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Magazine credits: Jerome “JYD” Williams Chief Executive Officer / Publisher Stan Mitchell Brand Manager/Co-Publisher Joshua Williams Executive Marketing Director Seaquett Williams Creative & Communications Director / Managing Editor Sara Sylvis Senior Designer Sherae Lash Layout Coordinator Lyndon Conrad Bell Road Test Editor Sherae Lash Writer Paul Bosman Zion Methodist Church Writer / Pastor Mario Rivas Videographer / Photographer 702-589-4657 Johnnie E. Williams III Community Initiative Director Automotive Street Style, LLC. 2831 St. Rose Pkwy, Suite 203 Henderson, NV 89044 (702) 589-4657 Automotive Street Style magazine is published by Automotive Street Style, LLC. No content (articles, graphics, design, or any other information) may be reproduced without written consent from Automotive Street Style magazine. The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, who along with his representatives, accepts no liability for the products and/or services of his advertisers. ©2010 Automotive Street Style, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Automotive Marketplace 4 The hottest automotive & electronic products. Stop and stare edition.

Henderson Days


Our Sponsors


Automotive Street Style Attends coverage of the Henderson Days Car Show 2010

The JYD Project’s Valued Supporters

JYD Invades Brooklyn


Celebrity Garage


GM Performance Parts


JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Pro-skateboarder Ryan Sheckler

Highlighting the ERod 55 Chevy

JYD Teams up with Zion Church


Shows & Events


From Green to Mean


Forgiato Wheels


By Paul Bosman

Chevrolet’s Volt and Corvette ZR-1

Your Guide to Weekly Cruise–Ins and Upcoming Shows & Events

They Have What You Need!


n Automotive Marketplace

What’s New: Stop & Stare Street Style Picks of the Month « AAC After Burner Tail lights AAC Enterprises Incorporated has offered innovative lighting solutions to automobile enthusiasts for over 10 years. With a strict focus on vehicle lighting systems Advanced Automotive Concepts are able to provide the most advanced products for all vehicle lighting applications. In 2004 AAC Enterprises became the exclusive US distributor for ORACLE Lighting Technologies which launched ORACLE into the tuner spotlight.

» WD-40® Smart Straw®: WD-40 Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways Now you can use WD-40 to protect, clean, and lubricate thousands upon thousands of items—without ever losing the straw again! New Smart Straw features a permanently attached straw that sprays two ways. Simply flip it up for a precision stream and down for a regular spray action. WD-40 Smart Straw is at a store near you. Discover how one of the world’s smartest products just got smarter. Never Lose the Straw Again®.

» Falken Azenis FK 425 FK452 truly defines the ultra high performance tire. Falken’s optimal performance FK452 is available in a wide array of diameters, 16” – 24” and staggered widths, making it versatile and resourceful. Five linear ribs and three-dimensional rounded tread blocks offer precise handling response. With a new silica compound and multi-angled grooves, grip is significantly improved in the wet, while tire wear resistance is kept to a minimum. FK452 features the latest developments in noise absorption technology due to phase-shifted random pitch variation, while handling response and high-speed stability are improved. FK452 also boasts a reinforced steel bead filler and a dual tread compound, enabling excellent handling and quick response, particularly for larger diameter applications.


Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | Automotive Marketplace

» Reventon Wheel (Forgiato): Vizzo-R From Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, these classic design icons have sought to achieve harmony through a balance of form and function. Following in their footsteps... The founders of Forgiato achieved that balance and fusion of classic design.

« Blackline GPS by Escort: Entourage CIS

Protect your vehicle as never before with the most-effective permanently installed GPS security alerting and tracking system available. And it’s from ESCORT, the leading authority in radar and laser detection for more than 30 years. Powerfully combining always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking and motion-sensing technology that activates from your own keychain, plus the exclusive, instantly-triggered BlacklineGPS Recovery & Monitoring Service� to speed the return of your stolen vehicle, the Entourage CIS is your extra layer of assurance for the things you value most.

» Magnaflow Exhaust The Cat-Back Exhaust System is all stainless steel, mandrel-bent with polished stainless steel tips.



Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | Henderson Days Car Show Coverage



Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | Our Sponsors




unity in the community

By Paul Bosman

On Saturday, April 17, 2010, Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams teamed up with Zion United Methodist Church to sponsor a neighborhood cleanup event in North Las Vegas. Zion United Methodist Church is located at 2108 N. Revere Street, near Lake Mead Blvd. This event was aimed at promoting a sense of goodwill and cooperation in this transitional urban setting. Jerome Williams and


the JYD Project have done outstanding work in the Las Vegas Valley with community programs directed toward youth from all walks of life. But from personal experience with Jerome, I know that his dedication to the community stems from his personal commitment to his faith in Jesus Christ. It is the foundation upon which he has built his personal success and accomplishments within each community where he has lived.

The Bible says in Titus 2:6-7: “...encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned…” Jerome Williams has lived his life according to these values and continues to do so with every opportunity to reach out.

Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | Our Community

Zion United Methodist Church is a beacon of the Christian faith in North Las Vegas. Teaming up with a faithful servant like Jerome, Zion is striving to make a positive impact in the local community. The cleanup event in April is part Zion’s continued effort to bring the community together.


Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | Marketplace


Chevrolet’s Volt and Corvette ZR-1

Written by Lyndon Conrad Bell


hevrolet’s Volt and Corvette ZR-1 represent two polar opposites in mission and customer base. Yet, both also exhibit the depth and breadth of the engineering expertise General Motors is capable of summoning when the need arises. The extreme performance of the ZR-1 demonstrates GM is more than proficient at building a worldclass supercar––one capable of holding its own with even the most storied of the planet’s legendary automakers. Meanwhile, the novel


solution presented by the Volt is indicative of the outstanding creativity the General can also summon when the need presents itself. The Volt’s unique solution to the hybrid conundrum is amazingly simple, yet remarkably elegant. Employing a 1.4-liter, threecylinder gasoline engine as a generator to feed Volt’s electric motors if the lithium-ion batteries are depleted, Volt promises fuel economy of 230 miles per gallon and zero emissions– –if driven no more than 40 miles daily (the expected range of Volt in electric-

only mode). It accomplishes this because Volt is primarily an electric car. But rather than force owners to be tied exclusively to the grid for electricity like a traditional electric car, Volt offers extended range with the gasoline generator. When the generator kicks in, Volt can travel more than 300 additional miles on a full tank of eight gallons of fuel. Also, unlike any hybrid currently on the market, Volt can be plugged into the grid for recharging when it isn’t in operation. A brilliantly simple solution to a complex problem, early drives of the Volt indicate

Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | On The Cover

living with the innovative automobile won’t require a great deal of relearning on the part of its drivers. Like “normal” hybrids, depressing the start button activates the propulsion system. But since Volt is primarily electric, you don’t hear an engine start. Instead, the power button illuminates to indicate the vehicle’s readiness to go. Stylish techno-forward interior features include a capacitive touch sensitive center console. The digital instrument panel displayed on a seven-inch LED screen

is esthetically pleasing as well. A four-seater, the Volt’s hatchback will permit considerable utility, allowing for ample cargo

market in November, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt’s price is estimated to be in the low $30,000 range–after the fuel-efficient tax credit for which the car will qualify. Meanwhile, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the greatest performance bargain offered by any major automobile manufacturer on Earth is the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1. The most powerful car ever offered by General Motors, and indeed one of the most powerful cars available anywhere, Corvette ZR-1 represents the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the engineering prowess of General Motors.

