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Nothing looks better than a nice flat stomach or some rippling abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, too many people out there are burdened by excess stomach fat. This leads to feelings of discomfort because of ill-fitting clothes, insecurity, and can lead to poor health and increased risk diseases like diabetes and heart attacks! Some people will tell you that doing sit-ups and crunches are the key to stomach fat loss. This is incorrect. That's a theory called "spot reduction" that says you can burn fat in certain areas of the body by working the muscles underneath the fat. Sadly, fat loss is a whole-body process. Sit-ups and crunches cannot spot reduce. Sit-ups merely work the muscles underneath the stomach fat, but they do not actually "burn" the fat on your stomach. Stomach exercises, if properly done, can flatten and bring out the definition in your stomach. However, you HAVE to lose the extra stomach fat through conventional methods first! One thing that most people won't tell you is that a flat stomach is mostly the result of nutrition. What and how you eat has a pronounced effect on your appearance, especially your amount of stomach fat. In order to achieve stomach fat loss, you have to do several things:

You have to avoid sugar at all cost. No sugar in your coffee. No sugary drinks, no alcohol, and be sure to check the sugar content of the packaged food you buy! Sugar consumption puts your body in fat-storage mode. You have to watch your portions. Do not eat until you are stuffed and feeling bloated. Eat until you are comfortable and no longer hungry. You have to eat at least 3 meals a day. Do not eat one huge meal during the day -- this puts your body into a fat storage mode. You cannot eat before you go to sleep -- this puts your body into a fat storage mode. You must be physically active at least a few hours a week. The more physically active you are, the faster you will lose weight.

Once those prerequisites have been met for some time you will notice your body fat dropping. Only once your body fat has dropped and the majority of your extra stomach fat has vanished will exercises like sit-ups and crunches make any change in your stomach. When you do stomach exercises, remember to use proper form and only use your stomach muscles during the contraction. One failing many people have is the tendency to jerk, lunge, use their arms/back/legs to help them during the stomach exercises. Poor technique during stomach exercises is to be avoided, not only do you fail to generate an adequate workout, but you risk causing back-pain. Remember, fat loss happens through proper eating habits and lifestyle. There is no magic bullet, but with focus and determination to change your appearance, you can achieve the stomach fat loss you desire.

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