt induction heater that loosens corroded and/or seized fixings. It also includes accessories to help remove body panel dents. 40

Should you wish to make a more significant investment with a £5,000 budget, consider Sealey's HHO Engine Carbon Cleaner. Unlike many competitor products, it uses tap water and, therefore, does not require costly fluid refills. The water is split by electrolysis into oxygen and hydrogen, which enter the engine via the air inlet, to break down carbon deposits. A further advantage is its automatic shutdown feature, which allows the machine to run without supervision, meaning that the technician is free to conduct other tasks as it works.

Some tools are just super cool but keep a grip on reality. Sealey's VS230 2,000-watt induction heater is designed to make easy work of removing seized fixings but will it make enough difference to your workshop to justify the outlay?


The diagnostic proposition

Naturally, many companies compete hard for a slice of long-term capital investments, especially in the diagnostic arena. Snap-on is one of them. The company says that its Fast Track Intelligent Diagnostics is a valuable time, money and headache saver, because it is user-friendly and filters out irrelevant data, taking you to the correct information, quickly. Yet, is it unique? Snap-on says so but the evidence is plain: the technology that filters the PIDs to ones that are relevant to the fault codes has been patented. AT understands that Fast Track Intelligent Diagnostics is incorporated with Snapon's ZEUS+ diagnostic tool and information system (part no EEMS348W), the TRITON-D10 diagnostic scan and scoping tool (EEMS344W) and the APOLLO-D9 (EESC335W) scan tool. Should you need two people to conduct MOT tests, Snap-on blames your existing ramp. Its answer is the Sun one-person test lane scissor lift (EELR910B), which can be installed into an existing bay. In most cases, no groundwork is needed and fitting takes just one day. It is also suitable to work with heavier and wider vehicles, up to 2,160mm, with a rated lifting capacity of 3,500kgs. The lift includes a DVSA-approved play detector with wireless control to assist with inspecting suspension and steering joint components. As wheel alignment brings significant revenue opportunities, Snap-on presents its John Bean V2280 Wheel Alignment System. Designed by technicians for technicians, its software focusses on core alignment functions and uses workflows that eliminate guesswork and quicken the alignment procedure, without sacrificing accuracy. One such time-saving feature is an automatic tracking camera that moves up and down, thus following the targets. For more information, see www.

Dedicated tools

It should be remembered that certain companies are not in the tools business but still offer them to technicians, which they use in their dedicated training. Schaeffler, for instance, offers a tool range for specific common diagnosis and repair situations. Some of these make installations simpler and quicker but certain jobs are impossible to carry out properly without them Take dual-mass flywheels, for instance. Not every one needs replacing at every clutch change but the LuK DMF Special Tool (part number 400008010) measures bearing rock and rotational free play, allowing you to deduce whether, or not, it is worn excessively. While the DMF measuring tool is not critical equipment, the pictured self-adjusting clutch tool (400023710) is vital. It allows you to install SAC clutch kits accurately, without applying counteracting forces that can either damage it, or cause the adjusting mechanism to activate. Usefully, the tool comes as a kit that includes clutch plate/disc centring tools. Like the SAC tool, dedicated dry double-clutch transmission clutch tools are essential. To suppress costs for the aftermarket, Schaeffler has engineered a 'basic' Double Clutch Special Tool (part number 400041810) that is used in conjunction with vehicle-specific supplementary kits, allowing garages to tailor their 2CT clutch replacement offerings.

Consider using your tools budget to invest in new services. Cleanliness is next to godliness with modern direct-injection engines and so a carbon cleaning service is a viable extra that you can offer your customers. Pictured is Sealey's CC230V, which is part of a special limited-time promotion, costing just shy of £4,500. 42

Schaeffler advises that more advice on its tools can be found on the REPXPERT app, downloadable for free for all iOS and Android devices, or at

ngksparkplugsuk Niterra UK Ltd YouTube ngkntk_uk Niterra UK Ltd



L A M B DA : N O x : E GT : M A F / M A P : CA M S H A F T & C R A N K S H A F T : E X H AU S T P R E S S U R E S E N S O R S A N D E G R VA LV E S

TOOLS With summer now a distant memory, Snap-on is also offering garages the chance to consolidate their air conditioning equipment. It argues that there is no need for two regassing machines occupying valuable garage space, when its Sun KoolKare DualGas12 can accommodate both R134a and HFO1234yf refrigerants, as its name implies. Snap-on franchisees and representatives can provide details of not just current prices, but also time-limited promotions, trade-in offers and finance deals.

Emissions testing

With exhaust emission MOT failures increasing by over 70% between 2017 and 2021, technicians may be interested in Pichler Tool's latest offerings. Its patented NOx & Particulate Sensor Service Kit costs £689+VAT and helps to avoid damaging the sensor and threads, as you remove them. The kit facilitates cleaning and re-tapping exhaust system mounting threads, too. With more garages seeing problems with Euro VI SCRequipped vehicles, Pichler offers an AdBlue Pressure Testing Kit. Costing £172.65+VAT, to make life easier, when assessing injection pressures and nozzle leakages. The appropriate measurements are conducted via quick couplings on a pressure gauge, which connect directly to the vehicle's SCR system. Additionally, the kit includes a refractometer, so you can test the vehicle's AdBlue quality, to see if the system requires draining and refilling.

Use the force

Meanwhile, do not forget LKQ Euro Car Parts. In this issue, we shall look at its tool ranges that aid repairs to steering and suspension components that, typically, require a lot of physical exertion.

Ideal for workshops where space is a premium: an air conditioning regassing machine that is capable of handling two refrigerants.