The Volt’s unique solution to the hybrid conundrum is amazingly simple carrying capacity. The seats easily fold flat to offer even more cargo space. Volt’s styling, while obviously Chevrolet, looks like nothing else on the road. This should bode well for drivers who like their “green-ness” to show. Scheduled to come to


The first Corvette to achieve a top speed of over 200 miles per hour, ZR-1 came out of a what-if question posed by former GM CEO Rick Wagoner. When he saw the capabilities the Corvette development team had unleashed in the base Corvette and the Z0-6, at their relatively affordable price points, he pondered what the result would be if the team were allowed to pursue a $100,000 Corvette. Well, here you go. Rated at 638-horsepower, the 6.2-liter supercharged and intercooled V8 also makes 604 ft-lbs of torque. Curb weight of the car is quoted at 3,333 pounds. Offered with but one transmission––a sixspeed manual––Corvette ZR-1 is capable of accelerating from zero to 60 in three seconds. The thrust of the car under full acceleration is absolutely staggering. More than just bolt a blower to the engine though, the development team worked diligently to add lightness to the Corvette. The use of carbon fiber is extensive


Automotive May |2010 | Marketplace Automotive Street Street Style |Style May |2010 On The Cover

throughout ZR-1. The fenders are made of the material, as are the hood, roof panel, roof bow, front fascia splitter and rocker moldings. To show this off, the roof and splitter have a raw carbon fiber appearance with a protective clear coat. While the hood is painted, its underside is exposed carbon-fiber-weave. The ZR-1 also has the largest wheels ever of any production Corvette, the rears measure 20 inches in diameter and 12 inches wide. The 19’s up front are 10 inches wide. Naturally the suspension system was reworked to take advantage of this and the ZR-1 routinely generates 1g of cornering grip. Yeah, that whole “cornering like it’s on rails” thing definitely applies here. While Volt and ZR-1 represent answers to two different questions, both amply demonstrate the developmental prowess the General has at its disposal. Whether your aim is green or mean, Chevrolet has the wheels to accommodate you.




CHASE Your Dreams: Bushwick Leaders’ High School for Academic Excellence April 14, 2010 Photography Courtesy GM


n April 14, 2010, Johnnie Williams III, youth activist, motivational speaker and founder of Change The World Movement, and Jerome Williams, former New York Knicks star and founder of the JYD Project, visited students at Bushwick Leader’s High School for Academic Excellence for their 3rd annual Chase Your Dream workshop. Fun, easy-to-understand, financial literacy exercises engaged

and motivated students to chase their dreams. Chase Your Dreams is funded by a generous grant from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Johnnie Williams III and Jerome Williams are clearly dedicated and passionate about their work with young people, inspiring our students to improve not only their financial literacy, but their academic standing as well. As Johnnie

Williams says, “schools and their students can expect an upbeat, enlightening workshop that helps connect the dots.” Students will hear that undeveloped talent won’t pay their bills and developed talent, without a strong resume, will go undiscovered. Students will also be taught banking skills that will help them manage the money they make from employment. The program also introduces students to basic investing and credit education. All this content is packaged in a fun-filled three-hour workshop. Bushwick Leaders is committed to preparing students to meet the technological advances and demands of our 21st century economy. Here, too, Chase Your Dreams provides valuable opportunities for young people to chase their dreams online. “The Chase Your Dream workshop,” Johnnie Williams explains, “was designed to assist students in connecting the dots between their dreams, their education and critical life skills. This unique workshop could one day be


Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | JYD Project Invades Brooklyn

offered as an e-course and national lecture series that provides local and regional lectures serving Chase bank clients and their children. An e-Course development in both English and Spanish would quickly and efficiently expand the program to serve thousands of high school students.” Catherine Reilly, founder and principal of Bushwick Leaders’ High School for Academic Excellence, envisions well-rounded graduates prepared for the real world. “Considering our tough economic times,” Ms. Reilly says, ”Chase Your Dreams empowers our young people in the areas of personal finance. The Williams brothers have

“Chase Your Dreams was fun, interesting and very inspiring. The best part of the program was meeting with the Williams brothers. I think all students should participate in the program, especially those who need a push in life. I would like to see Chase Your Dreams online, so we have time to look at this information better and share it with family members.“ —Mariselys Dominguez

excellent rapport with our kids and they keep them engaged and motivated. Our students look forward to seeing the Williams brothers every year.“






itness professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler deftly defying gravity — and serious injury — rocketing around the grounds of his parents’ otherwise normal suburban Southern California home and it would be easy to stereotype him as a highflying young daredevil. How many teenagers have a full-on skateboard park in their backyard or their very own tricked-out Range Rover HSE sport utility vehicle? None as far as Celebrity Garage is concerned.

