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Warrior in Christ


NASCAR Weekend


Celebrity Garage


Motor Mike


Celebrity Car Rally 2010 20

Find out about the hottest automotive & electronic products. Stop and stare edition. JYD Invades NASCAR Weekend!

Classic Custom Car Market Evaporates

Autoshow Gallery

From the Valley Automall’s February 27 Autoshow


Pastor Benny Perez points out the origins of UFC. Kim Kardashian Really is a Car Girl

2nd Annual Celebrity Car Rally Presented by Jerome “JYD” Williams

Community Update


JYD Supports Henderson International Reading Week

GM Performance LS2


Shows & Events


Blasts From The Past


Classified Ads


Build-it-yourself kit of GM Performance “502” Rat!

Audi R8 5.2 and Mercedes-Benz SLS

Your Guide to Weekly Cruise–Ins and Upcoming Shows & Events

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n Automotive Marketplace

What’s New: Stop & Stare Street Style Picks of the Month

« Baer Brakes: Extreme Plus

Baer Claw® EXTREME (one piece rotors) and EXTREME-PLUS (two piece rotors) brake systems deliver unparalleled performance, with durability exceeding the demands of the most serious enthusiasts. Equipped with Baer’s 6S 6-Piston MonoBlock calipers and 14-inch, 15-inch, one or two piece rotors, EXTREME and EXTREME-PLUS systems are equally brilliant at the track, on the road, or simply as “icing” to complete your vehicles “look”! Other manufacturers sell you the technology that they “deem appropriate for street use,” keeping the latest and most sought after technology for “just a few.” However, Baer lets you access all the technology necessary for the way you want to drive!

» ESCORT SmartMirror with Back-up Camera

ESCORT SmartMirror: Navigation with A View! (Includes Back-Up Camera) ESCORT’s SmartMirror™ offers all the features of GPS Navigation without the clutter and hassle of suction cups, mounting brackets and wires.

» Falken Azenis RT-615 Street Legal Motorsports and DOT Approved Track Competition Tire •Next generation Azenis RT spec pure sports performance. • Improved motorsports grade cap compound maintains grip over a wide range of operating temperatures. • Increased internal void ratio delivers enhanced wet grip and aquaplane resistance under competition conditions. • 8/32nd molded tread design reduces tread squirm when new while providing predictable mileage for street use. • 200/A/A UTQG qualifies for SCCA Street Tire Class competition. This tire is especially popular with drifting enthusiasts.


Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Automotive Marketplace

» Forgiato Wheel: GTR From Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, these classic design icons have sought to achieve harmony through a balance of form and function. Following in their footsteps... The founders of Forgiato achieved that balance and fusion of classic design.

« T-REX Grilles 2010 Chevy Camaro LS/RS/SS Stainless Steel Mesh Grille. This very stylish mesh grille is meticulously manufactured from top quality stainless steel. The grille is finished in a gleaming high polish, chrome mirror finish that will last. Installs directly onto the existing OE factory grille. Comes with installation instructions and hardware. Install time is about 1/2hr. Matching bumper mesh grilles are also available as an additional item. Please make your selection. Backed by manufacturer’s five-year year warranty. Made in USA.

» Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter

The Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter is made from 304 Stainless Steel and 6061 T6 billet aluminum. The throw is reduced by approximately 45 percent making it the shortest throw available on the market. The shifter also features knob height adjustability. When using this shifters you will notice a vast improvement of feel through each gear. The shifter comes with two sticks, a polished stainless steel stick and an OEM style stick for the factor knob, along with a 6061 T6 billet aluminum black anodized ball with your choice of engraving (55 or R5 or No Engraving).



Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | NASCAR Weekend



Classic Custom Car Market EvaporateS

By Motor Mike


any people will point to the advent of airbags to raise and lower a car as the mainstream beginning of automobile customization, and it was truly the beginning of an era. However, the customization invention will probably have to go to the 1950’s when you drilled a hole in your exhaust system, threaded in a toggle activated spark plug and suddenly had exhaust flames ‘on demand’. That’s the real beginning. It’s those youngsters we can thank for thinking outside the box when it comes to our car. Many kids of that era couldn’t even afford a car, much less customization. Years later they were married


with children, a minivan parked in the driveway and maybe, just maybe a sports car. But the yearning for the old times remained. The 90’s came along, 401k’s, stocks, technology start-ups and a new economy. Those kids from the 50’s had well paying careers, equity in their homes, cash in the bank and a little extra to finally get

Values are currently less than 50% invested with no sign of an upswing. their dream 50’s era car. The market on classics jumped, as suddenly everyone who ever wanted a 1957 Chevy had the means to get one. The next logical step was

customization, to fulfill those childhood dreams. Shops for customization were everywhere, and in everyone’s garage, to make theirs ‘THE one’. Ten years later, with the dream realized and the wife complaining about how much money he sunk into the beast, they’re being dumped, one by one. Moaning and groaning the whole way down. Don’t get me wrong, cream puffs, or un-customized classics are still here to stay but the customized cars have seen their day. Values are currently less than 50 percent of investment with no sign of an upswing.

Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Motor Mike



Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | 2010 Valley Automall Auto Show



GM Performance

Build-it-Yourself Kit of GM Performance Parts’ 502” Rat! Get this “beast in a box” and then finish it to your satisfaction! GM Performance Parts has put together the ZZ502 Base as a convenient partial engine assembly. You get the bigblock V-8, four-bolt main muscle and just enough of the “finish work” to take the headache out of choosing parts – without missing out on the fun stuff! The Base Engine, which boasts 4.47” bores and is stroked to 4.00”, comes with aluminum, oval port cylinder heads with generous 110 cc combustion chambers. Its big time valvetrain features 2.25” intake and 1.88” exhaust valves to keep it breathing easy! The crankshaft is forged steel and is paired up with a hydraulic roller camshaft for great performance. All you need to add is


attitude – and an intake manifold, carburetor, water pump, distributor and plug wires. Everything but the attitude is available from your GM Performance Parts dealer.

AutomotiveStreet StreetStyle Style| |April April2010 2010| |GM Marketplace Automotive Performance


Blasts From The Past Audi R8 5.2 & Mercedes-Benz SLS

Written by Lyndon Conrad Bell


ithout question, the fiercest rivalry in pre-war Grand Prix racing was between Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union.

Ferdinand Porsche stepped forward and convinced Hitler to split the money between Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz.

500+ horsepower engines, and top speeds well in excess of 200 miles per hour in their ultimate iterations, the cars absolutely dominated Grand Prix racing until 1939–when World War II started.

While both cars echo the past, they also reflect the state of the art.

Adolf Hitler, in his determination to demonstrate the superiority of everything German, offered 500,000 Reichmarks (about $3,000,000) to any German racing team willing to run the 1934 Grand Prix season. Mercedes-Benz was at the top of the list, until


The result was the most advanced racing machines the world had ever seen. With streamlined bodies,

Mercedes used a frontengine design; Auto Union, under Porsche’s guidance, used a midengine design. Flashforward 76 years, MercedesBenz and Auto Union (now known as Audi) are still producing cars remarkably like those amazing Grand Prix machines, except now, for the street.

Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | On The Cover

Audi’s mid-engine R8 and the front-engine MercedesBenz SLS are, in many ways, the spiritual successors to those all-conquering racing machines. In addition to sharing the drivetrain configuration and engine output of their ancestral forebears, both cars represent the pinnacle of each brand’s offerings. In other words, while both cars echo the past, they also reflect the state of the art. The R8’s 5.2-liter V10 engine generates 525 horsepower and 391 ft-lbs of torque. Combined with Audi’s lightweight aluminum space frame construction, and Quattro all-wheel drive, the R8 5.2 accelerates to 60 in 3.7 seconds and goes on to a top speed of 196 miles per hour. The Mercedes 6.3-liter V8 is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine

currently in production. Making 563 horsepower and 479 ft-lbs of torque, the engine propels the SLS to 60 in 3.7 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 197 miles per hour. Cutting edge componentry like a dual-clutch sevenspeed gearbox, ceramic brake rotors, allaluminum construction, and computer controlled traction and stability controls, make the SLS spec sheet a veritable recipe for cutting edge high performance. Similarly, the Audi ‘s active aerodynamics, lightweight construction, automated

manual transmission, direct fuel injection, and magnetic suspension system, demonstrate what can still happen when these two automakers put their minds to building the most advanced car the world has ever seen.



s a Pastor many people are intrigued when they find out that I like watching UFC. They cannot comprehend how a minister can be into a combat sport like UFC. Or that I talk about it in my messages at The Church at South Las Vegas. Or that Wanderlei Silva “The Axe Murderer” worships at my church.

The Bible says in Romans 8:37 “…we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”.


