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Everyone dreams of having the freedom to live their life without worrying about having an income and paying bills. In fact this dream of an automated wealth system is so prevalent that everywhere you turn online there is someone out there wanting to sell you a system for making money online. In reality, most of these systems are bogus and are only after your money, they use your desire of an automated wealth system against you. They make outrageous income claims and show you doctored proof to get you to buy into their program. However, if you do enough research you will begin to see that you do not need these programs to reach your dreams. Most of the information necessary to start an online business can be found online for free. In fact, there are hundreds of very useful forums where members communicate with each other sharing ideas and strategies for success. They key to developing your own automated wealth system is to create a solid business model based around an online service, product, or info. Once you can determine how you want to enter the online business world the next step is to build a site or blog. These days blogs are becoming more and more dominant simply because they are very easy to setup. Unlike a regular websites you do not need any programming knowledge. Blogs are ready to go as soon as you register your domain and choose a layout. Now of course the more technical knowledge you have the more specifications you can make to your blog but as far as functionality is concerned you can easily setup a working blog. The next step in your quest for an automated wealth system is more difficult. Automated income comes from a web page that is receiving steady traffic and has visitors either clicking on ads or buying products to generate income for you. So as you can see the main factor here is generating visitors and internet traffic. Once you have that part down the wealth part is easy. The way to get people interested in your site and ultimately be the driving force behind your automated wealth system is to provide them with something valuable. Again this can be a service, for instance a list of something they are looking for or if you are technically apt and can build a website that actually performs a function that's even better. The easier route is to simply provide valuable information to your readers, anything to keep them interested and coming back. Once you have that the rest is simple; the steady flow of traffic lets you place high paying advertising banners on your site. You can also select tailored products that complement your

content and sell them to your audience. Once you figure out the right combination for your site you will truly have an automated wealth system that will keep you making money with very little maintenance and additional work.

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