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Vehicle Shipping Tips If you’re relocating and thinking about shipping your vehicle there are few factors you should consider before you choose a vehicle shipping company. Like most people your car is probably valuable to you and you want to choose a company that is going to take care of your car just as if it were their own. A-1 Auto Transport has been shipping cars for over 20 years and knows the importance of high standard of care when it comes to vehicle shipping. Here are some pointers. Click Here to Get Instant Car Shipping Quotes for FREE 1. Shop Around Most companies offer you the option to compare their quote with other companies. However, if not make sure you take it upon yourself to seek a few quotes before making a decision. Keep in mind cheaper is not always better, but the most expensive company does not always necessarily equate to the highest level of service either. Reaching a balance between price and quality of service is important. 2. Ask Questions Getting most of your questions answered up front will alleviate headaches later. It also gives you an opportunity to feel out the company. If they have trouble answering your initial questions or they aren’t appropriately answering your questions it may be a sign that this isn’t the vehicle transport company for you. 3. Be Patient There are many factors that can contribute to a delay in service when it comes to shipping anything, especially a car. Quite commonly a driver may experience a mechanical breakdown, poor weather conditions or unavoidable traffic. It is important to be patient and always take into account circumstances you may have encountered yourself. 4. Due Diligence Make sure you research a company’s background before contracting with them to ship your vehicle. How long have they been in business? What is their reputation? Don’t hesitate to go online and read the company bio, customer feedback etc. It won’t be hard to determine if a company has a poor track record, unsatisfied customers will make it known that their needs weren’t met. Poor reviews can typically be found on services such as Yelp or similar websites.

Vehicle Shipping Tips