Page 1 is a professional website for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, intended for the decision-makers and employees of domestic enterprises concerned in the automotive industry. Autopro brings together the players of the sector, provides them with information and facilitates development with its analyses. Our philosophy is positive approach: this includes the presentation of successes as well as the results of technical and technological developments. We believe that a frequented and a professionally high-quality website can be made without sensational scoops. The aim of is to become the number-one virtual meeting point of Hungarian vehicle manufacturers, their suppliers and service providers concerned in the automotive industry. Furthermore, our aim is to help bring together supplier capacity and potential customers, clients and service providers through our elaborate database. In addition to business, we also focus on content: our pillars are up-to-dataness, actuality, professionalism and genuineness. 1

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• Reach business partners with aimed advertisements; • Professional audience: our site is frequented by professional decision-makers concerned in the industry; • Your advertisement is placed among up-to-date, objective, high-quality news and analyses; • Our continously updated content is browser-optimised; • Our partners registering to our Company Catalogue are given a customised datasheet presenting their services and products, with which they receive further opportunities to present themselves.



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