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Imagine. Create. Learn. Top 10 reasons for students to design winning projects with Autodesk速 solutions

Credits: Ahn Dre, Hongik University

Autodesk is proud to support student projects around the world. Car design: Hochschule Esslingen

If your team is not using Autodesk® software, you’re probably working too hard. Because in most Mechanical Engineering programs students only use the very basics of 3D CAD, they’re really not going to see that much difference between Autodesk® solutions and other systems. Autodesk® solutions may be easier to use, but how hard is it to create an Extrude feature or a Fillet?

You need more than this. You are essentially working in a production environment. You have moved beyond classroom knowledge into the realm of practical experience. You know that just because it looks perfect on the screen doesn’t mean it will always work perfectly.

Autodesk is Ferrari’s design technology partner and proud supporter of the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 to take part in the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 to develop the Ferrari of the future: a pure hypercar, using technologies and materials of the latest generation.


Students from 50 prestigious design schools around the world were invited by Ferrari

Students Ahn Dre, Kim Cheong Ju, Lee Sahngseok Hongik University (Rep. of Korea) Winners of the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 and the Autodesk Special Design Award

A supercar, extreme in its architecture and its functional aspects: hyper-light and hyper-fast, hyper-ecologic and hyper-technological. The Contest has been launched by the manufacturer from Maranello in collaboration with Autodesk, Ferrari’s technical partner and proud supporter of the project. The finalists presented 3D Autodesk® Alias files of their concepts and a physical model

Henry Cloke of Royal College of Arts London 3rd place winner

in a scale of 1:4.


< Left to right: Samir Sadikhov of Istituto Europeo di Design Turin, 2nd place winner

Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

Ferrari World Design Contest 2011




Xezri concept created by student Samir Sadikhov (Azerbaijan) of Istituto Europeo di Design Turin

Cavallo Bianco concept created by students Henry Cloke (UK), Qi Haitao (China) of Royal College of Arts London

Second prize winner of the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

Third prize winners of the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

< EternitĂ , created by students Ahn Dre, Kim Cheong Ju, Lee Sahngseok Hongik University (Rep. of Korea) Winners of the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest and the special Autodesk Design Award


Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

Ferrari World Design Contest 2011


Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 Gallery

Autodesk Technical Partner


Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

Ferrari World Design Contest 2011


Here are the top 10 reasons to use Autodesk® solutions to design your student project:

2. Robust Toolbox Computational fluid dynamics, nonlinear materials, permanent deformation, mechanical event simulation, or even combinations in a multiphysics environment – you will need some or all of these tools. Autodesk® Simulation augments the Autodesk® Inventor® analysis tools to give you these advanced capabilities.

Image modeled in Autodesk® Inventor® Professional with Frame Generator and Frame Analysis – Horsepower Hannover

1. Efficient Modeling and Analysis If you need to create frames, you are probably using an outdated beam element analysis program to construct a frame and then remodeling it in the CAD tool, all of which may require extruding concentric circles or squares.

Software: Autodesk® Simulation - ATHENE Racing Team and Giessen Motorsport

With Autodesk® Inventor®, the ability to model a frame, analyze it, and make modifications quickly is only the beginning. You can also analyze parts and components at many different levels.


Top 10 Reasons


4. Extensive Parts Catalog You shouldn’t have to spend time modeling parts. Standard components – whether they are belts, bolts, or bearings – are built to standards. The Autodesk® Inventor® Design Accelerator tools enable you to select standard components from a catalog of hundreds of thousands of parts based on engineering calculations. Once the calculation has been made, Autodesk® Inventor® places the physical model in the design.

Image modeled in AutoCAD® Electrical with Autodesk® Inventor® Professional

3. Mechanical and Electrical Interoperability Things would be a lot simpler if teams only had to deal with mechanical issues, but that’s not the case. Being able to integrate mechanical and electrical systems is crucial to success. In fact, you may even have an electrical engineer on your team. AutoCAD® Electrical software enables electrical engineers to work with schematics while you incorporate their work in your 3D models.


Top 10 Reasons

Image modeled in Autodesk® Inventor® Professional with Design Assistant


6. Photo-Real Visualizations We all know about the importance of fund raising. With Autodesk® Showcase® software, you can generate promotional materials to approach potential sponsors long before the car is built, including giving presentations to potential sponsors with company logos already on the car. Just save what’s live on your screen, apply sponsor decals, and show them how the project will look with their contribution.

Software: Autodesk® Vault Collaboration

5. Simple Data Management When you are working within a limited budget, you can only afford to have a part machined once. Autodesk® Inventor® makes version control issues a thing of the past. The Autodesk® Vault data management environment is easy to set up and work with, and it’s most likely the same environment your future employers will be using.


