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Using The 3 Nascar Marketing Secrets To Turbo Charge Your Success This Year – Part 1 NASCAR is a powerful business and marketing machine. There is a lot you can find out about positioning your own dealership just by studying the lead‐ generating, profit exploding strategies of this racing giant. You have probably heard of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart. They're all pretty famous NASCAR stars. But a name you might not know the name Mike Bartelli. Racecar driver? No. But he is a guy who knows a lot about speed. Mike is a marketing guy and when it comes to NASCAR and motorsports marketing he is, "the" guy. Mike is an expert in motorsports marketing, and as head of Millsport Motorsports he’s assisted NASCAR see record growth in popularity and sponsorship. Now Mike is chief marketing officer and senior VP of Petty Enterprises. In a recent interview, Mike divulged some of the tips to NASCAR's Marketing Success. We've from then taken the ideas Mike shared and reshaped them to suit the car business. We are now serving them to you on a silver platter so you would be able to use them in your own dealership this year. So print this out, grab a highlighter or a pen and put on your thinking cap as you’re about to go for wild ride. NASCAR Understands the Power of a Celebrity Endorsement In building their own monster brand, one of NASCAR's main techniques was to make use of celebs and celebrity endorsements to reach new fan bases. The NASCAR approach honed in on target groups of prospective fans that normally would overlook the sport and reached out to them using a popular celebrity from film, television, music, sports, etc.

You see, nothing gets attention like celebs… Absolutely NOTHING. Whilst NASCAR undoubtedly knows this, many dealers in this nation don’t. The goal of marketing is to get your prospective customer's attention. So if nothing works better in getting attention than celebs, why not use it? Demographics don't matter either. Rich investors, CEOs, credit challenged, blue‐ collar, white‐collar they are all attracted to celebrities. We believe the reason is reach and frequency. The same as efficient car dealer marketing is about reaching several individuals and a lot more significantly reaching them many times, celebs have a huge amount of reach since their job is to be noticed and be heard. Another reason why celebrities are influential marketing weapons is based on the power of association. Individuals relate you to those they see you with. If you are hanging out with celebrities then you must be one yourself. This is reassuring to your clients and puts you in a positive light. And obviously potential consumers will enjoy aligning themselves with you as well, as they also want a piece of that celebrity pie. Not to mention, consumers are more probable to refer business to the “cool” dealer that hangs out with celebs over the guy they’ve never heard of. Keep in mind, boring is safe, but it will get you nowhere. Leverage the power of celebrity and your leads would be chasing you down for a sale. Think this does not pertain to you? Think you can't use superstars in your marketing because you cannot pay for Dan Marino? Well think again. There’s actually a few low‐cost methods you could begin featuring celebs in your marketing immediately. One strategy we like is designing a mail piece with a full color envelope using pictures of three famous celebrities your target audience would resonate with… let's say, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey and YOU! You could use the headline, "What Do Barack, Tiger, Oprah and Mr. Dealer Have In Common." Next

to your image you’d put your name and "owner of ABC dealership in XYZ town." BANG, instant celebrity tie in. And that's getting opened. Or you can use your marketing dollars to buy a celebrity for direct sponsorship, endorsement or events. Of course many of the A‐listers might be out of your price range but there is always somebody affordable who resonates with your target market. Older celebs who are no longer in their hay‐day or more obscure celebrities like popular contestants on reality TV shows could normally be employed for surprisingly little. Also remember that the recession affects everybody. Even celebrities jump at the chance to make some extra money. More often than not it's our impression of celebrities and our ego, fear of the unknown and apprehension created by star charisma that keep dealers from leveraging this super‐charger of a promoting resource. You can find contact information on virtually any celeb in a book by Jordan McAuley called the Celebrity Black Book available on or contact our office directly for celebrity agent recommendations.

Using The 3 Nascar Marketing Secrets To Turbo Charge Your Success This Year – Part 1  

NASCAR is a powerful business and marketing machine. There is a lot you can find out about positioning your own dealership just by studying...

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