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Do you have an opt-in page (also known as a squeeze page, name squeeze page, or landing page) on the internet that invites your visitors to exchange their name and email address for some free gift that they will find valuable? If not, you are leaving money on the table. But chances are, you already know that, and you have your opt-in page up on the internet. Now the question is whether you are getting enough traffic to your opt-in page! How Much Traffic Is Enough? OK, I agree -- that's a silly question. You'll never really have enough traffic, short of crashing your site altogether. But getting too much traffic is not a concern for most internet marketers. Most people who have an online business have the problem of not enough traffic. The Key Is to Use Many Traffic-Generation Methods, Not Just One You probably have your favorite method to drive traffic to your blog and sites. If you just use one method, though, your results just aren't going to be spectacular. You need to get as many methods going in your business as possible. Here are a few of the most important traffic-driving methods to put into place in your online business, and most every one of these options should point to your opt-in page: Article marketing Press Releases Blog posts, on a WordPress blog on your domain Twitter Facebook (especially Fan Pages) Squidoo pages Hub pages Forum comments (use your resource boxes wisely) Commenting on other people's blog posts Paid ads on other sites PPC (pay per click) advertising (be sure to read and conform to Google's new rules if you are using AdWords and sending traffic to an opt-in page, or you risk losing your AdWords account) Answering questions on Yahoo Answers and other Q&A forums Guest Blog on another blog in your niche

Buy an ad in an ezine Buy an ad on a related website A key to all of this is that you must be consistent and persistent in using these methods. Posting one article or press release just isn't enough.

Set a regular schedule for your marketing and traffic-driving efforts and then stick to it! And because there aren't enough hours in a day to do it all yourself, come to your free Bronze membership and claim access to how-to videos that will save you time and frustration in your list-building efforts and in your online business in general.

==== ==== For more tips on Facebook Fan Pages Traffic check this out; ==== ====

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