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2 Message from the editor This is what you have been waiting for!

13 Ask Andre Your industry questions answered

3 on a positive note News from the Y.E.S. Team

14 CHARITY Feedback on the Ten10 challenge: 10 Comrades in 10 days!

4 Sema show 2016 Presta wow’s at SEMA show

17 CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL Wayne du Preez Auto World Cresta

5 Product Spotlight Awesome products from the best in the industry


6 Car Review 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport


8 R-M Automotive refinish news Best automotive refinish painters awarded

20 Making History Kirsten Landman makes history on the dirt track

10 PROFILE TRAINING CENTRE Bulldog Abrasives: Training South Africa for success!

21 Motorsport Hallspeed Rally last round National Rally Championship 2016

Delicious recipes from our in-house chef

12 BULLDOG ABRASIVES AND MIRKA Your partnership for the perfect finish!

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Message from the Editor

This is what you have been waiting for! Yay! At last! The first exciting edition of our exciting Auto magazine is here! Group CEO, John Maroun, has had THIS particular vision for quite a while - his own industry mag and look, here it is! It seems as though whatever the man puts his mind to happens. Not just a pretty face! Then again, what more could you expect from the group? In the last twenty years a team of eight amazing directors have built three successful businesses backed by quality suppliers who offer the best automotive products in the world. Yes, in the world! This magazine is a part of the ‘Total Solution’ we offer to our customers - offering you technical support and advice as well as industry news and keep you in the loop with regards to up and coming automotive events.

Editor in chief Vicky Maroun Tel: +27 (0) 11 786 5991 Email:

We also have an awesome feature on Presta at the SEMA show; very impressive! Our in-house chef, Steff, gives you her absolutely delicious chicken liver recipe (best ever!) and we have an exclusive story on Kirsten Landman, off-road motorbike champion.

In the first issue we thought that it would be absolutely imperative for us to do a feature article on Mirka, who has been our loyal partner from the beginning. They are such and inspirational company, who set their standards high for themselves, their environment and their product innovation is at the forefront of their success.

YES has some exciting product news and there is a feature on the R-M best painter competition. Our car expert, Riaan Dormehl, drives the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport and gives us his view on this executive sports car. This is just a taste of what is in this issue …! Keep in touch with us on social media and let us have some suggestions on what YOU look for in an Auto mag. We appreciate all of your input. Enjoy the mag and until the next time…

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CEO John Maroun Tel: +27 (0) 11 786 5991 Email:

Representatives Bulldog Abrasives Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd Piet Papenfoes Tel: +27 (0) 11 786 5991 Email:

The name ‘AutoCollab’ came about as this magazine is a collaboration of the amazing services and products our three businesses have to offer, along with a whole lot more!


The Team

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AutoCollab Issue 1

on a positive note

Chief LaserLockTM Live MappingTM system Improves cycle times through better blueprinting


ne of the best ways to improve a collision repair shop’s cycle times is to measure every vehicle that comes in and blueprint a specific repair plan for each one. Since many shops only have one frame rack, though, the prospect of tying it up for estimating may be daunting to users of traditional computerised measuring systems. To address this concern, the new LaserLock™ live mapping™ system from Chief Automotive Technologies features a portable laser scanner with out-of-level measuring capabilities that can be used for blueprinting throughout the shop, even on two-post vehicle lifts. LaserLock frees up the frame rack to be used exclusively for repairs, which increases productivity and generates more profits. “When you measure every vehicle upfront instead of just conducting a visual inspection, you reduce the chance that ‘hidden’ damage will crop up and delay the repair,” says Bob Holland, Chief Director of collision in North and South America. “’Hidden’ damage can lead to supplemental estimates, lost time waiting for additional parts and unhappy customers. LaserLock’s design allows it to be easily moved between the estimating bay and frame rack, leading to better estimates and quicker repairs.” In addition to the laser scanner, LaserLock includes 45 targets with a wide range of attachments, dual flat screen monitors, a computer, colour printer and exclusive Chief software. An aluminium collet kit is available for use with aluminium vehicles like the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup. The system is contained within its own rolling cabinet; so it can be moved throughout the shop without having to be dismantled or loaded onto a cart. An optional tripod is available for raising the scanner to measure a vehicle

AutoCollab Issue 1

mounted on a two-post lift. To accommodate any bay layout, the scanner connects to the rolling workstation with a 20-foot cable. No matter where it is mounted, the LaserLock scanner can measure more reference points than any other system on both full-frame and uni-body vehicles. It can map the entire vehicle at once, reducing the time it takes to compile data for an estimate on vehicles with both front and rear damage or diamond and twist damage. Once the vehicle is measured, estimators can print full colour maps of all the collision damage on a vehicle to create a thorough estimate. LaserLock’s main flat-screen monitor is dedicated to the live mapping system, while the secondary monitor can be easily switched between an estimating program and OEM repair procedures. “With LaserLock, a shop operator who wants to start blueprinting doesn’t have to dedicate a frame rack to measuring or even purchase a second measuring system for the estimator,” says Holland. “The estimator can wheel the system over to a two-post lift, which is the most cost-effective way to get most vehicles in the air. When the estimate is complete, LaserLock can be wheeled back to the repair bay and set up for frame rack use in less than five minutes.” During the repair process, technicians can use LaserLock to monitor dimensional changes in real time. This saves time by