Top 10 Reasons

Software: Autodesk® Showcase – Car design: TU Berlin


7. Tools the Professionals Use If you want to maximize your score in the design competition, use the same tool that auto manufacturers use to create their body work. Autodesk速 Alias速 Automotive software is one of the premier industrial design tools in the market, and you can put it to work for you. Combining conceptual sketching tools with one of the most powerful surface definition and editing tools in the industry has made Autodesk速 Alias速 Automotive one of the most popular products for industrial design.

2010 Shell Eco-marathon Urban Concept Car; photo courtesy of Shell Eco-marathon, Americas. Car body designed by Sean Coleman

8. Data Transfer with Other Design Applications With Autodesk Inventor you can import and export data from and to all of the other major design applications, enabling you to keep working efficiently even with data that you created in your previous design tools.

Car design: Horsepower Hannover


Top 10 Reasons


10. Take Your Design with You To meet your deadline, chances are you need to be working in more than one place. Whether you are working on an iPad™, iPhone®, or iPod touch®, with Autodesk® mobile solutions, your design studio is wherever you are.

Software: Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher

9. Easy Documentation Sharing Use Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher software to create compelling 2D and interactive 3D documentation, as well as highly visual technical documentation. And to stay connected no matter where team members may be, you can give your engineers access to documentation and drawings on the iPhone®, iPad™, or iPod touch® with the Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher Mobile Viewer.


Top 10 Reasons

Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher Mobile Viewer app and students from Politecnico di Torino at work on track


Get started on designing your next engineering project. Contact us at to learn more about how we can support you and your team.

Download free* software from the Education Community and learn with the same tools used by professionals worldwide. Car design: Technical University Wroclaw

Aristotle Racing Team - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

ATHENE Racing Team - Munich University of the Federal Armed Forces (Germany)

“ Our goal for ART-12 is to design and construct a new more competitive race car, in order to participate in 2 races: in Germany in August and in Italy in September. We strongly believe that with hard work and the good spirit that exist among the team members, we can achieve an even better place in the overall classification and to maintain our high place in the cost and acceleration event.”

“ With Autodesk offering our team their broad range of software products we were able to easily develop and design our first car. Working with Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012 is intuitive, effective and a great convenience for us as a new FS team. A major advantage of having Autodesk as a partner are the trainings they offer us with their software. That way we were able to work with their products from the beginning and any questions that come up can either be answered at the trainings we receive or in urgent cases we can simply call one of their employees - anytime. With their software and the fact that they equip us with knowledge we are able to develop our first car - in less than one year”.

- Dimitrios Kontses, Team Leader

- Alexander Atzberger, ATHENE Racing Team

- 1st Prize - Formula Student 2009 Class 3 Design - 1st Prize - Formula Student 2011 Acceleration Run-off - 2d Prize - Formula Student 2009 Class 3 Overall


Top 10 Reasons


Team UniBo Motorsport – University of Bologna (Italy)

Hongik University (Rep. of Korea)

“There is no other software that collects all the features that Autodesk provides; we can have all in one.”

“The Autodesk Alias design tool is an unrivalled tool in the automotive design field. Unlike other tools, it is outstanding in creating surfaces, and in particular, the tool is highly effective in creating the complex curvature you see in human contours as well as in cars.”

- Andrea Giordani, Vehicle Division, Team UniBo Motorsport

“Autodesk Inventor is a reliable, polished, easy-to-learn and to work with software. Coming from our previous Cad software it’s unbelievable how much our workflow got faster. In a Formula SAE team it’s really tough to keep up with the schedule, without wasting time on the cad and simulation part of the design, now we have more time for building and testing. It just feels more natural, Autodesk Inventor saved us time and headaches since day 1.”

- Ahn Dre, Team Leader

- Riccardo Vezzosi, Vehicle Division, Team UniBo Motorsport

- 2nd place overall - Formula Student Spain 2010 - Most Innovative use of an Embedded System in the Car - Formula Student UK 2011 - Best Newcomer - Formula Student UK 2011


Top 10 Reasons

- Winner of Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 and Autodesk Special Design Award


PWR Racingteam - Wroclaw University (Poland)

University of Iceland Racing Team (Iceland)

“Autodesk wide variety of software from CAD design, through FEM analysis up to advanced rendering tools - provides comfortable work with files on the whole project.”

“Designing and building a car in less than one year requires fast hands and a steep learning curve, especially for our new members. The user-friendly environment of Autodesk’s Inventor allows our new members to quickly get up to speed on their designs. They have also gone above and beyond to accommodate our project, sponsoring both training sessions with our local vendor as well as the use of Autodesk Vault which has boosted our teamwork tremendously.”

- Wojciech Pierchala, Team Leader

- Arnar Larusson, Team Leader

- Winner of the Airbus Teamwork Award 2011


Top 10 Reasons


Giessen Motorsport – Technical College Mittelhessen (Germany)

KdG Solarteam – Karel de Grote College (Belgium)

“Autodesk software allows us to simulate different fluid flows in our combustion engine which helps us a lot to create a new design of our air intake system. Those programs enable us to see design mistakes and to correct them before we build our components. It´s easy for us to simulate several designs and to compare the results of the analysis.”

