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Sheffield City Taxis - 900 cars - have huge success with the Phantom advanced telephone system Autocab and Sheffield City Taxis develop the complete solution in telephony technology - Phantom

The card system, known as the ‘bank within a bank’, provides a quick and easy method of paying drivers using the Management and Accounts suite in Autocab’s ‘Ghost’ booking and dispatch software. It enables managers to operate their administration far more simply and efficiently than ever before, saving valuable time and money.

Transfer funds from credit accounts to driver ’s accounts The benefits don’t stop there. Funds from credit accounts can be transferred directly into the drivers card account electronically. Drivers can also set up a mandate to pay their rent and any other regular bills (power, rates etc). Using the card means that drivers carry less cash and that the office doesn’t have to hold cash or issue cheques on payday. As a bonus, the driver also saves fuel and time as he doesn’t need to come

to the office.

Drivers can set up a mandate to pay rent - no need to come to the office

The PrePaid Visa card from Autocab also enhances your image as a company. Backed by VISA and Autocab’s reputation as the market leader in the taxi sector.

The driver will get his own personal Autocab debit card which is approved by Visa. This card has all the functionality and benefits of any other debit card and is imprinted with the driver ’s name, company name (e.g. ABC Cars) and card number. Drivers can also pay for goods and services on-line, in shops, withdraw cash from ATM’s, pay for fuel, and even make transfers to external accounts.

We have been providing you with technology to operate a more efficient and profitable taxi business since 1989. Since then, we have gained over 1000 customers Worldwide, including over 800 in the UK alone, giving us the experience and expertise to deliver what it takes to be the best. Supported by 200 full time staff, dedicated 24/7 support and a real resource we really are the intelligent choice for any taxi firm with an appetite for success.

How many taxi companies do you know that can offer employee’s their own personal bank account?

For more information please call 0161 491 7777 or visit

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Save time and money

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Autocab and Sheffield City Taxis have been working closely together in a partnership to develop a revolutionary bespoke telephone system that is completely unique and specifically designed to enhance the call handling capabilities of a taxi company. The Phantom system is soon to be released on the UK market by Autocab in early October having passed its extensive testing stage at Sheffield City Taxis.

Autocab, the World’s leading supplier of Booking & Dispatch systems, continue to lead the Taxi Industry with innovative and dynamic technologies specifically designed to enhance this market sector. Our latest offering, the PrePaid Visa Card, is the first fully-integrated prepaid Visa Card system on the market bringing a wide range of benefits to company owners and drivers alike.

Tel: +44 (0) 161 491 77 77 Fax: +44 (0) 161 491 77 11 Email: Web:


The smart way to pay your drivers

autocab express

September 2012

Tel: +44 (0) 161 491 77 77 Fax: +44 (0) 161 491 77 11 Email: Web:

PrePaid Visa

September 2012

PrePaid Visa Card is the way forward for managers and drivers

Over 80,000 calls per week with Phantom Phantom, the latest in cutting edge telephony technology, has the capability to handle a massive volume of calls. Currently, Sheffield City Taxis are taking in excess of 80,000 calls per week and have ambitions to take that number to 100,000 in the near future. Phantom is a highly resilient phone system based on two servers that can automatically failsafe and take over between each other in case of any issue with the primary switch.

Phantom has fully integrated IVR, call recording & built in back up server Phantom provides the complete solution

for a taxi telephone system by having fully integrated call recording and encompasses the latest in IVR technology which can handle a high volume of calls.

25,000 jobs per week on IVR The IVR also has a built in back backup. Sheffield City Taxis are currently taking in excess of 33% of their calls through IVR, that’s nearly 25,000 per week, compared to the 18% they took previously. Phantom can deal with any type of phone line including ISDN30, ISDN2E, analogue lines, and SIP. Sheffield City Taxis have been using Phantom to great effect since going live more than twelve months ago.

Sheffield City Taxis upgrade to Minos and Ghost The company has just undergone a complete upgrade to the Ghost booking and dispatch system, (which is fully compatible with Phantom), and the Minos data terminal. Ghost will enable them to adopt paperless invoicing for their credit customers which will help make some significant savings in time and labour. The Minos data terminal is compatible with both GPRS and radio. This enables a fleet to operate on the GPRS network but switch to PMR only when required. This saves on GPRS costs whilst achieving maximum coverage.

The switch to Autocab was seamless These concerns were soon dispelled when a swift and smooth installation took place. To date, we have made over 160 system changeovers and we were able to demonstrate our vast experience with great effect performing another seamless switch, much to the delight and relief of all at United Taxis Ltd. With the installation complete this has marked a successful start to a new era with Autocab and they are looking forward to a bright future. JK and Dlear were more than happy to offer us their positive feedback. JK told us… “…At first we had fears about the changeover but the switch went so smoothly that it was actually easier than upgrading with our old system.

