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Binge eating is one of the biggest eating disorders that are countered on a regular basis by eating disorder treatment centers. Most people confuse binge eating by over-eating but there is a distinct difference. Though over-eating pertains to the habit where a person merely in excess; binge eating is more or less a psychological disorder. Let us look at some of the traits that are shown by binge-eater: 1.People who overeat may do so just because they are indulging themselves but those who are binge eating do so because they are wallowing in self-hatred, feel guilty and are deeply saddened about something. 2. Binge-eaters fill themselves with lots of food till they feel full. But then they are guilty about the whole thing and purge food by vomiting or laxatives so that they can feel better. 3.During binge-eating, people eat more rapidly than the ones who overeat. 4. People who binge-eat tend to eat in privacy because they are not happy letting others see how much they eat. People who overeat may be happy about it and would not mind sharing their happiness. 5. Binge-eaters eat a lot even when they are not feeling hungry. This type of eating disorder is very similar to bulimia. Those who are bulimics tend to purge a lot, do intense exercises and fast whenever they 'feel' that they are over-eating. Binge eating, a common eating disorder these days have caused a lot of problems to people and most of them are health and mind related. Issues like obesity, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, low immunity and mental problems like depression, inability to sleep etc are frequent about people who are bulimics. A popular eating disorder treatment center has stated that nearly 4.2 million people in the US are victims of binge eating. It is more common in women than men and the problem is more prevalent in developed countries with Caucasian race known to be the biggest proponents, so to say, of binge eating, mainly due to the huge media influence, fad diets and peer pressure that is enforced on them to stay thin. Make sure that you take people who are suffering from this problem to good eating disorder treatment centers. The co-operation of the family in the therapy can be very important for rapid improvement in the condition of the person. So, when you see that there is anyone in your family who is binge eating, instead of being wild at her, explain to her peacefully and lovingly that such

things are only going to ruin her health. You can also take her to a good eating disorder treatment center where her condition could be examined properly and the dedicated team of counselors will be present to help her chart a good diet program and clear any confusion whatsoever that may rise.

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==== ==== For more information on Treatment Centers For Eating Disorders Help please check this out; ==== ====

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