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Der Automat ist ein Saarbrücker Non-profit Ausstellungs- und Veranstaltungsraum, der sich als offene Plattform für forschenden Diskurs versteht. Der Fokus liegt auf der Organisation von Ausstellungen zeitgenössischer Kunst, junge lokale KünstlerInnen werden ebenso gezeigt wie überregionale und internationale Positionen. Die Formate werden eigenständig erarbeitet, mit wechselnden Partnern kooperiert und Projektvorschläge aufgenommen. Spontane Nutzungen für Wissenstransfer und kulturelle oder zivilgesellschaftliche Initiativen sind ebenso Teil des Konzepts wie die Zusammenführung Bildender Kunst mit anderen Ausdrucksformen. Zu jeder Ausstellung wird seit Januar 2020 eine begleitende Publikation herausgegeben. is an independently curated space for contemporary art and an open platform for exploratory discourse. Collaborations and spontaneous uses for knowledge transfer and cultural initiatives are as much part of the program as bringing together Visual Arts with other forms of expression. Exhibitions present positions from all over Germany and from abroad as well as regional ones. Founded in Saarbrücken in 2019.

Umbau / Renovierung Renovation August / September 2019

automat 1_092719 27.09. - 06.10.2019 Minor Alexander Constantin Felker Jochen Follmar Karen Fritz Jan Heintz Frank Jung Ida Kammerloch Sarah Niecke Hyunho Park Timo Poeppel Polina Trishkina

Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel und Constantin Felker Eröffnung Automat Artspace Tage der Bildenden Kunst 2019 Opening of Automat Artspace Open Studio & Gallery Weekend 2019

Ausstellungen Exhibtions


9 Where a cornerstone could find falling mermaids 25.10. - 03.11.2019 Juliette Defrance Élise Grenois Gabriel Jeanjean Antoine Josset Alexandre Kato Clära Müel Pierre-Louis Peny Élise Planhard François Schwamborn

Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel und Constantin Felker Kuratorische Assistenz Curatorial Assistance Gabriel Jeanjean Die Gruppenausstellung stellt den Anfang einer Reihe dar, welche die junge Kunstsszene einzelner Städte vorstellt. Den Anfang machten junge KünstlerInnen aus Straßburg. The group show aimed to shed light on young positions from the city of Strasbourg (F).

11 Berlin# 30.11. - 14.12.2019

Kuratiert von Curated by Minor Alexander und Constantin Felker

Olivia Berckemeyer Francis Berrar Margret Eicher Constantin Felker Wolfgang Flad Axel Geis Minor Alexander Timo Poeppel Vincent Rischer Alexander Skorobogatov Gabriel Vormstein

Kuratorische Assistenz Curatorial Assistance Timo Poeppel Die Ausstellung Berlin# setzte den Innen städtebezogen einzuladen und tionen saarländischen gegenüber. The show continued the approach of city-by-city basis and juxtaposed with works from local artists.

Ansatz fort, Künstlerstellte Berliner Posiinviting artists on a Berlin-based positions


objects of speculation 10.01. - 18.01.2020 Vincent Gallais Leonid Kharlamov Timo Poeppel Laura Sperl Malgorzata Sztremer Luise Talbot Kristina Zerr Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel und Constantin Felker

Objects of speculation zeigt frei konstellierte Positionen aus Saarbrücken, Hamburg und Straßburg. A group of artists from Saarbrücken, Hamburg and Strassbourg were asked to contribute works to a non-topical show.


Rundgang 2020 30.01. - 06.02.2020 Dennis Di Biase Donja Fard Paul Grodhues Karen Fritz Darja Linder Jonas Mayer Esther Momper Max Roth Anica Seidel Shako Berekashvili David Weber

Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel und Constantin Felker Jahresausstellung der Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar The show was part of the 2020’s edition of the annual exhibition of the Art Academy Saarbrücken HBK Saar.


