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Dynamic calibration involves plugging a diagnostic

to all forms of static calibration is the necessity

“We have invested in the best manufacturer

tool into the vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD)

to accurately position the calibration equipment

approved equipment for dynamic and static

port to initiate the calibration process which is

in relation to the vehicle. All Bosch systems meet

recalibration and will be able to do all the lidar,

completed as the car is driven, and for this reason

or exceed the individual vehicle manufacturer’s

radar, surround cameras and LED headlamps,

requires two people – a driver and the technician

requirements for determining the vehicle centre

etc,” said Andy Pennell, Group Operations

initiating the calibration. Certain driving conditions

line or geometric driving axis.”

Manager, Balgores Motor Group. “Before deciding

are required such as the type of road, speed and

to invest we looked at the value of having ADAS

distance travelled to confirm the system is able to

At present, relatively few repairers have invested

calibration equipment, and randomly picked out

correctly recognise road features such as white

in calibration equipment because of the expense,

30 vehicles with a 17 or 67 plate and checked

lines and road signs.

the greedy amount of space required in a

what safety systems they had fitted,” said Andy.

workshop and also because it is not needed for

“Seventy per cent of them had some form of

Static calibration requires more specialist

every repair. However, the number of vehicles

ADAS, so there is definitely a market for it and we

equipment, including a target board, diagnostic

requiring attention is rapidly growing. Thatcham

knew we couldn’t have 70 per cent of our cars

tools, wheel aligner, and is carried out in a

recently conducted research on a large body shop

once they are finished waiting to go and be reset

workshop to exacting standards. Every vehicle

chain and found that 26 per cent of the vehicles in

at the dealer.”

manufacturer has specific procedures and even

for repair had some form of ADAS present. Also, it

the same sensor in a different model can have a

is no longer just the high-end vehicles which have

different setting procedure.

a variety of ADAS fitted, as these safety systems are quickly filtering down to high volume vehicles

“There are two fundamental families of sensor:

such as the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Fiesta.

radar, lidar or ultrasonic based for distance and speed measurement, and vision-based sensors

Despite the high investment, some body shop

for object detection and location,” said Andy

groups see ADAS calibration equipment as an

Morrison, Automotive Aftermarket, Robert Bosch

opportunity to sell the service to other body

Ltd. “However, it is no longer the case that these

shops, as well as take back control of their cycle

sensors work independently. With a technology

time (there are often long delays in getting resets

known as Sensor Fusion, information from all

booked in at dealerships). One body shop group

types of sensors together with mapping provided

that bit the bullet earlier this year is Balgores

by GPS can be combined to provided increasingly

Motor Group, which has 10 body shops situated

sophisticated levels of driver assistance.

throughout East London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. With 20 vehicle

“Static calibration of radar-based systems, for

manufacturer approvals across the group, the

example, Adaptive Cruise Control, typically uses

company made the decision to bring ADAS

a reflector at a known distance and angle for

recalibration in-house and has invested around

calibration, whereas the vision-based systems

£85,000 on a workshop in Colchester (central

tend to use a board with a specific target pattern

to all locations) which will be solely for ADAS

for calibration,” said Morrison. “What is common



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