eliminating the need to recalibrate after every pull and reduces the risk that a pull will put more damage into the vehicle. After the repair is completed, LaserLock can be used to create a final inspection report that shows the vehicle has been returned to OEM specifications. About Chief Automotive Technologies Chief Automotive Technologies, a Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of highquality collision repair products and services, including frame-pulling equipment, vehicle-anchoring systems, measuring systems and vehicle frame specifications. Chief is also a leading provider of comprehensive training on structural analysis, measuring, collision theory and design based repair. Y.E.S. – Your Equipment Supplier is the sole distributor of Chief Automotive Technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Contact their sales team for more information: Tel: +27 (0) 10 590 9444 Email:


sEMA SHOW 2016

Presta wows at SEMA Show 2016


oming out of the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas last week, much of the buzz was centred on Presta Products and its solutions for the paint body equipment (PBE) industry. One large area of interest was the series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) Presta developed to help body shops pick the right solution for buffing and polishing clears. All clearcoats are not created equal and with technology evolving at a rapid pace, Presta has worked closely with coatings manufacturers in the US and Canada to develop these SOPs to specifically help customers determine the best system.

customers can get both the performance and economy of a proportioning system, filling a need in the industry. The Regulator will save money, time and material because cleaning products will be automatically diluted to the proper strength without the inaccuracies, waste or mess that’s common with hand mixing. Plus, the system comes complete with one metering machine, six cleaning solutions, three carboy spigots, three spray bottles and one heavy-duty rack. But more than just featuring products, the SEMA show was about building relationships and strengthening industry ties.

Located at aspx, the SOPs are available in a series of dropdown menus broken down by ClearCoat Brand, ClearCoat and Cure Time. Each SOP details how to use Presta’s buffing systems with specific buffing pads and recommended speeds for today’s leading clears.

“Coming to SEMA allowed us to spend time with people from all across the industry,” said Stuart Glauberman, president. “Whether they were paint manufacturers, buyers or work the back of the shop, we were able to talk to them about what trends they’re seeing, listen to their challenges and help to find solutions.”

Also debuting at the SEMA Show was the Presta® Regulator™ cleaning system that will help shops create even dilutions of cleaning products, control costs and maximise performance. Now Presta

Visitors to the Presta booth could talk with industry experts about the right products that fit their specific situations, from two-step buffing systems to interior and exterior detailing products. There were also professional tips and


techniques provided by Presta’s Technical Sales Representatives for using Ultra 2® Step MaxCut™ compound and Scuff Stuff® surface prep, with demonstrations every hour on the hour. Additionally, the SEMA Show featured a number of cool and exotic show cars that were polished with Presta Products. All told, attendees to the 50th Annual SEMA Show left the Presta Products booth understanding that whether the paint is clearcoat or single stage, new or old, the Presta line of products has been specifically formulated to deliver exceptional results on all painted surfaces.

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Product Spotlight

Aydin Trafo quality high pressure washers Aydin Trafo has lived up to adopting a total quality concept at both management and production level! Aydin Trafo high pressure washers are equipped with high quality ‘interpump’ pumps with three cylinders and a ceramic piston. Required safety and maximum performance are provided by the regulator with a by-pass system. Due to the by-pass regulator, detergent flow doesn’t occur within the pump. This provides a long life span for the pumps. Power loss and vibration are minimised by direct coupled motor connection. This quality product is available from Y.E.S. - Your Equipment Supplier! Contact their sales team on +27 (0) 11 590-9444 or on



Mirka Gold discs: now available in grits P40; P60; P600 and P800 Due to popular demand, Bulldog Abrasives now stock Mirka 150mm Gold discs in the coarser grits, which are grits P40 and P60 and the finer grits P600 and P800. These discs are available in both plain and 6+1 holes. This durable, all-round sanding material is very well suited for high speed sanding in a multitude of applications. Gold features semi-open and special stearate coatings designed to prevent clogging, which helps achieve an optimal sanding result. For more information contact the Bulldog sales team on +27 (0) 11 786-5991 or on”

HB Bumpersoft® 2K universal polyester filler: special for plastic bumpers


HB Bumpersoft® is a universal putty (filler) from HB Body ‘2K – Polyester – System’. It is particularly suitable for plastic bumpers except polyethylene (PE), galvanised, aluminium, stainless steel, fibre glass, chrome substrates on passenger cars. This putty (filler) is easy to apply, has excellent sanding properties, perfect pinhole free finish without clogging the paper, high vertical stability and excellent mechanical resistance due to its high elasticity and can be dried with short and medium wave infra-red. The exciting range of HB Body products is available from their sole distributor in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bulldog Abrasives. Contact their sales team on +27 (0) 11 786-5991 or on

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car review

2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Price, engine, full technical specs


he sad truth is that the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is simply too fast for this world. You just can’t go cruising around at something like 20mph faster than a pole-winning qualifying lap for the Indy 500. But if you must find a place to blast around in one of these landbound rockets, you could do worse than Eastern Cape, South Africa or at least the most remote portions of it. Here, termite hills provide some of the only landmarks by which to navigate and the savannahs and badlands are covered in a thick blanket of silence.