SINGULAR PLURAL 07.06. - 20.06.2021 Jonas Grubelnik Maya Sikorska Nils Reuter Thomas Reymann Yunsun Kim Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel Kuratorische Assistenz Curatorial Assist. Thomas Reymann

SINGULAR PLURAL bringt junge Positionen aus Kassel nach Saarbrücken. This group show again focuses on the presentation of young positions from one particular city: Kassel


(kontra)dispositiv (contra)dispositive 14.07. - 18.07.2020 Lisa-Madeleine Hoffmann Alexandra Weiler Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

Absolventinnenausstellung zweier Studentinnnen der HBKsaar Graduate show of two students of Saarbrücken Art Academy


MATCAUTOMAT: exchanging extremes 26.07. - 08.08.2020 Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu Sasha Bandi Luis Alexandru Drajan Camilia Filipov Alexandra Mocan Alexandru Muraru Mihai Teodorescu Matei Toșa

Kuratiert von Curated by Alexandra Mocan, Alexandru Muraru, Timo Poeppel und Matei Toșa Kuratorische Assistenz Curatorial Assistance Helga Thies Kooperationsprojekt mit MATCA Artspace, Cluj-Napoca (RO) Collaborative project co-curated by MATCA Artspace (RO) All artists live and work in Romania.

The 90`s were a period of transit for Romanian culture, especially for the kids that experienced all the changes from turning into what was thought to become a democratic world. As a bunch of 90`s kids, the selection of artists from the exhibition are gathered by their interest mostly into expressing what failed them most, or what succeeded, revealing humorously the childhood nostalgia archives of the iconic images, symbols and identities/ archetypes that remain kept into the minds of their collective past. Representations of good and evil are fading under the consequences of time when everything loses its meaning into absolution. The presented works reveal with sadness and parody illustrations of nostalgia for not being, not belonging, and not becoming enough for the prefabricated concept of an ideal world - something which leaves us with a sour taste of an after chaos paradise that we`re still parasiting with our desires.


柔道 - Gentle Way 13.09. - 20.09.2020

Sara Piotrowska Maciej Szczęśniak Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

On September, the 8th 2020 during protests against homophobia polish policemen used hadaka-jime (“naked choke”), one of the 36 constriction techniques in judo. Cracow-based duo Piotrowska/ Szczęśniak takes on a reflection on that specific martial-arts-alienating event of suffocating civil society. The general objective of judo is to defeat your opponent either by throwing or taking him down, immobilizing or otherwise overcoming with a choke, a joint lock or a pin. It was created in 1882 in Japan by Jigoro Kano orginally as a physical, mental, and moral pedagogy. Jūdō, can be translated as “the gentle way”. The term “Jū” still is a hard word to pin down. It has been interpreted as gentlen and also flexible or pliable. The idea is much more than a single word. The concept has to do with being able to blend with your opponent’s force, take control of it, and then use that force to achieve your goal. Judo contains a bizarre dichotomy: Despite its etymological gentleness there are 36 techniques of choking. The exhibition presents a careful case-study of that abstracted peculiarity adressing the symbolism of the judoka-police’s cruel suppressive gesture.


Learning a language as an adult is painful 26.09. - 04.10.2020 Shako Berekashvili Constantin Felker Julia Gerhards Anna Kautenburger Kathrin Lambert Timo Poeppel Khrystyna Rymsha Roja Sadighi Anica Seidel Rose Vöhringer

Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel Tage der Bildenden Kunst 2020 Einjähriges Jubiläum Automat Artspace 1 year anniversary show with local artists Open Studio & Gallery Weekend 2020


NICHTS NOTHING 17.10. - 25.10.2020 Dennis Di Biase Isabelle Rein Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

AbsolventInnenausstellung zweier StudentInnnen der HBKsaar Graduate show of two students of Saarbrücken Art Academy

29 (Obscure) Desire 20.03. - 28.03.2021 Swan Bitume & Christelle Cavaleri Mirjam Elburn Charmaine de Heij Tim Jungmann Alexander Karle Isabelle Rein Yohanes Soubirius De Santo Hannah-Sofie Schäfer Polina Trishkina Kuratiert von Curated by Nadina Faljic & Timo Poeppel

Based on Luis Buñuel’s film “This Obscure Object of Desire” (1977), the 3 parts group show series (obsure) desire addresses the concept of desire and its dichotomy of revealing and concealing. It outlines a foaming up of yearning, hunger, needs, wishes, ideals or utopias: A longing, a compulsion, a fever that remains controllable or lashes out depending on inner and outer states. At three different venues, the exhibition series will relate the artistic spreading of the concept of desire to originally contrary terrains, the public and the private. This division is also being defined by the respective spatial perception of the different exhibition venues, whose architecture and urban location support the juxtaposition of the private and the public: Public exhibition space versus vacant townhouse in a tranquil residential area. (Obscure) Desire reflects on the duality of private, personal desire and the public sphere and is based on selected responses to the project’s open call in autumn 2020.

