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Nausea is not a condition, but a symptom. It is an unpleasant, queasy sensation in the upper abdomen which may lead to vomiting. Although it can very well be a sign of an illness, often it is nothing more than an aversion or allergy to certain foods or smells. In general, short-term nausea is widespread and virtually everybody will experience the sensation under a variety of conditions throughout their lives. It is a signal that the stomach acids require balancing and that can usually be cured with a simple antacid. Nausea may be triggered at the anticipation of eating a certain food. Often to cancer patients the smells, sights, and sounds of a treatment room may trigger nausea and vomiting before a new cycle of chemotherapy (or radiation therapy) has even begun. Symptoms The most common symptoms are stomach bloating, diarrhea and flatulence. Yet, nausea can also be the symptom of a severe illness. Consult your doctor immediately in the case of gastro esophageal reflux sickness, celiac disease, brain tumor, colorectal cancer, cirrhosis, clinical depression, peptic ulcer, mastocytosis, etc. The symptoms include distaste for food, discomfort in upper abdomen, vomiting, which may sometimes be very forceful and the patient may retch. Additional symptoms may include sweating, diarrhea and dizziness. Possible causes are anesthesia, bowel obstruction, constipation, and the progression of cancer. Other causes of vomiting in adults can be viral infections, medications, seasickness or motion sickness, migraine headaches, "morning sickness" during pregnancy, food poisoning, food allergies, chemotherapy in cancer patients, bulimia and alcoholism. Illnesses such as heart attacks and severe

asthma attacks may also be accompanied by nausea. Nausea and/or vomiting are also possible symptoms of exposure to a hazardous chemical. The cause of morning sickness in pregnancy is due to the high hormonal levels. During the day, periods without nourishment may cause similar symptoms. It is referred to as morning sickness because many women notice the symptoms upon waking in the morning. As the body gradually adjusts to the hormonal changes, the nausea disappears. If you suffer from fibromyalgia and are noticing symptoms of nausea, contact your health care provider. Between 40% and 70% of fibromyalgia sufferers report symptoms of both chronic nausea and vomiting. Such intense nausea can really exacerbate the other symptoms of fibromyalgia and prevent sufferers from continuing with their daily lifestyle. Often, simple changes to your diet can help to significantly reduce your symptoms of nausea. Persistent, unexplained, or recurring nausea and vomiting can be symptoms of a variety of serious illnesses. If the nausea continues for a long period of time or is accompanied by other symptoms, be sure to consult your physician. Diagnosis and Treatment Diagnosis is based on the severity, frequency, and duration of symptoms, and other factors that could indicate the presence of a serious illness. Once the cause of nausea and vomiting is known, it is important to treat the underlying disorder. Ginger and Vitamin B6 are very effective in subduing the symptoms of "morning sickness". Chamomile or lemon balm tea may also relieve symptoms. Sitting in the front seat of a car, focusing on the horizon, and traveling after dark can also minimize symptoms. Treatment is decided depending upon the symptoms and causes of the condition. If nausea is accompanied by other symptoms, the underlying cause needs to be investigated and treated. Anti-nausea medication (sometimes called anti-emetics), taken either as tablets or injections, can be prescribed by your doctor to help manage symptoms. In addition, please

consult your physician for further information on specific medical conditions or symptoms that you may have. Effects Nausea itself has no serious long-term effects, though it may be distressing and prevent sleep and other activities. Some of the anti-nausea drugs can cause allergic reactions, diarrhea, or other side effects. Conclusion Be good to yourself. Ensure that your lifestyle includes plenty of relaxation and fun. Yes, laugh a lot and enjoy yourself. Any kind of stress will do harm on the body and throw of your pH balance. The more acidic your blood and organs become, the more chance of diseases and their accompanying symptoms. Always, always fill up on lots of antioxidants. Your happiness and total well-being depends on them.

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