And that’s exactly why we and a couple of Bugatti engineers have come here for a final preproduction evaluation of the newest and likely final variation on the Veyron 16.4 theme, the Grand Sport Vitesse. Where a rear license plate typically would be found, the Vitesse carries a yellow placard that reads: HIGH SPEED TEST VEHICLE APPROVED BY GOVERNMENT. And as much as we might want this Veyron, we think we might want that placard even more. But we digress. The Vitesse (French for ‘speed’) is a combination of the two major existing Veyron variations: the Super Sport, which makes 1 200 horsepower from its quad-turbo 8.0-liter W-16 and the targatopped Grand Sport. Somehow, Bugatti resisted the urge to call it the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Super Sport. Our first encounter with the Vitesse is on its approach. We hear it, a deep and distant rumble, before we see it. It could be a brewing thunderstorm or a herd of stampeding elephants.  As soon as we make out two lights peeping from


between the horizon and the tarmac, the sound shifts to a powerful staccato of 16 pressure-charged cylinders.  Just a few seconds later, we can feel the air that’s being punched out of the way and the engine’s sound changes again, this time into an extremely loud, jet-like streaming as the 4400-pound missile rushes by. Behind the wheel of the white prototype is Jens Schulenburg. A Bugatti engineer for 10 years (yes, it’s been that long since the rebirth of the brand), Schulenburg does the final quality check.  At the end, he will give his approval to what passes for “production” in this most rarefied corner of automobiledom. The Grand Sport Vitesse has to prove, over the course of  thousands of  miles across Africa’s quietest regions, that the giant W-16 fires up properly even when drinking lesser-quality African fuel; that all the complicated mechanical, thermodynamic and aerodynamic processes still work perfectly even in harsh conditions. Conditions including those to which no Vitesse driver will likely subject his

AutoCollab Issue 1

car review treasure, such as whipping up dust while driving on gravel roads, along with the more likely Bugatti-driver endeavors such as flying along at high speeds, repeatedly stabbing hard at the brakes and incessantly accelerating at full throttle. This prototype Vitesse is peppered with some 300 temperature probes and carries two data loggers, one fixed between the seats and a second in the passenger’s footwell. The blue Racelogic VBOX on the windshield displays recorded data that is sampled 100 times per second. The Vitesse is not just a Grand Sport with the stronger engine and the front and rear fascias of the Super Sport. The driving ex­peri­ence is unique. Never in previous Veyron outings has the massive engine felt so close as in the Vitesse. Even with the hardtop in place, we can feel every breath of the turbochargers and hear all the ticking and whirring of the power plant’s steam works. With an estimated 0-to-60-mph time of 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 255mph,

the Grand Sport Vitesse is the quickest and fastest roadster we (or anyone else in the world) have ever driven, but it is not a road going race car. There are other super sports cars with more immediate throttle response and others that offer more responsive handling. But the Vitesse presents extreme, open-air automotive speed beyond anything we’ve experienced. Thanks to its relatively small roof opening, carefully engineered airflow around the body shell and optional wind blocker behind the seats, cabin turbulence is kept to a minimum. We can carry on a conversation with our drive partner up to 155mph but only by showing uncommon restraint with the throttle pedal. Don’t feel like chatting? Well, then, go ahead and keep accelerating. The Vitesse powers beyond 155mph as vehemently as a Porsche 911 pushes above 60mph. And the Bugatti shows no signs of strain even beyond 185mph. We touched 206 and you might want to double fasten your toupee’s chin strap before approaching that kind of speed. At 233mph with the top off,

the Vitesse’s engine power and air resistance finally fight to a draw, says Schulenburg.  Affixing the top adds another 22mph to the top speed. Bugatti has tailored a unique suspension setup for the Vitesse that includes new dampers with faster-working valves and marginally softer springs. The result is phenomenal: We felt none of the nervous front-end vibration during full throttle that afflicts the Super Sport coupe’s steering. Even at some seriously rash speeds, the Vitesse can be steered with just a couple of fingers on the wheel, even on the sometimes bumpy South African roads. Considering its improved driving quality and its docile/ferocious split personality, the new Grand Sport Vitesse is not only the most powerful and fastest roadster on earth but also the most desirable Bugatti Veyron 16.4. An example will cost about $2 250 000.  And you will then want to buy yourself a very large part of the earth on which to enjoy this thing. Or, alternatively, you’ll want to get your hands on one of those yellow placards.

