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The Other Moving Men What’s the difference between moving your house and moving your auto? The answer should be pretty clear…nothing. When faced with a major relocation think of auto movers as “the other moving men.” A-1 Auto Transport is a prime example of a company that understands their role in the relocation process. Click Here to Get Instant Car Shipping Quotes for FREE 1. Standard of Care House movers are held to a high standard of care considering they are responsible for moving most of the things you hold near and dear to your heart. Car movers are no different and are probably charged with a higher standard of care considering the value of the item being shipped. A-1 treats every vehicle as if they are its own and takes care to guarantee that every vehicle is delivered exactly as it was found. 2. Efficiency One of the criteria by which you choose a good house mover is how quickly and efficiently they can get the job done. Auto movers as well as house movers are faced with challenges such as mechanical break downs, poor weather conditions and traffic back-ups. However, a good auto mover has developed methods to prepare for these situations so that the task is completed on time. A-1’s drivers will come right to your door step to collect your vehicle and utilize the most efficient means of ensuring that we meet you with your vehicle on time at your destination location. 3. Reputation Unfortunately, many new house movers are overlooked when it comes to entrusting them with something as sensitive as moving your personal belongings. The same rules apply to an auto mover that doesn’t have much of a track record for safely delivering vehicles. Fortunately, there are auto movers like A-1 who have been in business for over 20 years and have delivered 120,000+ cars. 4. Convenience You hire movers for the convenience of not having to worry about it yourself. Whether it is an auto mover or a house mover the same rules apply. After you decide on a good moving company to help you pack your personal belongings don’t forget to contact A-1 for your other transport needs.

The other Moving Men