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Eating disorder help is best obtained from a fully trained counsellor or psychotherapist who has also undergone additional training in eating disorders. This might be a self-employed practitioner or someone who is employed in a treatment center. If the practitioner is self-employed it is important to check out their credentials, their training plus membership of an appropriate professional organization. Some clients may have had the disorder for many years before seeking help. Generally speaking the sooner the person requests help the better, as they will be able to achieve a good outcome a little bit quicker. Feelings of shame, fear and anxiety may have contributed to the ambivalence of the client and delayed them in getting eating disorder help, possibly for years. The thing to remember is that the therapists are highly trained and will be very acceptant and non-judgmental about what a client might tell them about their behaviors or what is distressing them. They will be sensitive to the person's feelings and needs. The therapist will listen to the client and find out to begin with what the client perceives their problem to be. By asking some questions the therapist will build up a picture of the nature of the client's problem, a history of their problem and possible causes, of their attitudes to food and eating, and their feelings about their weight and shape. The client, with assistance, may be asked to build a time line covering their life and development of the disorder. The therapist will get some idea of how the client is feeling emotionally, how they feel about their life in general and also how they think that their disorder affects their life and also the life of those around them. The therapist is likely to inquire about whether the person has received any eating disorders help in the past, what form that took and what the outcome was. Whilst the eating disorder help will be personal, empathic and tailored to the individual there will also be certain aspects of it that are generally included. These will encompass cognitive, behavioral and educational methods. The client will gain an awareness and knowledge as to how the disorder originated and how and why it has been perpetuated. Also relevant information about body physiology will be included as will accurate education about nutrition and food types. As the therapy progresses the client will be very gradually enabled to make changes and to achieve the outcome they want from the therapy. Hopefully the client will be able to eat healthily more of the time and develop a good relationship with food. If you are the person with the eating disorder it is ok to make that first step towards getting the help that you need.

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For more information on Eating Disorders Help please check this out; ==== ====

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For more information on Eating Disorders Help please check this out; ==== ==== ==== ==...

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