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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: The Hard Facts This article describes the various physical and psychological causes behind erectile dysfunction; an increasingly common problem facing today’s male.

The causes of erectile dysfunction are simply too numerous and varied to possibly enable the individual sufferer to diagnose themselves. While you may explain away your flaccid friend as a result of ‘performance anxiety’, in reality, a hard erection is the product of an extremely complex anatomical and psychological process! A single ‘standing ovation’ is the result of a complex interplay between the central and peripheral nervous system, certain stress-related issues, the psychological state, the vascular (circulatory) system, your hormones, as well as factors that are localized around the penis. In other words, an actual ‘hard-on’ is merely a physical symptom of incredibly complicated things that are going on inside your body. Consequently, the causes of erectile dysfunction are difficult to put one’s finger on. There are, however, factors that may be associated with your quality of life that could point you in the right direction when it comes to deciding how to tackle your problem. Modern day living is fraught with stresses, anxieties and pressures. Considering the immense burden the modern male is expected to carry upon his shoulders, erectile dysfunction and poor sexual performance is becoming more and more of a common problem. Owing to the complexity of the causes of erectile dysfunction, knowing what to do and where to get help from can be especially challenging, not to mention intimidating. No one wants to admit that the perceived symbol of their manhood is not quite functioning as it should! But if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it is to suffer with low self-esteem issues and a compromised sex life rather than deal with the problem. Assessing the Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction The best way forward is to speak with a medical doctor. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical and related to nerve damage, groin injury, certain prescription medications, reduced testosterone levels, prostrate or urinary tract cancer and hardening of the arteries (which impede the blood flow necessary to achieve and sustain a hard erection). These are but to name a few, but it is still best to rule them out before you start delving into the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Your doctor should carry out a thorough clinical examination along with blood, urine and semen tests to determine how healthy you are. Should you come out with a clean bill of health, then your next step would be to evaluate the factors in your life that might be compromising your sexual desire and/or

performance in the bedroom. The Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Fear, anger, stress, depression, worry‌ all these negative emotions can cause a male’s inability to achieve and sustain a hard erection. Certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking and drug abuse have also been found to be causes of erectile dysfunction. Then, of course, it is possible that you and your partner have deep-rooted problems within your relationship; problems that are compromising your desire to express yourself physically through sex. Whether you believe the causes of erectile dysfunction to be emotional or physical, it is important that you at least have the physical aspect ruled out. Serious illnesses such as diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and heart disease have all been linked with erectile dysfunction.

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