“KdG solarteam is a group of passionate engineering students with a mission: Our challenge contains fully constructing a boat driven only by solar energy. With this boat we will challenge other teams in the DONG ENERGY Solar Challenge, also called the world championship for solar vessels. With the Autodesk software we are able to form our creative designs and easily transform them in a real boat.”

- Michael Grau, Team Engine

- Jeroen Peeters, Project Manager


Top 10 Reasons


Team H2politO – University of Turin (Italy)

Hannover Horsepower Team – University of Hannover (Germany)

“Team H2politO choses Autodesk software for the design of their energy-efficient prototypes, because Autodesk offers a complete and professional “virtual toolbox” which accompanies the development of a project from concept to production. Autodesk can make your ideas and dreams became reality: it follows you from the rough draft to the complete realization of the project and to the final rendering. It is a “personal trainer”, it is apt to every kind of necessity, that allows you to obtain the best performance to yours vehicles in the design.”

“With the Autodesk easy all-in-one solution we have everything we need to create a digital model of our FS car. Especially the joint work on the Vault, the possibility of FEM simulation and the easy creation of accurate renderings help us a lot. Thus we are able to construct our car in less than 4 months. We thank Autodesk for the great support and the excellent cooperation.”

- Ing. Massimiliana Carello, Faculty Advisor

- Alexander Kirchfeld, Team Leader

“Autodesk technology allowed us to work quickly and easily inside our labs, at home and on the track.”

– Alessandro Ferraris, Team Leader, Team H2politO

- Winner of the Shell Eco-marathon 2011 SKF Design Award - Urban Concept with eXtreme Automotive Mobility (XAM) - Winner of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2010, Autodesk Design Award – Prototype (Idra)


Top 10 Reasons



KTH Racing – Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (Sweden)

Ecurie Aix - RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

“This year’s (2012) design is focused on building a medium-powered and very light-weight car with a tubular space frame. The drivetrain design features two motors powered by a 6kWh battery pack. As the design progresses, it clearly shows how valuable it is to have such a powerful CAD tool as Autodesk Inventor. Our whole car is designed with the help of Autodesk Inventor, and being able to present our design in a professional manner with the help of Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Showcase is invaluable! We are proud to use Autodesk’s software because it makes us look good!”

“Autodesk attaches a lot of significance not only to providing students with software, but also to training and supporting them whenever problems come about. We count ourselves happy to benefit from that.”

- Ari Geir Hauksson, Project Manager

- Thomas Schnermann, Suspension

Top 10 Reasons

- Helena Heuser, Deputy Technical Manager

“Being able to continuously use Inventor to design, Multiphysics to simulate and Showcase to present is fantastic!”


University of Strathclyde Motorsport (UK)

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Racing (South Africa)

“The versatility of the Autodesk suite available to all students has allowed us to streamline our entire design process. A smooth transition between CAD and FEA and the generation of highly professional images for team publications are just two advantages of using Autodesk’s industry-standard software packages.”

“Autodesk Inventor made the entire process simpler and faster than what it would have been without this brilliant software available to us.” - Shaun Erasmus, Head of Chassis Department

- Roy Yuile, Vice Technical Director


Top 10 Reasons


FS-MAMI - Moscow State Technical University (Russia) “For the bodywork design of our latest car Iguana Evo3 we used Autodesk Alias software. This program best suits for creating complex surfaces of the body. We especially like the possibility to create surfaces in many ways, precisely adjust settings and evaluate different design options. Quick renderings greatly speed up and simplify our work, give high quality final output. Also we like a convenient, intuitive user interface and radial menus.”

Eco-motion - Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule fuer Kunst und Design Halle (Germany) “Autodesk products not only help us create and design our ideas, they also enable us to communicate and express our ideas to each other and our partners.” - Prof. Bernd Hanisch, Advisor

- Alexander Abramov, Team Leader

- Winner of the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2010 Autodesk Design Award – Urban Concept


Top 10 Reasons



Rennstall Esslingen (Germany)

National University of Singapore (Singapore)

“Nobody of our team knew Autodesk Alias Automotive in September, and mid of December the full digital body shell was done. With Autodesk Showcase we could complete all print media with the decals on the car before the real car was produced – first time ever for our team.”

“The Autodesk Innovative Car Design Challenge was a great opportunity for me and my team to turn our classroom knowledge into practical experience. We were able to see our design concepts become reality by incorporating Autodesk software – from brainstorm and digital prototyping, to testing and bringing the design to life.”

– Felix Rathsack, Project Leader

– Tan Bor Yow, NUS Team Leader

Top 10 Reasons


*Free products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of the software. The software is for personal use for education purposes and is not intended for classroom or lab use. This product may not be available in all geographies or in all local languages. Autodesk, AutoCAD, Algor, Alias, Autodesk Inventor, Inventor, and Showcase are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries., iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. Š 2012 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

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