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Take your gear anywhere with the BMW Roof Box    in Silver or Black, or painted to match your X . It lets you load from either side, and includes anti-theft triple central locking for security.   " Star Spoke chrome wheels Style    make a bold statement.

Snap-in Adapter with USB interface plays stored music through your vehicle’s speakers, charges your mobile phone, and accesses the vehicle’s antenna for better reception.

BMW holder for Apple iPad® attaches to front headrest support bars.

Driving a BMW is always a special experience – and it can be enhanced even further with Original BMW Accessories. Benefi t from innovative solutions that combine unique ideas, stunning design and smart functionality. Discover a wide range of Original BMW Accessories that customize, enhance and protect your X ’s exterior, interior, technology and transporters. From load carriers to cargo mats, sheepskin seat covers and more, every Original BMW Accessory adheres to BMW’s highest quality standards. Each is designed to fi t the X perfectly and last just as long. For additional information on BMW Accessories, please see your authorized BMW Retailer or visit

Luggage compartment tray, shatterproof and acid- and impactresistant, is designed to perfectly fi t and protect the X cargo area.

2013 BMW X6  

2013 BMW X6

2013 BMW X6  

2013 BMW X6