31 Betty Rieckmann: I came from space 10.04. - 18.04.2021 Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

The solo exhibition I came from space presents Karlsruhebased light artist Betty Rieckmann with a body of new sculptural and installative works. Carried by the omnipresent backdrop of pressure from the pandemic, the artist takes on questions of self-design and personal location in the world and nature. The works explore these through a shift in reference between space and viewer, distortions and rutting seem to emerge, the glance-dazzled viewer searches for an opposite in rotating sculptural skins. Perceptions of natural structures mix with technoid surfaces, through material merging and processing Rieckmann creates bodies with an existentialist aura.


automatca: leveling 23.04. - 08.05.2021 Shako Berekashvili Vincent Gallais Martine Heuser Gabriel Jeanjean Tim Jungmann Alexandre Kato Jonas Mayer Timo Poeppel Anica Seidel

zero Kuratiert von Curated by Alexandra Mocan, Alexandru Muraru, Timo Poeppel und Matei Toșa 2. Kooperationsprojekt mit MATCA Artspace, Cluj-Napoca (RO) 2nd collaborative project coordinated with and presented at MATCA Artspace, Cluj-Napoca (RO)

Leveling zero is an oxymoron. To count all the zeros in the world is an adynaton. Starting from zero is a palimpsest. Zero is the mother of paradoxes. Paradoxes represent the origin of styles. It is assumed that it was the Babylonians who first used zero, a little over 200 years BC. The number would have gone to India and then spread to Europe by Arab mathematicians. Today, ideas travel more than people. And people should travel, too. Participating in an exhibition means spreading concepts, ideas, experiences, encounters and dialogues. More than ever, humanity needs to be proven and art represents one way of doing so. At level zero we relearn the rules. We define the variables that will influence the rest of the game. It is the opportunity to remain new foundations or to rediscover ourselves. It will involve mistakes. It will involve discoveries as well.


Dirt Tosser 30.05. - 06.06.2021 Martine Heuser Lisa Jäger Line Lyhne Laura Sigrüner Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

The show examines the mole’s (or dirt tosser’s) actvities from a sculptural and sociological persperctive. The etymology of the word dirt tosser already refers to its sculptural action (piling and digging). The metaphorical dimension of the mole’s work, the permeation of information, was already discovered by Hegel who described the animal as an agent of spiritual work which burrows into the inside. The act of digging and burrowing in and through material is an omnipresent condition of artistic processes. Classifying the mole’s work as sculptural therefore is consistent, since the mole performs a wealth of allegorical activities: Those of excavation, of upheaval, of displacement, of undermining, of penetrating the darkness, of burrowing through existing or of compacting material. The digging perfomance, driven by shovel-shaped hands with palms on the outside and dashless fur for smooth movement, breaks a connection between zones of experienceability and inexperienceability, opens windows into a parallel space. Artistic works may also have a visually perceptible surface but it is the pull of such a window into the inside that allows the work to flare up and grants access to emotional or cognitive response - just as the mole establishes when digging the entrance to the tunnel system.


STRUNK - Kanten geben Halt Edges give stability 03.07. - 11.07.2021 Fabian Widukind Penzkofer Sophia Sadzakov Helen Weber Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

The three Stuttgart-based artists Helen Weber, Sophia Sadzakov and Fabian Widukind Penzkofer start out from the world as a literally tangible place that serves them as source material in the development of their works. The theoretical exploration of ornamentation, online prepper community boards or their own family history leads them to physical materials such as wood, paper or family photographs. Currently, all three artists concede a significant role to craftsmanship. The working process itself becomes a mediator of content. Site-specific installations are created that involve visitors by leaving empty spaces or obstacles. STRUNK parallels the artists’ working methods and places the concept of work at the centre. Between impartability and immediacy, it moves in the field of the measurable: The performative work on the material remains demonstratively visible, rather it is precisely that what takes over the exhibition space of Automat - On Edges and Footing


EXPERIMANCE Festival 2021 17.07. - 25.07.2021 Klaas Hübner Norman Neumann Marika Pyrszel Melanie Windl Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

