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getting the most out of craigslist and ebay Everybody knows a guy who knows a guy who sold 100 cars a month with eBay and Craigslist — but if you were hoping all you had to do is throw a bunch of inventory online and wait for urban-legend greatness to immortalize you, I’ve got bad news. We know a guy who talked to that guy, and he said there are no silver bullets. Forget about “set it and forget it.” “Plug and play” is a loser’s game. You need your own plan, starting with asking yourself the hard questions: Do you have a method that works on eBay? What is your Craigslist strategy? Have you tested your strategies recently to see if they could work better? Do you understand the latest rules/TOS (terms of service) for the sites you’re posting to? Bottom line: Have you done your homework? Getting the Most Out of eBay

Having a strategy for eBay is even more important because of the advertising costs associated with each posting. The buckshot days of listing and waiting are over. Taking time to research before you post will save time, money and reputation. Unsure how a vehicle will perform on eBay? Look it up. Check out the volume, the prices, the packages and the bids. Review the activity and then make a decision to list. Creating and tailoring your own listing strategy is just as important. What time of day should you be listing? Standard auction or fixed price? How long — three, five, seven, 10, 21 days? Have you tested any new methods to produce the top results? Answer these questions before you post — not after your listings are paid for and you’re wondering what went wrong. Getting the Most Out of Craigslist

Craigslist is a magical free advertising site where the Lead Fairy puts customers directly into


your inbox, right? Well…. While there is no denying that Craigslist can sell cars, cars are more likely to magically disappear when you ask those tough questions: Are you using Craigslist effectively? Are you driving those customers back to your Website? Do you even know if your ads are live? Are you breaking any rules? It’s time to throw out what you think you know about Craigslist and analyze what’s really working and what isn’t. Variables such as the time of day you post a vehicle or which geographic region you use are within your control and could dramatically improve sales. And, yes, you need to accurately measure growth and validate that you can reproduce those results month after month. Fact: Craigslist and eBay Both Sell Cars

The question is, how successful do you want to be at it? We work with dealers every day who fully understand their approach. The days of “this is the way we do it because this is the way we have always done it” must go. Take the time to understand why things are happening; don’t just accept your results as status quo. Too many of your competitors are successfully using these platforms to create new business. Bill Berry is the vice president of sales for AutoRevo. He can be contacted at 866.886.9493, or by e-mail at

AutoSuccess February 2012  

The #1 Sales-Improvement Magazine for the Automotive Professional - featuring Tier10 Marketing

AutoSuccess February 2012  

The #1 Sales-Improvement Magazine for the Automotive Professional - featuring Tier10 Marketing