SATAclean®RCS® Efficient spray gun cleaning SATA clean RCS Efficient spray gun cleaning allowing quick colour changes when working with disposable cup systems. The perfect solution for low-cost gun cleaning. To learn more about the benefits of the SATA clean RCS family please visit:

AutoCollab Issue 1

Bulldog Abrasives 4 Andries Street South, Wynberg, Johannesburg Tel: (011) 786-5991 Fax: (011) 786-5996/8 (Sales)


News R-M Automotive Refinish

Best automotive refinish painters awarded


-M Automotive Refinish R-M®, premium automotive refinish paint brand of BASF, announced the winners of its 12th International R-M Best Painter Contest: Berry Kooijman from Netherlands is the 2016 R-M Best Painter winner, followed by runner-up Genya Yokota from Japan and Myles Veljacic from Canada in third place. This year, for the first time, the R-M jury also honoured the most ‘sustainable’ painter. Myles Veljacic from Canada proved to be the most talented participant when it comes to efficient and sustainable use of paint-related materials. The R-M team, business partners including EMM, 3M, SATA, Devilbiss, Rupes, as well as guests congratulated the winners and all 15 finalists from Europe, South Africa, Japan and Canada for their excellent results in this final competition in which they demonstrated their strong commitment to representing the business with both top-level expertise and innovative and sustainable thinking. “We are very proud of R-M’s initiative to encourage young talents in all our different countries to commit to work more efficiently and sustainably. We ensure high training standards in our Refinish Competence Centres worldwide and develop innovative solutions for our bodyshop customers to meet the market’s current demands for boosting their productivity and eco-efficiency, including in their local markets,” said Dr Katja Scharpwinkel, senior vice president Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions Europe. Among the 15 finalists R-M considers to be its ‘next generation’ were two women, one from


The 15 finalists haled from Europe, South Africa, Japan and Canada South Africa and one from Germany. Canada participated in the R-M Best Painter Contest for the first time. In addition to the competition and the R-M press presentations, the event featured a BASF stand presenting selected projects with an innovative or sustainable impact that are produced by other business units. Know-how and expertise During the competition, media representatives from Europe, Japan and South Africa learned more about R-M’s path to using digitalisation in training courses, along with R-M’s colour information management and software solutions. Furthermore, they attended press presentations and key speeches from the premium business partners EMM, 3M, SATA, Devilbiss and RUPES that demonstrated the innovative and sustainable impact of product developments in the market. The contest’s regular business partners Festool, Mettler-Toledo, sia Abrasives and Horn and Bauer supported both the national and international finals by showcasing the latest products and market insights. R-M testimonials Yvonne Hofbauer, R-M technician in the German market and new face of R-M’s UV light filler grey campaign in EMEA and the winner of the 2013 R-M Best Painter Contest, Ole Kristian Fureid from Norway, who works as an R-M technician today, told media representatives how the “next generation” can achieve success in a career through innovative and sustainable thinking. Fureid provides professional R-M support to bodyshop networks including DK,

where the largest share of 100 percent electric Tesla vehicles in the world is painted. Be innovative – Think sustainable Guided by the motto “Be innovative – Think sustainable”, the finalists from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Canada demonstrated their skilled mastery of the different tasks in areas ranging from preparation, blending, colour retrieval, colour reading, masking, health and safety to paint-related products. In an additional sustainability-related task, the contest evaluated the impact of each participant’s sustainable solutions in every task. Beyond Refinish: Colours and design by R-M Inspired by the latest colour trends and the motto “Be innovative” and with the help of R-M’s colour competence, on the last day, the participants presented their colour concepts on painted shapes, providing their personal view of future colour concepts for e-cars. The winner of this additional colour task was chosen by the journalists. The winner, Jorge Padrón from Spain convinced the journalists by his colour concept and received a special ‘Colours and Design’ prize: a pair of the new Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes. As the finishing touch, the winner of the DS3 painted by R-M in Brilliant Red and finished with the new Glossclear was announced. Now that the show car has completed its tour through Europe, it will return to its fans in Poland.

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strap strap

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Profile training centre

Bulldog Abrasives: Training South Africa for success! Our instructors are highly experienced hands-on people who will not only impart their technical and hands-on skills but will also provide the trainees with specific knowledge for all of the products we supply. Each of our major suppliers has its own display booth with its entire range of products on display. The booths each have televisions and digital video facilities to run educational programmes on our extensive range of products. The centre is tremendously useful for both existing and new distributors and end users and will ensure they are using our entire product range optimally and are aware of all products in our range.


The Bulldog Abrasives training and development centre is one-of-a-kind in Africa

he Bulldog Abrasives training and development centre is one-of-a-kind in our industry in Africa and possibly in the world. It has been established primarily to equip unskilled labourers with skills to enable them to seek employment in any of the automotive, industrial, woodworking or DIY industries. It provides them with a real opportunity to find gainful employment and contribute to the southern African economy. There is a unique theory training room looking onto a spray booth. The room is

designed to accommodate 24 trainees at a time who will each receive weeks of comprehensive training. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and equipment to ensure that the trainees receive exceptional instruction, education and on-the-job training. The centre has a canteen to cater for the trainees and is fully air conditioned to ensure that they are physically and mentally at their peak to maximise their knowledge intake.

