AutoSuccess December 2014

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Workflow automation is an area of process improvement in which businesses benefit from high efficiency, better time management and a higher level of performance. Automation eliminates errors in routing, completion and delivery, and creates an environment where the processes can be completed in a fraction of the time. Basically, work is done faster and smarter with workflow automation.

Hundreds of recon teams across the U.S. have embraced this real-time solution by switching to a workflow process system to meet the needs of each dealership or dealership group. There is now sufficient data verifying that “standardizing” recon on a workflow tool, with user controlled and verifiable metrics is the correct way to establish accountability and drive recon performance. Reconditioning is the last department within a dealership where standards have yet to be secured. Recent technology advances can change this fact, though, and reconditioning is ripe to embrace it. Incorporating


human workflow into automated processes is an obvious and natural fit for recon operations. Technicians, for example, genuinely welcome the opportunity to be visible and accountable, and real-time automation eliminates guessing and finger pointing. Now, with mobile messaging capabilities, techs, managers and the UCM can instantaneously communicate and recommended repairs can be approved or revised from anywhere. There is no going back from this. Dealer groups who started out by trying workflow in only one or two of their dealerships are now adding it in their other dealerships. Dealerships, from stand-alone stores to large groups, all have realized the benefits of workflow. To get started, the GM needs to plan and communicate the decision to standardize on workflow as the recon tool. With workflow, there is an inherent capability to adapt to each dealership’s existing processes. Changes then easily evolve as the needs of the dealership change. Next is the real-time transparency and accountability measurement tool. This tool can be used to create a positive work environment by measuring work accountability for individual success and the success of the overall business. The transparency and mobile tools make this easy. After your workflow processes are in place and warmed up, management performance will be a reality. You will be tracking all cars through recon from start to finish, and your time-to-market metrics will give you and your recon team real, actionable data. If you are not convinced about the proof, give me a call and I will make sure you get the facts by seeing first-hand from live customers. Dennis McGinn is the founder and CEO of Rapid Recon. He can be contacted at 866.268.3582, or by email at