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2018 – 2030, launched in June this year, to guide and direct the growth of the sector. In its implementation he focused on the development of the industry value chain and cluster, mobilising financial assistance to stimulate demand, procurement of vehicles from local assemblers, franchise arrangements and recapitalising the sector through investor encouragement . He said the programmes must be private sector led. “In terms of special economic zones (SEZ’s), on application and approval, investors will be allowed to establish in SEZ’s ... they will enjoy all the benefits afforded companies established in these SEZ’s such as: • 0% corporate tax in the first 5 years and 15% thereafter. • Free importation of capital equipment and inputs. • 0% capital gains tax. • Exemption from non-residents tax on dividends, fees and royalties. • 100% ownership of companies.”

Clockwise from top: Minister of State Matabeleland North Province Hon. R Moyo, Hon. NM Ndlovu Minister of Trade & Commerce.




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