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ZDDPlus Oil Additive ZDDP is an important engine oil addictive. It is widely known for protecting its sliding metal-to-metal cam lifter interface. It has been added to engine oil in certain amounts for over seven decades. In the past, auto manufacturers have demanded that it be removed from engine oil as it results in increasing emissions at the car tailpipe. The demand was as a result of the United States EPA program that called for increased catalytic converter life. As a result EP additive ZDDP known in full as zinc dialkyldithiphosphate; has been removed systematically over the years. This has happened toe to toe with the OBDII introduction and implementation. It has been proven that the addition of ZDDP helps to protect the engine by developing a film on cams and flat contact points to shield from extreme pressure and heat at the contact point. This film protects the base metal of the cam and lifter from wear. During normal service, ZDDP becomes phosphorus and zinc compounds, thus the ZDDP depletes. Studies have shown that a certain level of ZDDP is required or else depending on the extent of use of the engine, at around 3000 miles of operation, give or take 1000; ZDDP levels can drop below adequate levels and cease to provide protection like it should. “According to the SAE Tech Bulletin # 770087 [1] , operation of a flat tappet engine without adequate EP additives such as ZDDP quickly leads to lifter foot scuffing and cam lobe wear. Camshafts are typically only surface hardened leaving the core ductile for strength”. The experts say that once the cam lobe wear is up to 0.0002, the degradation that follows is fast and usually disastrous. Cars equipped with flat tappet cams need ZDDP for protection at their high-pressure points. The newly manufactured cars have roller rockers and as a result, ZDDP is not needed in those applications. Enter the new Plus protection - ZDDPlus oil addictive. ZDDPlus oil additive has the correct level of ZDDP an engine requires. It gives at least 0.19% of zinc and 0.14% phosphorous when a 4oz. bottle is introduced to a regular 5 quart oil change. This is the same quantity in pre-OBDII oils. The use of ZDDPlus gives complete control over the level introduced into the engine oil which is best for maximum performance. ZDDPlus will help keep combustion particles from clumping. Experts have recorded it as the best classic engine protector. Simply add a 4 ounce bottle at every oil change and enjoy full protection throughout the life of your oil. Using high detergent oils reduces the friction reduction that the ZDDPlus affords; it’s better to stick to what works right!

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ZDDPlus Oil Additive ZDDP is an important engine oil addictive. It is widely known for protecting its sliding metal-to-metal cam lifter in...