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Don’t Miss These Mini Car Repair Hacks

Some small and clever advices can save you from big troubles. These Mini car repair hacks will do the same. However, never forget to buy Mini OEM parts when needed. Cars happen to be a big part of our everyday lives, there is no denying that. Whether it is going to work daily in the morning or going on a long trip, we happen to spend a huge chunk of our time in looking after them. When cars turn old overtime, problems start to arise. Even if your Mini car happens to be brand new, there are certain things that you can do on your own so that you do not end up with your car breaking down at inconvenient places. One thing is to keep commonly replaced Mini OEM parts with yourself. Follow us as we share some hacks regarding your Mini car.

1. Pipes Pipes and hoses tend to develop cracks and wear out with time. If you experience a blown up pipe, you might be able to cut the damaged piece and connect the surviving pieces so that you are able to reach a nearby workshop.

2. Belts Similar to pipes, belts also have a lifespan attached to them. When they start squealing, it is time that you replace them. However, if you experience a belt that has damaged or broken, you could cut a leg from a pair of panty hose in order to replace belt of a fan. Furthermore, you can twist a strip of duct tape numerous times with fastening the ends to form a temporary belt.

3. Fluids A certain fluid from the body that is not harmful to attain and is easy to drain out of you has been used to fill up a radiator that has been leaking.

4. Lights If you observe that your headlights are dim, you can use toothpaste to solve the problem. Put the paste on a clean cloth and rub it over the headlight. Rub the paste thoroughly and then wash the paste off. Furthermore, if your headlight or taillight happens to have a crack, you could temporarily repair it by using a clear or red tape. It should be mentioned that it is for emergency only, as it might interfere with the beam of the light.

5. Windows If you are frustrated about your windows fogging up, take a sock and fill it with kitty litter. Place the sock inside your car. If you are not able to scrape ice off your car, make a solution of two parts vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the windshield and let it do the work. If there is an emergency, you can also use your credit card to scrape ice off the windows

6. Doors Have a door lock that is frozen? Squeeze some hand sanitizer into it. The alcohol in the cleaner might do the trick. And now the doors are frozen too? Don’t worry, simply spray the edges of the door with cooking spray and wipe off the excess.

7. Tires Is your vehicle running on bald tires and losing traction? Reduce the pressure of the tires a bit to gain better traction Uh-oh, got stuck in snow? Use pieces of wood or cardboard by placing them under the tires to drive over them. Incase if you did not know, your car’s floor mats could also serve the same purpose.

Conclusion In the end, with so many hacks to try out, there is a good chance that you will probably be able to make it out of the inconvenient situation. However, that does not mean that you keep on repeating the same things, find permanent solutions to the problems like replace parts and buy Mini OEM parts so that you do not permanently end up in more or less the same situation again.

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Do not Miss These Mini Car Repair Hacks  

Get the Right Auto Part from the nearest auto parts store with AutopartsZ. This auto parts website will serve you on the spot along with its...

Do not Miss These Mini Car Repair Hacks  

Get the Right Auto Part from the nearest auto parts store with AutopartsZ. This auto parts website will serve you on the spot along with its...