But it only takes a few minutes conversation to discover that Sheckler lives his life with both feet firmly planted — figuratively speaking, of course — on the ground.


“I feel like my parents have taught me to be properly grounded,” says the curlyheaded kid who spends most of his time with his family and neighborhood friends doing “normal teenage stuff.

diesel truck.” The black Range Rover is a 2003 model that Ryan bought from his uncle. He has owned it about 18 months, about as long as he has had his license.

Sheckler also credits his father for getting him hooked on performance vehicles. “My dad’s always been into cars. He’s always had fast

BMWs, but when I was 10 or 11, he was into bigger trucks . . . so now I’m fortunate to have the Range Rover and my new toy, the 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7-liter

AutomotiveStreet StreetStyle Style | | May May2010 2010 | |Celebrity Marketplace Automotive Garage

23 21


GM Performance

E-Rod ‘55 Chevy By Courtesy of GM Photography by Courtesy GM


intage style complements modern performance, efficiency and emissions standards in GM Performance Parts’ ground breaking E-ROD - a ‘55 Chevy powered by the innovative, new E-ROD crate engine package. It includes a complete LS3 engine, emissions equipment and supporting components that enable classic cars to pass California’s stringent smog tests.

Performance Parts (GMPP) introduced the E-ROD concept vehicle at the 2009 SEMA Show, in Las Vegas. The E-ROD crate engine package is available through GM dealers, authorized GMPP retailers and via the GMPP Web site, www. List price for the LS3 E-ROD package is $9,375.

“E-ROD represents a revolution in hot rodding by offering an unprecedented, emissions-legal engine and emissions system that carries approval from the influential California Air Resources Board (CARB),” said Dr. Jamie Meyer, product marketing manager for

Gm Performance Parts E Rod 55 Chevy GM


Automotive AutomotiveStreet StreetStyle Style| |April May 2010 2010 || Our GM Community Performance

GM Performance Parts. “We developed this system because it’s the right thing to do, but our engineers did not sacrifice the performance that stirs hot rodders in the first place. It is a compromise-free package that delivers great power and efficiency, with the emissions of a modern vehicle.”

Gm Performance Parts E-Rod ‘55 Chevy The core of the E-ROD package is the LS3 6.2L V-8 engine that is rated at 430

horsepower. Emissions equipment included with the package includes catalytic converters, a fuel tank evaporative emissions canister and more. GMPP worked closely with CARB and SEMA officials to develop the kit and secured approval that makes E-RODequipped vehicles legal in California and other areas that follow CARB’s recommendations and emissions standards. No other O.E.M. or aftermarket manufacturer offers a comparable, CARBapproved system.



Automotive Street Style | May 2010


n S hows & E vents

Weekly Cruise–Ins

Shows & Events

Every other Saturday, 7am - 9am Tasty Pastries 825 Nevada Highway Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Club May 8th & May 22nd

14th Annual Boulder City Rod Run

Boulder City Donut Run

Cars & Coffee

Every Saturday, 8am -11am Sansone Park Place Shopping Center. 9500 S. Eastern (215 & Eastern Ave.)

Classic Cruisers & Coffee Every Sunday, 8am - 10am Boulder Station Casino Parking Garage


Every Saturday, 8am - 10am Denny’s Restaurant at I-215 & Tropicana Jake: 702-491-2161

Henderson Donut Run

Every Saturday, 7am - 9am Friendly Donuts, 806 Boulder Highway In Smith’s Shopping Center Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Clubs

TUCKERS Classic Auto Parts

Every Saturday, 9am - 12pm 7685 Commercial Way in Henderson FREE Coffee & Snacks to ALL Hot Rods