EXPERIMANCE ist ein Festival für Klangkunst, experimentelle Musik und Performance an vier Saarbrücker Kultuorten mit lokalen und internationalen KünstlerInnen sowie einem partizipativem Programm mit Lectures, Diskussionen und Workshops. Die Ausstellung im Automat zeigte Positionen aus Berlin, Bremen und Saarbrücken. Initiated as a sound art and performance event series at Mauerpfeiffer techno club in 2016, the project EXPERIMANCE later established a platform for sound studies and finally evolved into an internationally announced Festival in 2021. At four different locations in Saarbrücken EXPERIMANCE presents exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops and lectures. The Automat show encompasses positions from nationwide based sound artists.


Shako Berekashvili: რიკოთის უღელტეხილთან შევჩერდებით Wir machen einen Zwischenstopp am Rikotipass We make a stopover at the Rikoti Pass 31.07. - 01.08.2021 Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

Pop-Up Einzelausstellung eines Absolventen der HBKsaar Post studies show of a Georgian painter based in Saarbrücken

In the beginning space is undifferentiated. It is very simple. An empty, undifferentiated space. Now you draw a line in this ‘smooth’ and undistinguished space. By doing this you divide it, separate it, introduce a distinction into it - like a transit pass into the Likhi mountain range. In Berekashvili’s paintings materiality isn’t sacrificed to form. By heaving up pigment, the figure “fights” its way up from the materiality of the colour pigment (heterogeneous, multiple, chaos-motic) to the pure or homogeneous being of image and colour. Organic, geometric, architectural or technological forms emerge from the noisy background. They are then forms that we know from the view of an agricultural or industrial landscape. Rigid lines, enclosures and boundaries, in other words notchings that are drawn into the smooth space.


Enter The Exit 07.08. - 15.08.2021 Silvia Bellia Martin Carreño Levan Jishkariani Jean Lin Vendula Fabiánová Jasmin Schlesiger Alejandra Campos Taylor Birgit Thalau Oles Tsura Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

Gruppenausstellung mit AbsolventInnen des Studiengangs Schmuck und Edelsteine der Hochschule Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein Group show of Gemstone and Jewellery graduates of Trier University, Jewellery Art Campus, Idar-Oberstein


Bahzad Sulaiman: ISO-BODY 28.08. - 05.09.2021 Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

Since March 2020, the Corona pandemic has infiltrated private and public life. New challenges also arise in both artistic and curatorial practice. Art suddenly has to be transferred from public to digital space, the situation confronts artists with questions between excitement and disillusionment: How does the lockdown isolatation from social life affect the individual perception of physicality? What possibilities does art offer to cope with and process the new and completely unfamiliar everyday life? In the solo show ISO-BODY Bahzad Sulaiman takes up these questions. The artist transfers reflections and interpretations of personal lockdown experiences into installative and performative works that explore distance and proximity as an interphsyical or object-oriented relationship. Limited freedom of movement leads to altered interpretations of space, isolation-related eruptions of fear and loss of confidence are projected onto the limited dimensions of a lockdown environment.


Hannah-Sofie Schäfer: INNEN:RAUM INTERNAL:SPACE 10.09. - 12.09.2021 Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

Pop-Up Einzelausstellung einer Absolventin der HBKsaar mit Live-Performance. Pop-up graduate show and live performance of a student of Saarbrücken Art Academy.

Hannah-Sofie Schäfer analyzes the topic of inner constitutions that can be concrete or abstract, natural or artificial, protective or restrictive. The internal space can either work as a retreat or become an island of isolation. The artist’s works negotiate to overcome barriers between the inner sphere and the outside world. The focus lies on the artist’s own body, which she calls “body house”. Similar to a matryoshka the body itself contains a variety of inner spaces - physical as well as mental and emotional. Since the process of overcoming often requires strength, effort or even violence, anger and disappointment are experienced as well as the feeling of liberation.