The long-term benefits are, however, significant for all and to the future of the industry. By equipping otherwise unemployed people with skills to enable them to earn a living and feed their families, we will also help to prevent a shortage of skills in the industry. We will naturally assist trainees to find both employment and distributors and end users to source specifically trained employees. The centre is also available by prearrangement for our distributors and customers to use to host conferences. The merSETA Certificate of Accreditation The Bulldog Abrasives training centre is accredited by merSETA to fulfil the

The polishing stage


AutoCollab Issue 1

profile training centre

Our instructors are highly experienced hands-on people functions as contemplated in South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Regulation 13 for the standards and qualifications as detailed in the statement of accreditation. About merSETA The merSETA is one of the 21 Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) established to promote skills development in terms of the Skills Development Act of 1998 (as amended). The 21 SETAs broadly reflect different sectors of the South African economy. The merSETA encompasses manufacturing, engineering and related services. The various industry sectors are covered by five chambers within the merSETA: • Metal and engineering • Auto manufacturing • Motor retail and component manufacturing • Tyre manufacturing • Plastics industries

Each of our major suppliers has its own display booth

Together the five sub-sectors comprise approximately 44 000 companies, with a workforce of approximately 600 000. The total levy income is approximately R600 million. The merSETA, like all other SETAs, play a central role in making sure that the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) is fulfilled. MerSETA does not collect levies but instead receives collected levies from the Department of Higher Education and Training. Seventy percent of the levies are disbursed as grants and 10 percent is kept for administration. MerSETA does not train; instead it facilitates the process of training by paying grants, registering moderators and assessors, identifying scarce skills, accrediting providers, monitoring the quality of training and implementing projects to close the skills gap.

AutoCollab Issue 1

The centre has a canteen to cater for the trainees The merSETA’s vision Leaders in closing the skills gap The merSETA’s mission To increase access to high quality

and relevant skills development and training opportunities in order to reduce inequalities and unemployment and to promote employability and participation in the economy.


Bulldog Abrasives and Mirka

Bulldog Abrasives and Mirka: Your partnership for the perfect finish!


ulldog Abrasives Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd is proud to be the sole distributor of Mirka products in SubSaharan Africa. This ‘partnership’ started in 1997, when Bulldog Abrasives began their journey and has grown from strength to strength over the years. Mirka’s success has been founded on a company culture that aims to constantly seek out new challenges and apply creative thinking to generate continuous improvement and unique solutions. KWH Mirka Ltd is a world leader in abrasives technology innovation, offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools, supplementary products and complete sanding systems. This total innovative solution delivers real benefits to customers in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness, even when tackling the most demanding applications. The Mirka story Mirka was founded in 1943 in Helsinki, Finland, by the engineer Onni Aulo. Due to the war-time circumstances and technical problems, the production did not start until January 1946. Despite obstacles and strict regulations at that time, Onni Aulo succeeded in just half a year to learn how to manage the production process, something which was quite an achievement. After many moves and various economic successes the company decided in 1962 to move to Kiitola in Jeppo, where they found suitable premises. In 1966 Oy Keppo Ab bought Mirka and in 1973, the two companies were merged. Already in the early 1960’s a considerable part of Mirka’s products were exported to the USA, as well as to Great Britain and Iceland. Thanks to the growing export markets, the productivity more than doubled in 1965. At the end of the 1970s, exports amounted to 54 percent of the turnover. In order to survive on the international abrasives market, it was necessary to give up the cheap bulk products and concentrate instead on product development and high class industry products. In 1969, the first high-class products reached the market and in


the same year the manufacturing of self-adhesive discs started, which is still today the most important product group. About Mirka Decades of experience and a strong commitment to product development has seen them become a pioneering specialist in flexible abrasives and revolutionary, patented products, which allow their customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process. Additionally, they have, through their innovative research and development program, also launched new micro finishing products for optimised-engineered surface finishing processes, as well as a full range of polishing compounds. Moreover, the growing Mirka Power Tools department develops and manufactures advanced sanding and polishing machines, providing outstanding ergonomic and functional benefits to users. These innovatively designed tools combined with a range of effective, high quality accessories, provide Mirka´s customers’ unmatched access to a complete sanding solution to meet their individual needs. Mirka is a globally expanding company with 15 subsidiaries located in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 90 percent of their products are exported and sold in more than 90 countries. Quality from start to finish The Mirka slogan, ‘Quality from start to finish’, states the company’s high standards for all to see. Mirka set high standards for themselves, their environment and their products and innovation is at the forefront of their success. Mirka people are encouraged to continually challenge traditional concepts and apply creative thinking to develop unique solutions that give customers a clear edge. For example, Mirka’s Net Sanding concept makes it the first abrasives manufacturer in the world to develop a dust-free sanding solution that actually achieved what it set out to do – sand without dust! Mirka is also the first company in the abrasives sector to be independently assessed and certified for the three most important

AutoCollab Issue 1

Ask Andre

Ask Andre: Your industry questions answered! Andre has worked in the Automotive Refinishing industry for over 20 years and is one of the best technical consultants in the industry. Andre will answer one of your industry related questions in each issue of AutoCollab. quality standards – ISO 9001 quality assurance system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system. Innovative products Mirka’s focus on research and development has allowed it to offer a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, tools and supplementary products. Together they offer a total innovative solution that delivers real benefits to customers in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness. The extensive range includes unique and patented products such as Abralon and Abranet, which have quickly become highly-regarded names in the abrasives field. In fact, the performance of these innovative dustfree surface finishing technologies has proven so superior to traditional systems, they have already changed many people’s perceptions of sanding. By maximising efficiency while also minimising costs, it’s easy to see why the Mirka range is more than a match for the most demanding applications. Mirka is the ultimate ‘total sanding solution’!


