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TESTCERTIFICATE Auto Concepts(Aus)Pty Ltd SeatModel: KOmbat

Part No:81001-1"005 ADR 3102- Seatsand SeatAnchorages2005 The FrontRow Seat Auto Concepts(Aus)Pty Ltd KOmb At Category1 seathasbeentested to ADR 3rc224A5.The following testshavebeenperformed: 1. ADR3I025.5.1J & 5.5.2SeatandSeatAnchorages Longitudinal 20"g"Test 2. ADR3/025.5.3SeatRearward Baclnest Test 3. ADR3/026.4 SeatEnergyDissipation Test 4. ADR220AHeadRestraints Test andPASSEDthe abovetestswithout failure of the seat'sassemblyor its anchorages. On examinationafterthe loadwasremovedthe testedseatwasvisibly deformed,but it still retainedits sfructuralintegritywithout anyvisible weaknessor impairedfunctionof the movingparts. NOTE:Thisseathasbeentestedto ADR3102andwhen fittedin a realvehiclemayrequireadapter platesbetweenthe seatbaseand or slider if usedandthe vehiclefloor. Adapterplatesarenot includedwith the seatandmustbe manufacturedspecificallyto suit a particular vehicle. Ifunsrne aboutthe shapeandsizeof the adapterplatesor nunrberandsizeof the bolts requiredto install the seat,consultan approvedengineer- printedin your StateTransportDepartrnentChattered ProfessionalEngineerslist or contactan AuthorisedVehicleConversion Business. An incorrectlyfitted seatcanresultin seriousinjury or evendeathin a car accident.

28thJune2006 Test 1242&, 1280

G. Zivkovic,MSc,BSc(Eng),MIE,MSAE

6,EY,fta/-dr'C CPENo - 222737


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