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The main reason people like to make their own juice is because it is very tasty, not to mention extremely healthy. Most people drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning to get things going but having a glass of mixed fruit juice will give you plenty of pep and vigor and it is much healthier. The reason some people shy away from making their own juice is because of the hassle that comes with it. You have to wash and cut up the vegetables into small pieces and then after the juicing process it's time to clean up. If you ever have tried to clean one those old fashioned style juicers you will know that it's a headache to do so. Not so anymore. With the new line of power juicers on the market today those days are long gone. With these new juicers it is much easier to make juice as well as to clean them. The reason behind this is of course because of the design. Power juicers, as the name suggests, have a lot more power to them. The motors are usually in the 1000 watt range which is at least twice as powerful compared to older model juicers. Along with the more powerful motors the feeding tube of the juicer is bigger. What all this means is that you can put much bigger chunks of fruit in the power juicer and it will blend the fruit at much higher speeds. There is no need to waste time cutting the fruits veggies into small pieces. Another design feature that power juicers come with nowadays is better speed control. They will have a load sensor which senses the amount of food is inside the chamber and will increase or decrease the power accordingly. No need to toggle with those switches anymore looking for the right speed. Some of them can reach speeds of up to 13000 RPM which means you will be able to make up to one liter or one quart of juice in about a minute! Another user friendly feature power juicers possess is ease of cleaning. They are designed to be easily taken apart and put in the dish washer. No need to hold it under a tap and scrub like the old model juicers to get it clean. Some examples of power juicers are the Green Star GP-E1503, the Omega J8006, the Breville 800 JEXL, the Samson GB9001, and the the Juiceman JM503. These models are some of the more popular varieties available on the market today. Out of these the Juiceman is the cheapest but if money is no object and you will not settle for anything less than the best then the Green Star GP-E1503 is the one to get.

Syd Kilbey is an old juicer who feels young! Syd is the editor of Power Juicer Info, a blog about juicing and power juicers.

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