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How to learn Mexican Spanish? If you are asking yourself this question, you are in the right place. This article is for people who want to do it! So, what should you do if you want to learn Mexican Spanish? Here are three simple and powerful tips on how to do it! The best idea to learn Mexican Spanish is to go to Mexico. You can travel there or move there for a few months. Here are the tips that will help you do it. If you can't travel - don't worry, you can also put these tips to use. Just immerse yourself online. Find Mexican speakers on the Internet, look for some native Mexican speakers in your city. Read this article and you'll surely find some ways to put these tips to use! 1. Learn some basics Before you go to Mexico, learn some basics of Spanish - basic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation rules. Remember to learn useful phrases that you will probably use very often, such as phrases that will help you to get to know people or ask for directions. Don't try to learn everything - just learn the most useful and the most common things. Pay special attention to pronunciation and intonation - it will help you understand Mexicans better. Before you go, you can also watch some Mexican movies. 2. Don't be scared of speaking I know, speaking with native speakers is stressful. However, you should develop confidence, relax and just start speaking. Really, most people will be more than willing to help you improve your Spanish. Especially if you are confident and outgoing. If you make any mistakes, learn from them and laugh them off. And keep speaking! 3. Make some Mexican friends This is very, very important. It will be super easy for you to immerse yourself if you make some Mexican friends (and of course speak with them only in Spanish). Thanks to this, you will live through Spanish just as through your native language. And learning Spanish with some interesting people is way more enjoyable than learning it at home! Keep in mind that Mexican Spanish slightly differs from European Spanish. Sometimes they use different words (for example "el carro" instead of "el coche"), pronunciation is also slightly different. The best idea to learn Mexican Spanish is to learn basics from courses for people who want to learn this version of Spanish and then interact with Mexican speakers.

That's it - three simple tips on how to learn Spanish in Mexico. I'm pretty sure that if you put them to use, you'll learn Spanish in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Learn some basics and go to Mexico! Buena suerte!

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