…the reports feature in Ghost is what I find especially useful. It helps me monitor statistics and manage the work flow. I can see how many jobs we have taken, how many each driver has done. If a driver tells me he has had a quiet day I can check the system and see that he has only worked two hours. I can keep tabs on everything…

We were migrated gradually and it was a seamless change. One of the main attractions of Autocab was the fact that the Ghost software is completely customisable making it the most flexible system to suit our business needs... ...We can make amendments ourselves without having to contact support. Not like our previous system where we had to re-boot to make changes…

Ghost is lightning fast and completely customisable …the speed of Ghost dispatch is lightning fast. It is also very easy to use and required a minimum amount of training. Although the training we did receive was exceptional. Luke Hale, Autocab Engineer, is an excellent tutor and displayed a high level of professionalism at all times. He is a credit to Autocab…”

Dlear couldn’t agree more. However, he was still keen to add a few words of his own, emphasising JK’s comments with some authority, he said…

Overall we are very happy with Autocab “…We chose Autocab to take us forward. If I had to highlight one of the most intelligent aspects of the system it is the highly beneficial dual mode operation of both radio and GPRS. The system cleverly allows us to use mostly radio but will automatically switch to GPRS when required, such as radio black spots, ensuring maximum coverage at minimal cost. This made possible by the Minos data terminal. I would also like to comment on the excellent service we have received from Autocab. Dean Riley, Autocab engineer, was very helpful throughout the transition. Overall we are very happy with Autocab…”

Apple Central Mini cabs have been serving the good people of WestonSuper-Mare for over thirty years. They were previously known as Central Cabs and merged with Apple Cabs to become Apple Central Mini Cabs. They continued to provide a well used taxi service for some time after whilst their appetite for success grew as did their ambition. However, the full potential and limits of their old dispatch system had been met. They were experiencing difficulties with slow dispatching as the system struggled to cope with the volume of bookings they were taking. As far as their ambitions were concerned this would prove disastrous. It was time for a change. It was time for a new system that could not only handle the current volume of work but could also take the company to a higher level of achievement. Wayne Michaels, along with his team at Apple Central Mini Cabs, conducted extensive research into the dispatch system market to find the most suitable system to match the requirements of a busy taxi firm. They came to the conclusion that the latest Autocab system, in the form of Ghost booking and dispatch software and Minos data

terminals, are the best on the market, providing a trueturn key solution and state of the art technology.

Business is going well since the switch Any fears of disruption caused during the switch and concerns over adapting to a new system were soon eradicated once a swift installation and quality training were complete. Less than a year later and the business is going from strength to strength as they enjoy a successful period of expansion increasing by 10%. Not only that but they were also experiencing fast and efficient dispatch which was like a dream compared to their previous system. Wayne Michaels is delighted with how well things have gone since the switch. He was more than happy to offer his positive feedback…

It only takes a few seconds to book and dispatch a job with Ghost and the reports feature is very useful “…I think we are most impressed with the speed of dispatching. From taking

…The dual server system provides us with a huge back up. We know if one server goes down the system won’t crash because the second server will take over, giving us piece of mind… …our operators love the system. It is so automated that they don’t have to do much making their job easier and the office is less stressful as a result. Overall we are very happy with our Autocab system…”

Omicron data terminal with a 5" LCD touch screen & easily detachable Apple Central Minicabs have opted for our Omicron data terminal which offers a great passage on to GPRS whilst having the compatibility with PMR radio. It has five inch LCD full colour touch screen, is easily detachable and portable, with Autocab mobile software that is simple for the drivers…

Ghost won’t crash with the dual server system


Understandably they had initial concerns over the effect that switching systems would have on their business, regarding how long the switch might take, how much disruption would be caused and would the team be able to adapt quickly enough?

a call to dispatching it literally takes only a few seconds. Almost as soon as the job appears on screen it is gone. It really is very fast. Much quicker than our last system…

Apple Central

JK and Dlear Raza had expressed an interest in Autocab and believed it was the system to manage their busy firm efficiently and effectively. To be absolutely sure they made a side by side comparison with another provider by analysing the performance of each system, taking into account usability, flexibility and overall features. After comparing results it was Autocab that they placed ‘head and shoulders’ above the other system and the decision to switch was made. They cited the capabilities of Ghost booking and dispatch software, which has the ability to be customised, and the Minos data terminal, that operates on GPRS and PMR, as the main attractions.


Reduce GPRS costs with dual mode operation (PMR/GPRS)

United Taxis Ltd

Switching to Autocab was easier Apple Central Mini Cabs – WestonSuper-Mare – Switch to Autocab than upgrading our last system and increase by 10% in first year United Taxis Ltd - Bournemouth

Autocab Newsletter - September Issue 2012  
Autocab Newsletter - September Issue 2012  

Featuring Sheffield City Taxis, United Taxis (Bournemouth) and Apple Central Mini Cabs (Weston-Super-Mare)