Page 1 - JOIN US!!! 1. Start NCS 2. Load profile Expert 3. Menu “File”-Edit profile. Password: repxet 4. You’ll see this window:

Press FSW/PSW button You’see:

Check box FSW/PSW-Manipulate with FSW_PSW.MAN and press OK Press button “Profile info”

Name this new profile as you will (it’s for your convenience, to recognize profile with manipulation and without it). Press OK, again press OK to exit profile editor. Now File-Save As and save with file name PFL1. Restart NCS (not with new profile!), read FA, find in directory C:\NCSEXPER\WORK file FSW_PSW.trc, open it with Notepad. Find function (FSW-function key words) you want to change (e.g. SIDEMARKER_US). Now it is active SIDEMARKER_US aktiv Write: SIDEMARKER_US nicht_aktiv Now save file with extension .MAN (as FSW_PSW.MAN ) Load new created profile (where selected manipulation with MAN file) and simply code your NFRM.


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