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august 2012

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gateway for you to communicate with us and leave your feedback and inquiries. Your opinions and views are important to us so you are free to send us a message any time. If you are an existing customer you can also use these as a platform to share your success stories with our contacts. Please add us to your network.

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Autocab in Prepaid 2012 European Conference Autocab’s Prepaid Visa card - the first integrated product of it’s kind in the Taxi Industry. Autocab always endeavours to be at the forefront of technological advancements, since the launch of prepaid back in 2011, Autocab had the vision and ambition to go that extra mile and offer an innovative product in a newly emerging market. In 2012, Autocab featured in the Corporate & B2B Prepaid catagory, the case study entitled “moving your payroll onto a prepaid card to ensure

fast and accurate payment for your employees”, was featured in the European Prepaid 2012 Conference on Thursday 14th June.

- meaning no risk of abuse. An innovative product that moves traditional payment transactions into an exciting new era.

The card can be used like any other conventional card and there are no credit capabilities

Tel: +44 (0) 161 491 77 77 Fax: +44 (0) 161 491 77 11 Email: Web: Autocab on Facebook Twitter & LinkedIn

autocab International

Skem Add us today on New to the GPRS Express Cars, Facebook, Twitter users Autocab Skelmersdale cut & LinkedIn for Android cost with Ghost

Autocab Mobile now compatible with Android OS We have developed our highly acclaimed Autocab mobile software to be compatible with the Android operating system (one of the leading platforms for hand -held devices). Many of today’s smart phones, tablets and portable devices are equipped with Android which offers a variety of options as an alternative to our fixed mobile data terminals, providing a simple and affordable route to GPS and GPRS (data) dispatch. We have a wide range of mobile devices available including the stunning Samsung Galaxy Xcover, which will be equipped with the latest user-friendly features of Autocab mobile.

Taxi companies can streamline their payments and transfers without the need for holding cash in the office or undergoing the tedious counting of money. What’s more, drivers rent can be paid in one easy process thus reducing administrative costs.

GPC Computer Software Ltd, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Oakfield Road, Cheadle, SK8 3GX


With the ever increasing use in social media it will come as no surprise that we have now expanded our online presence with the use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You will now be able to receive information and updates on our products and services, via one or all of these portals at any time. It also provides another

Strong Samsung Galaxy Xcover almost unbreakable

welcome to autocab world






an extremely strong and robust product. Being very durable it is built to last and will be able to withstand even the most heavy -handed of drivers, providing a longer life span compared to other portable devices. Accidently dropping mobiles, causing damage, can be a common problem for drivers, but the Xcover

is so robust that it is very difficult to break when dropped. The touch screen is equally durable and greatly reduces the risk of cracked screens. ...Continued on page 2

autocab International

Tel: +44 (0) 161 491 77 77 Fax: +44 (0) 161 491 77 11 Email: Web:

...and for GPRS users, new to the market, Autocab mobile for Android

Skem Express Cars, Skelmersdale cut payroll costs with Ghost and go live with Omicron to Ghost from Autocab classic. The classic system was good but we had gone as far as we could with it. We wanted to take our business to the next level whilst improving productivity, efficiency and profitability. Ghost is the solution to all this and more…

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Inbuilt GPS/GPRS

Spot-on GPS fare calculation Autocab mobile software is equipped with a GPS fare calculator ensuring that fares are accurate. The software can calculate distance travelled & waiting time without having to be connected to the vehicle (like a pulse meter). There is even a feature for adding extras. The mileage covered is displayed on screen.

Full UK and Ireland map A full UK and Ireland map comes as standard with advanced voice navigation to make the drivers job even easier. All the settings and themes including, brightness, display, volume and appearance are fully customisable to suit your driver ’s preferences.

Ghost is the dream system

• • • • • • • • •

Ghost is the latest in booking and dispatch technology

Live airport and flight details Easy bidding facility All job details on screen Full UK and Ireland map GPS meter Internal GPS/GPRS Voice navigation Fully customisable Repositionable bracket

Ghost booking and dispatch software is the latest in data dispatch and fleet management technology. It provides the complete solution for all your operating needs in a user-friendly environment. Ghost is the result of over twenty years of research and development and Autocab installations from over one thousand sites world-wide making it the most advanced and versatile system on the market. Access to all modules is seamless and controlled by permissions whilst extensive use

Outstanding Contribution to Autocab - Alex Stewart - Tech support After joining GPC in September 2011 Alex has gone from strength to strength. He has excelled in many areas, demonstrating a high level of ability in analysis and problem solving, proving to be a key member of the Autocab technical support team. With commitment and enthusiasm to match he has been instrumental in raising the standards of the help desk to meet the ever increasing demands of our extensive customer base. As a result he is a highly valued member of the company.

“I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of working in Autocab’s technical support division. It is an extremely interesting and challenging role within a technically advanced industry. I believe that team work, communication and technical ability are the key to success. I always aim to maintain a high level of standards.”

is made of mapping for both control and information. Ghost is also touch screen compliant.

More efficient and cost effective business Skem Express Cars of Skelmersdale have recently discovered the benefits of Ghost after upgrading from Autocab Classic V8. They have experienced faster job dispatch, quicker invoicing and reduced payroll costs, enabling them to run a more efficient and cost-effective business. Mr Paul Drameh, proprietor of Skem Express Cars, is delighted with the acquisition of Ghost. He is very optimistic about the future of his business and was more than happy to offer us this positive feedback.

We are delighted with the upgrade to Ghost “…We are delighted to upgrade

…We have saved on payroll costs and invoicing has become easier and much more efficient. The management and accounts suite enables us to run a productive and cost-effective business. Features such as call recording and call monitoring, help us manage our call centre and improve service. The beauty of it all is that Ghost is so easy to use. With a colourful user friendly interface the operators are finding it a dream…”

Drivers delighted with Omicron data terminal The Omicron data terminal from Autocab provides the best of both worlds being compatible with GPRS and two way radio. It is sleek and modern in appearance, compact with a depth of less than 15mm and a five inch colour touch screen. Paul Drameh described it as ‘affordable’ and ‘purpose built’. The drivers of Skem Express cars are delighted with the Omicron finding the software very easy to use. And the GPS meter is spot on.

All our hand-held devices have integrated GPS and GPRS. GPRS provides excellent coverage so your drivers will have no problem with ‘Black Spots’ (areas with no coverage) found on radio voice systems. With GPS you will be able to locate your driver ’s current position instantly and even plot his course using the snail-trail feature in our booking and dispatch software. Although Autocab mobile is compatible with most versions of our booking and dispatch software there is no better combination than with Ghost. Ghost will provide lightning-fast dispatch speed and an array of management features to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Autocab Newsletter - August Issue 2012  

Skem Express Cars, Skelmersdale cut cost with GhostSkem Express Cars, New to the GPRS users Autocab for Android, Ghost is the latest in boo...

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