For instance, no longer would you need to ask a colleague for help, when changing a lower suspension arm. The £184+VAT Hands-Free Suspension Arm Lever (part number LAS6936) retains the suspension arm, so you can separate the lower ball joint, strut, or even the hub from it. Once the lever is locked in position, such tasks are made considerably easier, safer and more time-efficient. The lever is also tough enough to be used on commercial vehicles. We were also attracted by the CV Boot Gun Air Operated gun. Costing £115+VAT, it uses a compressed air supply to stretch an inner, or outer, CV boot onto the drive shaft without you needing to dismantle the joint beforehand. Finally, LKQ Euro Car Parts highlights one of the most indispensable pieces of kit for all workshop professionals – the torque wrench. Its British-made ½" NorTorque 300 costs £113+VAT and possesses a scale of 60-300Nm. Yet, this is not the only one from the Norbar torque wrench range, one that covers all applications from a 1/4” drive that goes as low as 8Nm, to the 600Nm maximum setting for the 3/4” drive ProTronic 800 Plus.

Fuelling Fords

LKQ Euro Car Parts offers a selection of tools for technicians working on the fuel systems of Blue Ovals. The first is a cost-effective fuel line disconnect tool (LAS81416 costing £33.00+VAT). This fits the 8mm dual line connectors that are equipped to the majority of late model Ford petrol and diesels and is an invaluable time saver.

Ideal for workshops where space is a premium: an air conditioning regassing machine that is capable of handling two refrigerants 44

If you have a spare £16 burning a hole in your pocket and you service 2.2-litre TDCI Ford Transits regularly, specifically examples made within the last decade, consider the Fuel Filter Spanner, LAS6669. LKQ Euro Car Parts says that not only does it save time but also it alleviates fuel spillages.

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Guided function for VAG models

Launch Tech’s new X-431 Euro Turbo II device features advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration functions, battery testing, 30 service functions, and guided function for Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicles. The DBSCar VII VCI has been redesigned to facilitate a fast diagnosis via Bluetooth and it supports various connection protocols including CAN FD, CAN, SCAN and FCAN, DoIP, KWP/L-line, J1850 PWM, VPW and Chrysler CCD. A new Cloud Print service provides technicians with access to previous diagnostic trouble code readings and ADAS calibration reports online. The diagnostic device is supplied with the DBSCar VII VCI, DoIP and VCI connection cables, BMW-20 and BENZ-38 diagnostic connectors, a Type A to C USB cable.

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We make selecting the right oil simple When it comes to servicing your vehicles, we’ve got your back with OEM approved motor oils and tools to make product selection easy. Visit or scan the QR code to learn more.


Training prospectus highlights blended learning options Delphi’s programme of on-site workshop training in Warwick is detailed within its new Training Prospectus 2.0, alongside its growing library of online modules. The e-learning suite covers everything from the fundamentals of braking systems to ADAS calibration and Electric Vehicle technology.

“Our case studies show that continuous learning not only helps technicians stay motivated, it can also enhance job satisfaction, leading to higher rates of productivity and staff retention,” says Luke Garratt, Technical Services Manager at Delphi. Detailed options are given for popular courses on Hybrid and Electric vehicles, running from Level 1 right through to Level 4, whilst courses on hydrogen appear for the first time too. Find out more & request a copy of the prospectus here

Hybrid and electric offering

Denso states that despite the fact AC systems in New Energy Vehicles have the same function as those powered by a combustion engine, there are several differences in how they operate, not least the compressor. Its high voltage aftermarket E-compressors are available for several Lexus and Toyota HEV applications. In addition, its condensers are OE fitment with several VMs. The aftermarket range caters for almost 140 applications. Denso also has a comprehensive range of replacement cabin filters, with application references for more than 730 models from multiple brands. It provides NEV aftermarket products across 27 groups, catering for Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford and many more.

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PARTS, TOOLS & TIPS Revamp for Flex range

Trico’s Flex range has undergone a re-design, featuring twin-rail steel splines and is now supplied in eco-friendly packaging. The simplified connection system retains the coverage but with fewer components. The range provides independent workshops with 95% coverage of the vehicle parc with only 14 part numbers.

Growing sensor requirement

The NTK range of electronic parts from Niterra now includes a range of OE-quality exhaust pressure sensors that cover more than 75% of the UK parc – forty part numbers for 1,200 applications. The new NTK Exhaust Pressure Sensors range comprises Differential, Absolute and High-pressure sensors and covers most of the world’s leading manufacturers and popular models including some BMW 3 Series, Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra variants. “The NTK range covers petrol and diesel models from many of the world’s leading manufacturers,” says marketing manager Becca Knight. “Exhaust pressure sensors are currently more prevalent in diesel vehicles, but their presence in the petrol market is set to experience a stronger growth rate in the coming years.”

Saving on space and plastic

Castrol has revealed new designs for its range of top-up lubricant bottles, some of which use up to 20% less plastic. They are available now in half-litre, one-litre, four- and fivelitre sizes and have the additional benefit of being more compact to store. A tamper-evident cap with embossed Castrol logo and a heat seal have been added to assure customers they contain genuine Castrol products.

Plug & Play protection from tool theft

ARMD Guard, a smart van alarm and tracker, includes several features to provide peace of mind and enhance the chances of recovering stolen tools and equipment. The alarm can be set up in a couple of minutes by plugging it into the OBD port, ensuring it remains operational without draining the vehicle’s battery. If it was broken into, the silent alert system kicks in and calls you as it is happening. Built-in GPS enables you to track your vehicle’s location and movements in real-time and you can easily arm and disarm ARMD Guard via the App. 48



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