However I am quick to point out that UFC did not start with Dana White but rather with Jesus Christ. Over 2,000 years ago Jesus came down to earth to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and to free us from the chains of sin and spiritual death. That on the cross, it looked as if Jesus Christ was defeated by the devil! But we all know that a championship Fight lasts five rounds. Jesus was crucified

Automotive Street Street Style Style || April April 2010 2010 || The Marketplace Automotive Community

and buried on Friday but on Sunday Jesus Christ Rose from the dead. Now that Christ has risen we can now rise up ourselves. That our lives can be filled with supernatural power to overcome any challenges that come our way. We no longer have to live life as victims of circumstance but we can rise up and be more than conquerors! The Bible says in Romans 8:37 “…we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”. Live life today as a warrior who overcomes obstacles. You can turn to Jesus and He will give you a brand new start and life today. Benny Perez Lead Pastor

“When I first move to America from Brazil, I felt alone and was looking for a Pastor like my Pastor at home. Attending The Church at South Las Vegas, I find that Pastor Benny’s messages are serious, fun and they direct the heart toward the true message of God. I am so happy to have Pastor Benny as my pastor now”. “Thank you Pastor Benny”. - Wanderlai Silva


n C e l ebrity G arage

Celebrity Garage KIM KARDASHIAN April 1st, 2010

So Kim Kardashian really is a car girl — that’s not just an act.


nly a true car chick would intentionally increase the value of an expensive luxury vehicle like a Bentley by putting a kit around it and fitting it with aftermarket rims and tires. The average price of a Bentley is around $200,000. Kim’s Bentley is probably worth $20k more now. Kim and Reggie are becoming one of Hollywood’s classiest couples. She’s a party diva building a brand around herself and he’s now won a Super Bowl championship ring! Kim Kardashian had a little run-in with a motorcycle back in March that put her brand new Bentley into the body shop for some serious repair. Well, like they predicted, Platinum Motorsport hooked it up and the style is fresher than her White and Pink Range Rover that they also hooked up!


Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Celebrity Garage


SECOND ANNUAL CELEBRITY CAR RALLY S unday, April 25 2010, JYD Project presents its Second Annual Celebrity Car Rally and Car Show to raise funds for kids in Las Vegas. The CAR SHOW is 9am-4pm and will be at Art & Shirley’s Auto Collection & Museum located at 5375 S. Cameron Street. There will be a Kids FunZone, DJ Music, BBQ Ribs Cook-off, Raffles and Trophies. The Finish Line Dinner Party is from 6pm-9pm at Dal Toro’s Exotics, located inside the Palazzo Hotel at 3325 Las Vegas Blvd. the evening consists of: fashion show, comedy show, musical performance, dinner & celebrity appearances. The elegant evening will be


MC’d and Hosted by FOX 5’s,Olivia Fierro. The rally for Kids, JYD Project Cup is fueled by NBA Legend Jerome ‘JYD’ Williams. He is passionate about cars and community involvement, particularly helping kids. His track record shows many miles of commitment, serving more than 500,000 youth in every community he’s lived and worked in throughout his celebrated NBA career and beyond. For event info, to register for show, rally or purchase dinner tickets, visit

Photos from the 1st Annual Celebrity Car Rally 2009

Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Marketplace Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Celebrity Car Rally


n O U R C omm u nity


Henderson International Reading Week

he JYD project’s Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams has been involved in the NBA’s Read to Achieve program since 1997, when he played for the Detroit Pistons. Mr. Williams has always encouraged youth to develop a passion to read. After playing nine years in the NBA with Detroit, Chicago, Toronto & New York, JYD continues to keep his reading campaign alive. This month he visited Henderson International School’s 2nd Grade to show how the DoggPound loves to READ! “ The


books you read, give you the knowledge you need, so join the reading team, and get in the league, if you believe than you can achieve, sometimes you need to pick up a book and read” said JYD. “We wish to thank you for your wonderful gift of

time, that it took to read, gift of joy, because you brought us happiness!!! And, last, but never least, you made reading an event to remember, a moment to cherish, and gave us a tune to live by!” - Ms. Whited’s Class

“Dear Mr. Williams, Thank you for reading to us and singing the rap song I loved it” - Elizabeth (2nd Grader)

Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Our Community



Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Upcoming Car Show Events


n S h ows & E v ents

Weekly Cruise–Ins Boulder City Donut Run

Every other Saturday, 7am-9am Tasty Pastries 825 Nevada Highway Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Club April 10th & April 24th

Cars & Coffee

Every Saturday, 8am-11am Sansone Park Place Shopping Center. 9500 S. Eastern (215 & Eastern Ave.)

