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Know The Two Automotive Marketing Untruths That Every Car Dealer Should Avoid - Part 1 Times are changing and so is that the effectiveness of your marketing dollars… that is probably why you’re reading this article right now. What used to bring in clients to your car dealership no longer works. And the recommendation you’re obtaining from the self proclaimed “gurus” who are really just vendors hocking next the subsequent mail sale or automotive technology gimmick all seems to contradict itself. Not to say, you’re probably being fed one of 2 huge lies regarding what you'll be able to expect and the sort of results you should experience when promoting your automotive dealers during this “new economy”. So before these lies perpetuate any further, let’s jump right in to this article to set the record straight once and for all. Myth #1: You Can’t Expect Results Overnight If you can’t demand results overnight, how can you expect to remain in business? Admittedly, there's one kind of selling that will not produce results overnight-and that’s building a rock solid brand like Coke or Pepsi where customers need solely see the emblem to feel impressed to purchase. After all building a lasting and competitive brand image to that magnitude takes a heap time and a TON of money. Neither of which you most likely have at your disposal right now. Yet before you droop your head in sorrow because you don’t have precious time or resources to waste on long-term branding campaigns, there is hope for you in

another sort of advertising that’s rarely known (or understood) in the car industry. That type of advertising is hardcore, retail-oriented, direct-response, leadgenerating, low-value, academic based automotive marketing…and that can most certainly get you results over night. In fact, that’s the entire purpose of direct response marketing. It evokes prospects to require IMMEDIATE action to call/ visit your automobile dealership. Again, notice I said immediate action, because this is often not one thing you have got to attend months or maybe years to determine results. If your system is sound, your ads are positioned properly and your marketing uncovers the emotions of your customers, the results will be instant. You'll turn it on and off like a light switch. And if you don’t see results instantly, one of these factors was faulty…guaranteed. Brandscending More good news! You'll still embark on a great branding campaign without a million dollar ad budget and years to invest in the process. In fact, branding will be achieved without even paying for it. Many individuals misunderstand our position about branding and believe we suppose “branding is bad.” Not so. Paying for brand is bad - unless you have got the time and cash to do it properly. Most dealerships don’t. And for those that do, it’s becoming increasingly tough due to the mass segmentation of the market. However, building a brand for free could be a wonderful factor and comparatively easy to do. We wish to call it “brandscending.” Brandscending is the process by that your company carves out a clear and definite place in the minds of the people who care most. But, there are plenty of things you must do to leverage this method:

1. Learn who the prospects of your automotive dealership are and what they want. Then offer it to them. That’s being interested and that’s what counts. 2. Have an even and distinctive image that’s connected to all of your “results” oriented marketing. Over time, this may help build residual brand effects. 3. Offer an expertise that's fun, unique or risky. Do one thing that's price noticing and worth talking about. As folks begin to note and talk, your brand value can increase. The key is this: never, never, never, never, buy a long-term ad with pretty graphics and nice font believing you “built a little brand” or “got your name out there.” You probably did not. That sort of thinking causes you to ad agent’s dream. Everyone concerned in coming up with that ad can build money…except you. Please don’t fall for that trap again within the future.

Know The Two Automotive Marketing Untruths That Every Car Dealer Should Avoid - Part 1