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Often individual's will ask what an eating disorder is? If a person does not restrict food or purge after binging do they have an eating disorder? A normal eater does not question if how they eat and what they eat is normal? A normal eater is flexible not rigid or punishing to themselves. Times have changed and the focus of what an individual chooses to eat is constantly being questioned? Elementary aged students are being taught about health and fitness, to make better food choices, to stay physically active and daily exercise is important. This is a double edged sword depending on how the family dynamics are and the self esteem of the young person, this message can be turned around in a negative way and stress eating disorders. A normal eater eats when hungry and stops when satisfied. They make healthy food decisions. A normal eater eats because He or she is aware the body needs fuel to run efficiently. He or she will eat foods which assist them in feeling good and satisfied. Eating high carbohydrate, refined sugar type foods do not make any "body" feel good. If an individual has to ask whether he or she has an eating disorder? He or she already knows the answer. How can he or she get help? The individual take's an eating disorder quiz, they start to see an eating disorder specialist, or he or she may go to a support group for eating disorders. Ultimately going to an inpatient eating disorder treatment program for help is the most effective method.

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