Constantin Hartenstein: Abyssus ad Physica 25.09. - 03.10.2021 Kuratiert von Curated by Benedikt Seerieder Kuratorische Assistenz Curatorial Assistance Timo Poeppel Tage der Bildenden Kunst 2021 Zweijähriges Jubiläum 2 years anniversary show Open Studio & Gallery Weekend 2021

Berlin-based artist Constantin Hartenstein’s solo show Abyssus ad physica presents a new artistic setting that questions the body as a void, material and object of knowledge. Here the body does not represent a fixable quantity but proves to be an open abyss that is permeated by historical, technological and media imaginaries. What images do we form of the body? What technologies and materials enable it? Dragged out of the morass of colonialist research and nourished by the images of science fiction, the body in Constantin Hartenstein’s works appears concrete yet opaque, oppressive yet promising. Hartenstein’s works address a gap between an unlimited technological potentiality and frightening persistence of limiting ideas about the body that often perpetuate social power relations. But doesn’t the abyss of the physical also hold out hope for the transformation and overcoming of all barriers?


love your surface 09.10. - 17.10.2021 Hannah Bohnen Benedikt Lübcke Lilian Nachtigall Fernanda Braun Santos Oskar Schroeder Regine Schulz Kuratiert von Curated by Timo Poeppel

Does the surface as a vague suggestion obscure the content of an object or is it a visual or haptic gateway to embedded information? This field of tension between actual materiality and superficial appearance often seems far apart. The omnipresent availability of digital images of all kinds overstimulates the capacities of visual experience resulting in surfeit and a lack of expectation. Yet only the real-spatial, visual experience generates haptically felt vibrations: The group show love your surface calls for situational as well as auratic perception. The landscapes and skins of the works by the artists Hannah Bohnen, Benedikt Lübcke, Lilian Nachtigall, Fernanda Braun Santos, Oskar Schroeder and Regine Schulz, based in Berlin, Hamburg and Kiel, do not readily allow their materiality to be identified. The eye tries to find familiar anchors of tangibility and the object and image construction, yet the impression of the foreign remains persistent. The exhibition thus examines the connection between texture, inner structure and content substance.


Eliote - Concrete Noir 12.02. - 05.03.2022

Eliote started graffiti writing in 2003, since the late 2010s he has been developing a distinctive minimalism of chopped and screwed, frequently surrounded by a slick, nostalgic vibe Kuratiert von Curated by (of the 80s) between grid squares and neon flashes. Timo Poeppel His works glimpse a turning away from an over-visualisation of pictorial content, recalling visual aesthetics of early digital graphics or interpreting silhouettes and structures of nature and cityscapes. Strict graphic elements, geometric figures or wild, flowing bodies with an organic appearance landscape the composition. Layers and shades are being ripped apart and superimposed, fissuring the pictorial structure. Eliote is freshing up the field of Mural Art with a coolish, innovative concept and achieves new form-content relations through a reduced approach with contrast and line. It is a research into the abstraction of signs and collage and has long since left the letter-orientedness of traditional graffiti. The most characteristical aspect of his works are their black and white arrangement, in which colours are only incorporated sporadically and accentuated. That blackness and whiteness escape pictorial parts and constitute structural or neo-organismic sceneries and beings like faded, cast-off scales or shells. The exhibition addresses the Noir along his interventions in the Marseille underground as an ode to the oppressive, lightless space. Eliote’s Black returns the tunnel darkness, an interpenetration takes place. The underground work continues on canvas and video. Concrete Noir is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Germany to show a selection of this specific œuvre.


Vuk Ćuk - Desert Hideaway 30.04. - 22.05.2022

The Belgrade-based sculptor, installation and video artist Vuk Ćuk (*1987) is interested in the deformation of nature and human behaviour caused by capitalist logic, trends and techKuratiert von Curated by nological influence. The exhibition Desert Hideaway presents Timo Poeppel an ensemble of kinetic and static installations, video works and sculptures developed especially for the exhibition, which as a holistic environment suggests a tragicomic narrative of the future. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo presentation in Germany. In Desert Hideaway, Ćuk’s sculptural technoids and installations resemble landscape-models or apparatuses send out one thing in particular: Artificiality - a central research domain of the artist. His constructions examine observable desires and projections of today’s society, elaborate on archetypes of consumption and comment on the psychosocial influence of overturning technological innovations. Here the artist diagnoses a blinding hype that nests self-referential, ephemeral values and even becomes misanthropic as flagellating pop-tech culture. Ćuk’s turn to create techzombies by connecting technological implants or frameworks with nature-distorting material such as plastic plants and artificial fur makes them become ironic-unemployable images of the fascination of Fake. The mechanisation or reification of nature is a consistently pursued means of artistic expression in the artist’s work. In the end, the escape into the desert appears to be the last placebo to block out the approaching collapse, the vastness becomes the hiding place without echo, the hiding place becomes the self. When the self then finds the oasis, it thirsts over its reflection instead of drinking.

