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Free workshops in Shrewsbury for family carers living in Shropshire

Rising to the Challenge

A series of six workshops for family carers who really want to understand their child’s autism. This course is funded by Shropshire Council and Shrophire’s Clinical Commissioning Group so places are only available for family carers living in the Shropshire Council area.

Rising to the Challenge About the course

Families attending this course will gain greater confidence in living with autism and feel better equipped to manage the difficulties they are experiencing. All participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and take away ideas, strategies and resources as well as information about Autism West Midlands’ Information and Support services and other local sources of help.

Part 1 17 June daytime OR 8 July evening 24 June daytime OR 17 July evening 1 July daytime OR 22 July evening

Part 2 Autism as a Spectrum • Exploring the world of autism • The individuality of children on the spectrum • How autism is diagnosed

The Sensory World of Autism •Sensory processing •How children with autism use their senses •Improving sensory experiences for your child

16 Sept daytime OR 17 Sept evening 23 Sept daytime OR 24 Sept evening

Communication and Understanding your Child’s Behaviour

30 Sept daytime

• Communication difficulties in autism • Making sense of why children with autism behave as they do • Developing better communication with your child

1 Oct evening


How to book Contact Hilary McGlynn on 07971 261 334 or email All sessions take place at The Lantern, Meadow Farm Drive, Sundorne, Shrewsbury SY1 4NG If you would like to attend but have transport difficulties please contact us to see if we can help. Registered Charity Number: 517077 Registered Company Number: 1953344 (England and Wales)

Helping your Child Develop Social Skills • How children develop social skills • Social skill difficulties in autism • Promoting social skills with your child

Managing Meltdowns • The role of anxiety in a child with autism • Coping strategies for dealing with autism related anxiety and anger outbursts • Strategies to help your child regulate their emotions

Looking After Yourself • Reflecting on your child’s diagnosis • Managing your own stress and anxiety • Sources of help and support

Daytime sessions 9.30am - 12.30pm Evening sessions 6.30pm - 9.30pm