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Blogging is by far one of my favorite online marketing activities for online success. It's a great way for me to share the tons of information I've learned about online marketing. Blogging is not difficult, but it is easy to make some basic mistakes that will impact your results. Avoiding these 7 blogging mistakes will improve your online results: Mistake #1: Your blog is not visually appealing. If your blog is hard to read, your visitors won't stay. You don't need fancy graphics but make sure you have a nice structure to your layout, and use colors and fonts that are easy to read. Mistake #2: Writing complex, paragraph-long sentences, especially if there is a hidden underlying meaning. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and use language that is easy for your target market to understand. It is important to keep your paragraphs to 2-3 sentences long. This may result in paragraph breaks at non traditional locations. It's ok, your goal is to make your blog easy for your readers to read. Long blocks of text are not easy to read online, so keep things short. Mistake #3: Writing in a boring, non-conversational style. The best approach is to pretend you are writing to a single person. That person should be your ideal prospect. Pretend you are having a conversation with them, one-on-one. And give your text personality by expressing your opinions. Mistake #4: Misspelled words in your article. Use a spell checker before publishing. If your articles have careless misspellings, you will not come across as an expert. Mistake #5: Focusing your writing to get natural search engine traffic, not writing to your human visitors. It's great to use keywords to get natural traffic from the search engines, but only if your article still reads well to your visitors. After all, the search engines don't buy anything from you, but your human visitors do! Website traffic won't do you any good if your readers are turned off my your writing. Mistake #6: Writing about topics just to make money, not because you are interested or passionate about the topic. If you have genuine passion on a topic, it will come through it your writing and it will be obvious to your readers. Mistake #7: One-way dialogs. Try to engage your readers in discussion. Ask them to leave comments. Ask them what they think. Get them to think and share their thoughts.

There are many other potential blog mistakes you can make, but focus on avoiding these 7 and you will have a blog that rocks!

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