AUTOMAT_window series #1 Kathrin Lambert: tales from other places Soundperformance 05.12.2020

AUTOMAT_window series #2 Gabriel Jeanjean: No smoke without fire Interactive installation 17.01. - 23.01.2021

Lockdown 2020/21 Window projects


AUTOMAT_window series #3 François Schwamborn: DIFFUSION Video/Animation 06.02. - 12.02.2021



AUTOMAT_window series #4 Richard Engel: 9 to 5 Video 13.02. - 19.02.2021

AUTOMAT_window series #5 Timo Poeppel <> David Weber: Prozess für Alle Work performance 20.02. - 26.02.2021

AUTOMAT_window series #7 Agnes Müller: Disco\\Very (Analog Reel) Video 06.03. - 12.03.2021



AUTOMAT_window series #6 Anna Kautenburger: gently satisfying destroying ASMR Performance/Video 27.02. - 05.03.2021

AUTOMAT_window series #8 Volker Schütz: Painted Love Negative film painting on acrylic glass 12.06. - 18.06.2021

AUTOMAT_window series #9 Véronique Verdet: Move Along Nothing To See Mixed Media Intervention 19.06. - 26.06.2021


AUTOMAT_screening/lecture DEATH POWDER (JP, Shigeru Izumiya, 1986) Jan Heintz: Mark Fisher, CCRU und Cyberpunk Cyborg Technocultures Film screening + lecture 04.10.201ß

Kulturevents Cultural events


AUTOMAT_discourse Dr. Murat Ates/Jan Heintz: Dekolonialisierung des Denkens Workshop - Decolonisation of Thought 03.11.2019 Discursive workshop about dealing with decolonial theory which, as a kind of cultural and knowledge analysis, tries to expose structures, contexts and mechanisms that are inherent in the prevailing “Western” claims of power. Hereby decolonial knowledge practice is being encountered not only as a critique or deconstruction of colonial forms of reason and repression but also opens up a polylogue that wants to make formerly oppressed voices, alternative ontologies, indigenous epistemologies and ritual practices heard.

AUTOMAT_live INDUSTRIES (UK) Electronica, Ambient, Noise 08.02.2020


Manchester-based sound artist Markus Hetheier explores and subverts musical structures with field recordings, distorted sounds, harmonic melodies and delightful beats. The concert takes the audience on a sonic journey through electromagnetic fields, through rural and urban locations. The result is an immersive soundscape - atmospheric and beat-driven.

AUTOMAT_reading HARZ - Eine Lesereise mit Helen Weber und Fabian Widukind Penzkofer Prose reading 05.03.2020


AUTOMAT_talk Künstlergespräch zur Ausstellung Constantin Hartenstein: Abyssus ad Physica Franziska Linhardt (Museum Brandhorst, München) und Benedikt Johannes Seerieder (Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden) im Gespräch mit Constantin Hartenstein Artist talk with Constantin Hartenstein 25.09.2021

AUTOMAT_screening I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK (KOR, Park Chan-wook, 2006) Film screening 02.10.2021

AUTOMAT_discourse Saarbrücker Hefte LIVE Einblick in die Redaktionsarbeit und Textbesprechung mit AutorInnen der Ausgabe #124 Talk with writers of the latest issue #124 of Saarbrücken-based cultural and societal magazine “Saarbrücker Hefte” 04.02.2022



Litfaßsäule Intervention. Kooperation mit Studio TikeTike Public art project on advertising pillar 05/2021 - 10/2021

Atelierverlagerung Auotmat TakeOver

AUTOMAT_TakeOver #1 Véronique Verdet: Extra Muros Temporary studio shift series to Automat 07.03. - 21.03.2022