What’s the best combination of products that will consistently produce the highest quality shine and protection without causing solvent pop or causing costly rework?


This question is often asked and luckily with the amazing products available from Presta we have the perfect solution.


Use a polish from the Presta Ultra 2Step® Buffing System like Finishing Polish or Ultra Buffing System like Ultra Polish to produce a clean, swirl-free surface without leaving silicones or waxes.


Use Presta Ultra Complete Glaze™ when you have freshly cured paint and need breathable paint protection for up to 30-days. For additional protection, try Fast Wax® for pre delivery preparation and up to 30 to 60 days of protection.


For ultimate protection and durability, try Presta Best Wax™ Paint Sealer. Best Wax is a crème wax that produces a deep gloss with long-lasting protection from environmental contaminants and provides 90 to 180 days of protection.


Win with AutoCollab! Have your Automotive Refinshing question published in the next issue of AutoCollab and win a brand new Rodcraft AM7085 machine valued at R3 000! Send your questions through to Vicky Maroun:

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Feedback on the Ten10 Challenge: 10 Comrades in 10 days! Written by Vicky Maroun


azel Moller and Tumelo Mokobane took on the ultimate running challenge – to run the 90km Comrades distance EACH day consecutively for the nine days leading up to the epic Ultra Marathon and then culminating in the official Comrades marathon on 29 May 2016. In other words, they attempted to run Ten Comrades Marathons in Ten days! Ouch! Their goal was to raise R500 000 for animal charities who rehabilitate and nurture abused and abandoned animals and then find them loving and caring homes. “We run for all of the animals that are sitting in cold shelters who have no one to love them. Many have no room to move and definitely no room to run.” Hazel expressed.


Hazel Moller and Tumelo Mokobane The management team of Bulldog Abrasives decided to sponsor the Ten10 challenge after meeting Hazel and seeing how enthusiastic she was about the cause that she was running for, and how determined she was to conquer her goal. “It is not every day that you come across people who are so passionate about such a worthy cause and who are willing to go the distance to help. As it is one of Bulldog Abrasives core values to always go above and beyond when it comes to our customer service (something that WE are very passionate about!) we thought that it would be an awesome feat to support.” explained Bulldog Abrasives’ CEO, John Maroun. Tumelo Mokobane heard of Hazel’s initiative last year and started to follow Hazel’s cause

on Twitter. He found Hazel to be such an inspiration and called her to see if he could join her on this year’s challenge. Hazel was extremely grateful that she had someone to run besides her who is just as passionate as she is about animals, and just as determined to make a difference in their little lives. With their passion about making a difference and raising money for the animal charities, they were determined to go the distance, but on day 5 of the challenge Hazel had to jump out of the way of a vehicle that was heading towards her at full speed, resulting in a 10cm tear in the tibialis muscle in her left lower leg. Tumelo, after running 90kms per day for six days and 51kms on day seven, suffered from extreme muscle fatigue and I know, as being

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Hazel having a well-deserved coffee break with husband, and biggest supporter, Chris

Hazel Moller a part of the experience, how hard he tried to keep going and push through the terrible pain that he was experiencing. On day eight of the challenge, Hazel, with her passion and determination, attempted to run with her 10cm muscle tear. She got to 15kms and couldn’t carry on, as the pain was too great. If she had to run anymore on the leg it would have caused permanent damage, so devastated Hazel, and her supportive husband Chris, headed back to Johannesburg where Hazel could get proper treatment and the medical attention she needed. Tumelo’s hips and legs seized up and he was unable to run any further. From there he travelled to Durban and participated in the Comrades Marathon two days later, which he completed in under twelve hours. The definition of a challenge is “being faced with something that needs great mental or

physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a persons ability”. Both Hazel and Tumelo accepted the Ten10 challenge but to run 90kms per day for 10 days is no easy challenge (if it was, a lot more people would be doing it!). Everyone can take the necessary precautions, but the reality is, when it comes to running no one is immune to injury. They can both raise their heads high and be proud of what they have accomplished. Both participants of the challenge were distraught that they had not been able to run the whole Ten10 challenge but to us, they are both heroes! They have created such awareness for PETs, SPCA and Animals in Distress and have raised over R200 000 for these charities. If you could have been out there to see the passion and determination in both of these athletes, you would have gotten goosebumps! They felt so strongly

about creating awareness for abused and abandoned animals and the charities that help these animals that they wanted to run through the pain to achieve their goal. In a recent email from Hazel, she stated “I have been astounded by the knock forward effect Ten10 has had this year – in the last couple of weeks two other clubs have donated pet food and I have been able to donate to Animal Ambulance and 4paws as well. Also, some late sponsorships came through and upon consent of the Ten10 team, I was able to donate it to Underdogs. I would like to thank Bulldog Abrasives. Without you, the marketing you did, the financial support and the customer networking, it just would not have been the success it was with regard to raising funds and awareness for animal charities.” This was the first time that the Ten10 initiative raised over R100 000, and reaching R200 000 was unbelievable for them. The support they received was tremendous, especially since they never completed the full “Ten Comrades in Ten Days”. Hazel attributes this mostly to Bulldog Abrasives and associates and states that without their support they would have never managed to reach the R200 000 mark. Bulldog Abrasives would like to thank Hazel and Tumelo for making them a part of such an amazing challenge and for showing them how far you can get when you believe in something so strong. They would also like to thank their co-sponsors, Netaccess, as well as all of you who supported Hazel and Tumelo by donating to their worthy cause. It is greatly appreciated!

