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Orange County Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer: Fake Arrest and the Procedures to Counter It CA Trip And Fall Lawyers Orange County Strategies Without a doubt, texting while driving a vehicle causes road accidents which can lead to injury or even death. In fact, according to a statistics which reviewed road accidents in 2011, it revealed that 23 percent of it involved drivers using cell phones. That amounts to 1.3 million of car accidents that involved people getting distracted due to continued use of cell phone while driving. Subsequently, the study revealed that 13 percent of these accidents involved teens while there are also adults involved due to distracted driving. These results are quite alarming that it forced insurance companies to raise car insurance premiums in the industry. Car insurance companies are even raising premiums every month because the problem does not appear to go away. In 2008 alone about 24,000 accidents were recorded which resulted to 1000 fatalities. Teens and young adults were usually involved in these accidents because their continued use of cell phone distract their eyes on the road. As such, car insurance companies impose higher premiums in this age bracket. Although most states in America have laws that prohibit cell phone use while driving, drivers still continue to use these devices because they think that they can manage without being distracted. Young adults say that they are confident about texting while driving while some claim that it is easy to use the phone while on the wheel. However they have not considered the consequences of their action which put their well being at risk including the life of others. Its as a result of persons who use their telephones to text take their eyes off the highway for at the least 5 seconds. As a result, these people are 23x likely to crash because they are distracted. Orange County personal injury lawyer Even if the vehicle insurance protection sector has already arrive up with actions to discourage motorists to work with their tools though driving, these enterprises however simply call for new actions to dissuade most people these functions. Due to the fact even though the insurance policies company is able to go over the damages, it doesn?t justify the outcomes of distracted driving which could encompass death. These days, the market is coming up with stricter guidelines similar to canceling of insurance plan coverage to many people that have amassed citations as a result of utilization of mobile devices whereas driving. Three scenarios will be presented later and it is your task to guess what is common among them. A police officer arrives at the person?s domain and told him that he is wanted for a criminal offense and so he was handcuffed regardless of whether there was no warrant of arrest served. In another situation, a store owner was involved in detaining his customer because he believes that the person shoplifted in his store. Meanwhile, an apartment owner holds his tenant against its will while he waits for the police to reach. Upon the arrival, the

landlord told the officers that he suspects his tenant of robbing the place which the officers right away handcuffed the tenant and took him to the police station. The scenarios stated above all have one thing in common and that is the arrests made were all performed unlawfully. The first example provided above, the arresting officer has police power but it is deemed unlawful to drag a person from his domain if there is no warrant issued by the judge. The second scenario is also unlawful because an ordinary citizen has no power to detain a person thus his actions is also deemed unlawful. Within the previous case in point, the tenant was definitely detained lacking due process and he can increase this in court later on for unlawful arrest. It is clear that arrest without due process or without legal basis is considered unlawful by the state. Wrongful arrest is a serious offense because the state acknowledges this circumstance. A person who detained you without legal basis will face civil liability while police officers who arrested you illegally will face civil and administrative charges. Subsequently, if ever the arrest is verified in courtroom, the target are going to be awarded with compensation for damages. For instance, if you were fired from your job because you were illegally detained for days, you are likely to be awarded with payment. personal injury attorney Orange County

Orange County Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer: Fake Arrest and the Procedures to Counter It  

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