Ausgestellte KünstlerInnen Artist list Minor Alexander Silvia Amancei Bogdan Armanu Sasha Bandi Silvia Bellia Olivia Berckemeyer Shako Berekashvili Francis Berrar Dennis Di Biase Swan Bitume Hannah Bohnen Martin Carreño Christelle Cavaleri Vuk Ćuk Juliette Defrance Luis Alexandru Drajan Margret Eicher Mirjam Elburn Richard Engel Vendula Fabiánová Donja Fard Constantin Felker Camilia Filipov Wolfgang Flad Jochen Follmar Karen Fritz Vincent Gallais Axel Geis Julia Gerhards ELIOTE Élise Grenois Paul Grodhues Jonas Grubelnik Constantin Hartenstein Charmaine de Heij Jan Heintz Markus Hetheier Martine Heuser Klaas Hübner Lisa-Madeleine Hoffmann Lisa Jäger Levan Jishkariani Gabriel Jeanjean Antoine Josset Frank Jung Tim Jungmann Ida Kammerloch Alexander Karle Alexandre Kato Anna Kautenburger Leonid Kharlamov Yunsun Kim Kathrin Lambert Jean Lin Darja Linder Benedikt Lübcke Line Lyhne Jonas Mayer Alexandra Mocan Esther Momper Clära Müel Agnes Müller Alexandru Muraru Lilian Nachtigall Norman Neumann Sarah Niecke Hyunho Park Pierre-Louis Peny Fabian Widukind Penzkofer Sara Piotrowska Élise Planhard Timo Poeppel Marika Pyrszel Isabelle Rein Nils Reuter Thomas Reymann Betty Rieckmann Vincent Rischer Max Roth

Khrystyna Rymsha Roja Sadighi Sophia Sadzakov Yohanes Soubirius De Santo Fernanda Braun Santos Hannah-Sofie Schäfer Jasmin Schlesiger Volker Schütz Oskar Schroeder Regine Schulz François Schwamborn Anica Seidel Maya Sikorska Laura Sigrüner Alexander Skorobogatov Laura Sperl Bahzad Sulaiman Maciej Szczęśniak Malgorzata Sztremer Luise Talbot Alejandra Campos Taylor Mihai Teodorescu Birgit Thalau Matei Toșa Polina Trishkina Oles Tsura Véronique Verdet Rose Vöhringer Gabriel Vormstein David Weber Helen Weber Alexandra Weiler Melanie Windl Kristina Zerr

Fotografie Photo credits Timo Poeppel: S. 3-26, 29-30, 33-40, 41-57, 59-67, Arnaud Greanjean: S. 9-10 Constantin Felker: S. 11-12 Vincent Gallais: S. 13, 34 Laura Sperl: S. 14 Dennis Di Biase: S. 27-28 Fred George: S. 31-32 Betty Rieckmann: S. 32 Jonas Mayer: S. 33 Alexandre Kato: S. 34 Shako Berekashvili: S. 41-42 François Schwamborn: S. 58 Dominique Zuliani: S. 57, 59 Sascha Markus: S. 64 Khyrystna Rymsha. S. 55 Véronique Verdet: S. 68 AutorInnen Ausstellungstexte (Vollst. Texte auf FB und in den Ausstellungspublikationen) Text credits (Full texts on FB and Print) S. 21/ matcautomat: exchanging extremes Alexandra Mocan (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 23/ 柔道 - Gentle Way Sara Piotrowska & Maciej Szczęśniak (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 29/ (obscure) desire Timo Poeppel & Nadina Faljić (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 31/ Betty Rieckmann: I came from space Timo Poeppel (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 33/ automatca: Leveling_zero Gabriel Jeanjean S. 35/ Dirt Tosser Timo Poeppel S. 37/ STRUNK - Kanten geben Halt Helen Weber (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 41/ Shako Berekashvili: რიკოთის უღელტეხილთან შევჩერდებით Jan Heintz (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 45/ Bahzad Sulaiman: ISO-BODY Timo Poeppel & Tamara Martinović (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 47/ Hannah-Sofie Schäfer: INNEN:RAUM Lina Saar (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 49/ Constantin Hartenstein: Abyssus ad PhysicaL Benedikt Johannes Seerieder (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 51/ love your surface Oskar Schröder & Timo Poeppel (Transl. Timo Poeppel) S. 63/ Concrete Noir Timo Poeppel S. 65/ Desert Hideaway Timo Poeppel Kooperationspartner/Förderer seit 2019 Project-based funding partners/contributors

70 automatartspace automat_space

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