Tumelo Mokobane

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Rising Star impulse®- E/VHT

The height is variable. The price remains low!

Simultaneous multiple pulling True 360-degree pulling with the capability to precisely reverse damage ability to gang towers - even at the for faster, higher quality repairs corners!

Self-leveling deck with six variable heights from 19”-40”

POWER and PERFORMANCE in one affordable package. The Chief® impulse®-E-VHT gives you the high end features and capabilities you’ve come to expect from Chief ... at a low-end price you don’t!

Y.E.S. - Your Equipment Supplier is the sole distributor of CHIEF equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Contact Darrel van der Kolff on +27 (0) 83 926 7101 or

Customer Testimonial

“Bulldog have been superb! Their customer service is great and they always go above and beyond when I call for technical assistance“ ~ Wayne du Preez from Auto World, Cresta How long have you had a business relationship with Bulldog Abrasives? They have been our automotive refinishing supplier since 2001, and I have noticed a complete turnaround in my business. I have never experienced such professionalism before. Their technical sales staff is out of this world and they are fully trained so I can ask them anything.

What did Auto World find as a result of buying Bulldog Abrasives Automotive Refinishing Products Our car turn-a-round time is quicker resulting in us doubling our turnover. My staff have been fully trained on all of the products and I have the technical support of Bulldog to back it up. We have never been happier.

What would you say to anyone considering making a purchase like this and would you recommend it? If so, why? I would tell them to go for it! We are not looking back and think that by changing our shop over to Bulldog Abrasives range of Automotive products we have done the best thing for our business.

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Calendar December 2016 Monday

































NACE Automechanika Chicago, USA

AAPEX 2016 The Venetian Las Vegas

10 - 11 December 2016 Equip Auto 2016 Paris Expo Porte de Versailles



Merry Christmas!




3 - 4 December 2016 SEMA Show 2016 Las Vegas Convention Centre



15 - 17 December 2016 14th International Auto Aftermarket Expo 2016 Tokyo Big Sight

New Years Eve

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Versatile MBX Tool • Versatile tool for the removal of

underbody coating, paint and rust similar to blasting


assion, enthusiasm, creativity and class. My love for food is extravagant, rooted and sophisticated. Growing up in a family whose love for great food is immense, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the desire to get tangled up in kitchen antics whenever I was given the chance. A very fond memory that is still as fresh as a tray of hot cross buns straight out of the oven, is of my sister and I sitting on the kitchen floor licking mixer attachments clean after baking with mom. What a treat!

• Removes decals/stickers in a cool

I am a qualified fine dining chef, although I’m not too much into the fuss of fine plating, the perfect swish of sauce or placement of a turned carrot. I like the warm feel of a hearty portion that screams it was made with love. For me there is no better gathering than one that takes place in the kitchen. Nothing quite like the immediate silence that consumes a dinner table as guests tuck into their first mouthful followed by contagious smiles, ooohs and aaaahs!

and efficient way without heating up

• Good for 11 + 23 mm MBX

I’ve only recently fallen in love with Chicken Livers, in my search for the most perfect recipe, I developed my own. This recipe is simple and just the most delicious. You will find that you can add your own twist onto this recipe if you so wish. I prefer my Livers with quite a chilli bite, be careful!



1 White onion, finely chopped 2 tsp crushed garlic Olive oil 1 Cup red wine 2 – 3 Red eye chillies, finely chopped with seeds 1 Bunch Italian flat leaf parsley, finely chopped 2 Tins, tinned cherry tomatoes or chopped tomatoes 1 Cup cream 3 tbsp tomato paste 1/2 Cup Mrs Balls chutney 500g Free Range Chicken livers (rinsed) Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Basil shoots for garnish 1. Place non-stick pan on medium to high heat with a splash of olive oil. Fry off the chicken livers in batches until sealed on the outside. Do not cook through. Remove from pan and set aside 2. In the same pan fry off the onion, garlic and red chilli for 5 minutes, stirring continuously 3. Add the chicken livers back into the pan and deglaze with the red wine. Allow to simmer until the wine liquid has reduced by half. Add the tinned tomatoes, tomato paste and parsley, stirring gently not to break the livers apart 4. Allow the mixture to simmer on medium heat for 10-15 minutes. Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 5. Once sauce has reduced to a chunky sauce consistency, add the Mrs Balls Chutney and the cream, allow to simmer for a few more minutes. If the sauce is too thin, add 1tsp flour water paste to help thicken. Add more if needed 6. Serve piping hot garnished with basil shoots, mini bread loaves or Portuguese rolls

• Cool slow speed and safe “chain

saw”Rodcraft’s handling Introducing Introducing Rodcraft’s Versatile Versatile MBX MBX Tool Tool

