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The IMPFORCE (TM) brand is promoting modern and unusual intelligent management platform (business management software) for building business software solutions for the automation of financial and economic activities of businesses and individuals. The promotion system of management platform is transparent partnership and maximum availability of the platform best meets the needs of consumers by providing the user full control over the projected and exploited business software solutions.

IMPFORCE: THE BUSINESS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS ARE UNIVERSALLY FUNCTIONAL AND TRANSPARENT This is the self-sufficient business management software for using of preinstalled standard user’s business software solutions and developing of new, specific custom solutions for business operations automation and it is based on the needs of consumers and conditions of its business environment. This is user interface (working views, document templates, report templates, operations, etc.) as a standard and user-configured view. This is flexible data structuring by the user in vocabularies of various types, and building relations between data in different configurations. This is a flexible scalability through the development of new components by the management platform developer, third-party developer’s partners and staff of the consumer. Components implements in the information model of a custom user solution its own unique elements, calculations and documents and to provide two-way not limited interaction of old and new components of the solution as a whole automatically. It is an independent consumer decision as to the level of processes automation within implementation of the business software solutions by balancing their needs with the

capabilities and features of the platform. All components of business software solutions have three functionally different versions: Beginner, Standard, and Professional. Different versions of the components are configured and used by the user are form a custom user solution. This is the most comfortable switching from simple to more complex models of automated management. This is a "waste-free" system to work with data in which all the changes made to any object information model of the platform, not a substitute the object and do not delete the old data, and make no adjustments to the previously created objects, and make it the new version. All user operations are fixed by the platform and got into ledges thereby give you the ability to track all changes and to determine the authorship during all work with the product and cancel invalid actions. It should be noted that this approach does not affect the speed of data operations. This is a yours’ possibility return to the past of your information management system with a complete dive in the pre-existing user environment in which you worked before, on a certain date due to a special function called us "dive to the past"©.

IMPFORCE: BUSINESS APPLICATION AVAILABILITY TO THE CONSUMER The ultimate cost of solutions built on the IMPFORCE business application determined by the needs of the consumer and can be flexibly customized. The switching from one level of business software solution to another does not require a significant investment of financial and human resources, does not lead to a radical change in a familiar working environment of users. Absolutely flat software distribution system is aimed at a permanent continuous contact with the consumer. In each country where our product is supplied we create a representation which performs commercial, technological and service functions.

IMPFORCE: MAXIMUM RELIABILITY AND MINIMUM COST OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE This is the most advanced proven design tools to create beyond the functional and in that time reliable tool which requires during the operation a minimum intervention from the user or network administrator. Update all elements of the platform is done automatically if a server-side product access to the Internet. User administration of custom solutions built on the platform can be performed during the user work and does not require specialized personnel. User access rights are administered by the system users at different levels of our product information model, and allow relatively easy and completely satisfy the most stringent requirements of the customer in limiting access to information or to customize the display of data in the reports. The consumer can use to build a standard scheme of work with the involvement of service units and specialists, trained and certified by a regional distributor of the product. You are offered various options for building your own information system: with or without additional hardware and software on the consumer side. You can buy a Saabs version of the product supports the work in the cloud data Azure from Microsoft, to sign a service contract and forget about having to purchase, maintain and upgrade the system created. All you have to just sign the contract and pay bills on time, manage your system and get the desired result not only in economic activity, but also significant savings on purchases, depreciation of computer equipment, software’s, technical downtime, and of course the charges on salary . Use the opportunity, without prejudice to the company security to work with data from anywhere in the world where there is a connection to the Internet in a mode of 365/7/24. We are focused on continued development of the product by all means:

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our own components for business software solutions developer-partner components consumers or their consulters.

To this end, a building of our distribution system is focused on banking rule “know your customer “, but with one important addition, “and shares his problems." Through our distributors, through a system of licensing, technical assistance services and our channels of communication we will communicate with you and set priorities in our development, to attract partners from the consulting and professional firms, and it is possible to distribute your own internal developments of the component solutions for intelligent platform for management IMPFORCE.

IMPFORCE Business management software  

The IMPFORCE® brand is promoting modern and unusual intelligent management platform (business management software) for building business sof...