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Popular types of Car Headlights are Here!

LED Headlights Led headlights are getting better with time and can easily triple your range of vision in some cases. Taillights made up of an array of LED’s are already common on production cars; now they are being used for headlights as well due to their energy efficient abilities. These long lasting lights are durable, resistant to water and require less electricity compared to traditional lights.

Halogen Headlights Most of the cars are using halogen headlights. They fall in three categories namely brighter bulb, energy savers and the ones emitting bluish light. Halogen bulbs burn brighter and last longer than traditional incandescent lights. They are more prone to environmental damages than LED lights. Tungsten filaments of these lights are thin and filled with halogen gas.

Fog Headlights These headlights typically work as after-market addons for most of the cars or trucks. They are used to maximize the visibility in rain, fog or snow.

Xenon Headlamps These bulbs are in demand because of their ability to produce much brighter light than any other bulb. Xenon headlights, popularly known as “HID lights�, use an arc of current to produce light. These bulbs can last ten times longer than halogen bulbs and mostly used in luxury vehicles. These lights are ideal for drivers who want something highly efficient and high performance.

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Popular car headlights  
Popular car headlights  

With this infographic, Auto LED Shop is sharing the list of popular car headlights.