West End Boys

May 1st & 2nd, 2010

Boulder City, NV Presented by the Pandraggers of Boulder City, in conjunction with Boulder City’s Spring Jamboree. Pre-registration starting Friday April 30th at Boulder Dam Hotel. Friday night cruise at the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino 5pm - 9pm, seafood buffet dinner special and special room rates for car show participants. Saturday and Sunday car show 8am - 4pm. Individual class judging, trophy for each class. 50/50 raffle and prizes. Entry fee includes trophy plaque with personalized car photo. Grand prize to one lucky participant. 3 day trip to the California Hot Rod Reunion! $35 preregistered. $45 day of show. Vendors $100 (702) 812-6900 or (702) 293-8773 May 7th & 8th, 2010

15th Annual Cars, Stars & Guitars Motorhead Festival

North Las Vegas, NV Aliante Station Hotel & Casino. Open to all motorheads who think their ride is cool. Featuring classics, antiques, trucks, bikes, boats, exotics, race cards, exotic of all years and makes. Vendors, music and Budweiser. Special hotel packages. To benefit Helping Hands. Limited to the first 500 gear junkies. For more info: Mike Privette (702) 259-1975

Every Sunday, 7am - 10am Santa Fe Mining Co. across the street from Santa Fe Casino


Automotive Street Style | May 2010 | Shows & Events

More Shows & Events May 15th, 2010

Saturday Night Cruise

Las Vegas, NV Shari’s Diner 6pm - 9pm 1900 N. Buffalo (Buffalo & Lake Mead) (702) 870-6424 May 21st, 2010

Mustang Depot Cruise Night Las Vegas, NV Shari’s Diner 2510 E. Sunset Rd. (Behind Taco Bell) 6pm - 9pm (702) 262-0011 May 29th & 30th, 2010

Gasoline Alley’s Tenth Annual Birthday Bash

North Las Vegas, NV Proudly benefitting the Lili Claire Foundation. Saturday kick-off party at the Cannery Casino 4pm to 10pm. Sunday at Eldorado Park on the grass. Entry fee for all makes and models $30 by May 10th, $35 after May 10th, or at the gate. Entry includes T-shirt, dash plaque, drink cooler and great goodie bag. All registered vehicles qualify for a fantastic drawing at Eldorado Park. Winner must be present. For additional info, contact Mike Kinney (702) 371-7469, or visit us online at May 29th, 2010

Memorial Weekend Hot Rod Classic Car Show

Boulder City, NV Presented by: Majestic Graphics and ROD NEWS of Southern Nevada. On the grass in the park. Friday night cruise-in, trophies, awards, raffle prizes, dash plaques, free event T-shirt to preregistered participants. Live DJ music In conjunction with Boulder City’s “BEST DAM BBQ COOK OFF” barbecue food and car show in the park. Open to all 1973 and older vehicles. $20 if registered by May 14th ($25 after) Info: Kevin (702) 592-7189

June 4th - 6th Vegas Cruise 2010

Las Vegas, NV Under the Fremont Street Canopy, hosted by Las Vegas Cruisin’ Association and the The Fremont Street Experience. Open to pre-1972 classic vehicles. 150 vehicle limit. Cars, trucks and special interest vehicles including: vintage, original, classics, hotrods, muscle cars, street rods, competition and customs. Show & Shine competition, top 60 vehicles trophies and awards. Pre-entry $40 (by May 15th). $50 after May 15th. Event T-shirts and goodie bags. (702) 643-0000

June 12th 20th Annual Parowan Fun Run

Parowan, UT The 20th Annual Parowan Fun Run Car Show will take place Saturday, June 12th, 2010, at the city park. Car show 8am till 5pm. Everyone is welcome. FREE to enter. Food, vendors and much more. Sponsored by the Parowan Chamber of Commerce and the Las Vegas Desert Cruisers. For more info: Frank Mattison (702) 565-8949

June 12th Second Annual Rails to Trails Car & Truck Show

Taft, CA 7am - 5pm, $25 pre-registration, $30 after June 5th. Live band, 50/50 drawing, beer garden, goodie bags, awards, dash plaques, raffles, food & vendor booths. (661) 765-2165

June 18th Friday Night Cruise

Las Vegas, NV Farmer Boys Restaurant 6pm - 9pm 5847 S. Decatur (Decatur and Russell) (702) 871-8500



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