• Versatile tool for the removal of tool for thepaint removal underbody coating, and of rust • Versatile underbody coating, paint and rust similar to blasting similar to blasting Removes decals/stickers in a cool Removes decals/stickers a cool and efficient way without in heating and up efficient way without heating up Good for 11 + 23 mm MBX Good for 11 + 23 mm MBX accessories accessories Cool slow speed and safe “chain Cool speed and safe “chain saw” slow handling saw” handling




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For more information contact: • Bul•ldog Abrasives Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd • Doore Building Joshua • 4 Andri • es Street South • Wynberg, Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0) 11 786 5991 Email: Website:


For more information contact: Bulldog Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd For moreAbrasives information contact: Joshua Doore Building Bulldog Abrasives Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd 4 Andries Street South Joshua Doore Building Wynberg, Johannesburg 4 Andries Street South Tel: +27 (0)Johannesburg 11 786 5991 Wynberg, Email: Tel: +27 (0) 11 786 5991 Website: Email: Website:

Making History

Kirsten Landman Makes history on the dirt track!


rowing up as a tomboy and always wanting to keep up with the boys, extreme sports and Motorsports was always destined as lifestyle choice for Kirsten. So, being brought up in a motorcycle family, the bug bit at a very young age. Riding and racing is Kirsten’s passion and has become a lifestyle for her. The challenge of being a female rider competing against the boys in the tough terrains that they ride in, is what she thrives on. Each ride, race and training session accomplished feels like an achievement on its own, every time. Kirsten managed an incredible Bronze finish at the 2012 Roof of Africa event and came third in the National Off-road championship in the ladies’ class in 2013 after a major injury mid season forced her to take things easy for the rest of the year. 2014 was Kirsten’s come back year with the season highlight so far being the Red Bull Romaniacs event held in Romania where she finished in a phenomenal 47th place in the Bronze class out of 167 Bronze entrants. Needless to say, Kirsten was also the first lady finisher. Kirsten is loving the light an nimble KTM Freeride 250 R, a 250cc two-stroke motorcycle designed for technical riding that perfectly suits Kirsten’s style and preferred riding terrain. For the faster races Kirsten gets on board a KTM 200 XC-W.


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Hallspeed Rally last round National Rally Championship 2016


he last round of the 2016 National Rally Championship, The Hallspeed Rally, took place in the Bronkhorstspruit area on 4 and 5 November 2016. Richard Leeke Junior and Henry Kohne in their Ford Fiesta 1600 R2 S needed to stay ahead of AC Potgieter in Polo to retain their second place overall in the championship. Well, the tussle started right in the beginning‌where Richard lost time in the first three stages to Botterill, the eventual class/category winner. Not sure what was going on, maybe our crew were in relaxed mode.

2015 Highlights

A suspension adjustment before stage four seemed to make a difference and for the following five stages, Richard and Henry

Redbull Braveman: 1st place Silver Class Kirsten managed to place third in the prologue, the day before the main event of the Redbull Braveman in Namibia. With a tough day ahead of her, Kirsten managed to keep a consistent pace throughout the day, tackling the rough terrain and scorching heat. Finishing Silver class in four hours 30 minutes in first place, a full hour before the second place finisher. This outstanding achievement both brought brilliant coverage in local as international media. Redbull Sea to Sky: first lady finisher, Gold Class This was a first time event for Kirsten. She went into the race with no expectations

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posted three stage wins and two third places, giving them third place in the category for the event, some 2,3 seconds behind Himmel in an Etios, who came second. There was also a round of the Northern Regions Rally championship that ran concurrently with the nationals and Richard and Henry finished second overall in this event. But the objective of finishing second overall in the category, (S 1600‌1600cc 2-wheel drive) South African Rally Championship for 2016 was achieved. Richard and Henry would like to thank their technical team (Andre) from Jemsport and a big thank you to all their supporters for 2016 as without them the above would not have been possible.

after her hard learning curve at Reull Romaniacs this year. Kirsten started at the back of the pack as rider number 236, with what felt like a disappointing beach race qualification, she surprisingly moved up to position number 104. Starting the forest race the next day, she had a lot of work to do to better her position for the main mountain race. She managed to move up 30 positions, starting in 74th. The Mount Olympus race was very challenging, her main goal was to minimise mistakes and keep moving with the finish line in sight. Six hours 28 minutes later, Kirsten made history as the

first women in the world to ever reach a gold finish line at an extreme enduro event. Coming in 56th position out of 66 male riders, she said there was no better feeling in the world! Third position in the National Enduro series The South African National Enduro Series consists of six rounds in different provinces around SA. Competing in the Silver class, the entry level class filled with young fast and talented riders. Kirsten was the only female to complete the whole national series and rode a consistent, successful enduro season finishing off in third place overall for 2015.




for dust-free sanding Clear direction Welcome to a new world of dust-free sanding. Breathe in the fresh air of a working environment where your efforts are focused on sanding – not getting rid of dust. See and enjoy the results of your work as you go. Mirka Abranet guides you from the old dusty world to a place where sanding is safe, efficient and dust-free. Bulldog Abrasives Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd Joshua Doore Building 4 Andries Street South Wynberg, Johannesburg Telephone: +27 (0) 11 786-5991 E-mail: AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR

Dust-free perfection

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