Classic Cruisers & Coffee Every Sunday, 8am-10am Boulder Station Casino Parking Garage


Every Saturday, 8am-10am Denny’s Restaurant at I-215 & Tropicana Jake: 702-491-2161

Henderson Donut Run

Every Saturday, 7am-9am Friendly Donuts, 806 Boulder Highway In Smith’s Shopping Center Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Clubs

TUCKERS Classic Auto Parts

Every Saturday, 9am-12pm 7685 Commercial Way in Henderson FREE Coffee & Snacks to ALL Hot Rods

West End Boys

Every Sunday, 7am-10am Santa Fe Mining Co. across the street from Santa Fe Casino

Shows & Events April 1st, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend Las Vegas, NV The Orleans Hotel & Casino 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. April 2nd & 3rd, 2010

Greaser’s 11th Annual Rod & Kustom Car Show Henderson, Nevada Mystic Lodge Casino 920 Boulder Highway Friday Night Cruise-in Car Show Saturday 9am-3pm $20 pre-registered $25 at the gate includes t-shirt & dash plaque Open to all years, makes and models. Greaser: (702) 565-9452


Automotive Street Style | April 2010 | Shows & Events

More Shows & Events April 3rd, 2010

VWs Invade The Dam Car Show

Boulder City, Nevada in Bicentennial Park on the grass. 8am-9pm. Open to all years and models of Volkswagens. Awards raffle prizes live auction DJ music Love Bug movie in the park, at dusk. Grand prize giveaway of a 1600 d/p turn key engine and IRS rebuilt transaxel!!! Free event t-shirt to the first 75 pre-registered participants. $10 pre-registration, $15 at the gate. Discount room rates at the Railroad Pass Casino. For more info: (702) 434-9678 April 16th, 2010

Fairway Chevrolet Open House Cruise Night 3100 East Sahara Ave. 6pm - 9pm

April 15th - 18th, 2010

Hot Rods & Harleys

Laughlin, NV Avi Resort & Casino $40 entry fee includes t-shirt (928) 234-0695 April 24th, 2010

Over the Hump to Pahrump Car Show Pahrump, NV Hosted by Valley Cruisers of Pahrump Open to all makes & model vehicles Show & shine Auto parts swap Meet in the park $25 registration fee For additional information, please contact: Jim (775) 751-8912 or Lee (775) 751-0994


Automotive Classifieds

Find What You Need

If you are interested in placing an ad in our classified section in the magazine for $29.95, contact us via phone at 702.589.4657 or e-mail at:

1964 Chevy Impala SS convertible Fully restored with custom painted reinforced frame, 350 Motor, 46� HD plasma w/ reinforced trunk, runs great, mainly used as a show car, never driven, contact: 702 589 4657 for $$$ Built By: Freedom Custom Auto CA 1939 Studebaker Blown Grape Exterior Color: Violet Candy Purple Interior Color: Grey Body Style: 2 door Engine: 383 cu. in. Transmission: Auto /Turbo 400 Mileage: 0 Driveline: Manufactured: Price: $85,500.00 Interior--Ron Mangus Hotrods Interiors Rialto, CA Transmision--Turbo 400 Engine-Beck Racing Engines AZ--383 cu. in. 570 hp Body-- S-10 Chevy Chassis Wheels-Budnik Wheels Front 18x8 Rear 20x10 Adjustable air suspension. Can be raised and lowered all the way to the ground. Vin Number: 000000000AZ238794 Call Ryan for details: 702.818.1031

2005 Ferrari F430 Spider Exterior Color: Dark Blue Interior Color: Tan Body Style: 2Door Conv Engine: Transmission: F1 Paddle/ Auto Mileage: 9,800 Driveline: Manufactured: Price: $165,000.00 Vin Number: ZFFEW59A450143959 Call Ryan for details: 702.818.1031

2008 Mercedes CLK63 Black Series EVO3 Exterior Color: Black Interior Color: Black Body Style: 2door Engine: V8 Transmission: Auto Mileage: 6,206 Driveline: Manufactured: Price: $98,500.00

2005 Ford GT Exterior Color: Black Interior Color: Black Body Style: 2 door Engine: Supercharged Transmission: 6 Speed Mileage: 2,084 Driveline: Manufactured: USA Price: $155,000.00 Vin Number: 1FAFP90S55Y400288 Call Ryan for details: 702.818.1031


Vin Number: WDBTJ77H78F234013 Call Ryan for details: 702.818.1031

EVO3 Package 600+ HP / 206 MPH!!

Automotive Street Style | March 2010 | Classified Ads

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