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Quick Auto Transport Checklist When deciding to use an auto transport company you have a couple different options. The first option is you can choose a traditional auto transport company, or an auto carrier. These days, the better of the two options is choosing an auto transport broker company. These companies can save you money because many different auto transport companies will be competing for your business, thus driving prices lower. Click Here to Get Instant Car Shipping Quotes for FREE There are a couple loose ends you have to tie up between scheduling the shipment of your car and having it picked up, to ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle. Door-to-door auto transport is convenient, but a bit more expensive, and you have to make sure there is sufficient space on the street to load your car on the truck; otherwise, you will have to meet him in a near-by parking lot or open space. If you chose terminal-to-terminal auto shipment, confirm with the company where the nearest shipping terminal is. Remove valuables and other possessions from your car, unless you have checked with the auto shipping company and they have allowed you to leave anything inside your car. Any parts that can potentially break off from your car are susceptible to damage, so remove any loose or protruding parts before shipment. For a guaranteed safe delivery of your car, follow these guidelines to prepare your car for shipment, and your auto shipping experience will proceed without a hitch. While auto transport might seem like a pretty straight forward task, more goes into it then what meets the eye. Remember that without doing any of these tasks to prepare for your auto transportation will make your go up considerably. Not only will not taking care of these tasks make your auto transport quote more expensive, these guidelines are also meant to keep your car and the driver safe.

Quick Auto Transport Checklist