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Gorse Farm Residential Care

Key facts about Gorse Farm A home for up to 14 individuals with autism in two bungalows

Large garden providing seasonal food for the service users

Beautiful, mature sensory garden with seating area

Fullyequipped Activity Resource Centre

Activities in the home and the community

More than 60 experienced, trained and dedicated staff

At Gorse Farm, our aim is to ensure that people with autism have choices over their lifestyle. We take a personcentred approach to encouraging individuals with autism to live as independently as possible.

Indoor space

Opened in 1997, Gorse Farm provides a home for up to 14 individuals with autism, learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

The residential bungalows provide communal areas, meaning that each person can take time to relax and socialise with others. Service users are encouraged to decorate their bedrooms to their own specific taste.

Outdoor space


Our large garden allows our service users to feel a sense of freedom and gives them the opportunity to grow their own seasonal foods. The outdoor space also includes a sensory garden, offering a range of experiences to cater for the differing sensory issues of the service users.

At Gorse Farm, we strongly support each person in reaching their full potential. With input from professionals such as music therapists, speech and language therapists, drama therapists,

occupational therapists (sensory assessments) and psychologists, programmes, activities and approaches are developed according to the individual’s needs and preferences.

Staff team

Service users participate in both inhouse and community activities. The Activity Resource Centre provides the opportunity for each person to take part in swimming, horse riding, meals out and snooker. Service users also take part in activities that increase their involvement within the community such as shopping, cinema, walks in the park and library visits. All activities organised take into consideration the likes and dislikes of each individual.

All members of staff have undergone a supervised induction period, regular supervision from senior members of staff and a thorough introduction to the service’s policies and procedures concerning care plans, health and safety, equality and challenging behaviour.

Environment Gorse Farm is a low-arousal, personcentred environment in which service users are empowered to make choices and live as independently as possible. An individual care plan for each service user ensures that their specific needs are met. These are reviewed formally every 6-12 months to make sure that each person is getting the most out of their experience at Gorse Farm.

At Gorse Farm, we have a qualified staff team who are dedicated to providing the best care possible for adults with autism.

The members of staff at Gorse Farm work hard to ensure that service users have as much control over their own lives as possible and all of their individual needs are being met.

Make a referral

If you are interested in accessing our services either for yourself or an individual you support, you can make a referral to us in the following ways: •• Complete the referral form online at •• Email us at •• Call us at our Head Office on 0121 450 7582

We are Care Quality Commission registered CQC Nominated Individual and Head of Regulated Activity: Anabel Sainza-Fernandez

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