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Sam didn't always have super powers. Once he was an ordinary kid just like you! The only difference was the Sam couldn't always hear as well as other children.

He didn't always hear when his dad told him to "Stop teasing the dog!" or his mum told him to "Get out of the bath before you turn into a prune!"

Sometimes when his friends were talking, Sam would hear them say "I love eating dollies!" when they really said "I love eating lollies!"

One day his mum took him to see a special doctor called an audiologist. Her name was Dr Jane and she was lots of fun. She played Simon Says with him. She also put headphones on Sam's ears and played games with blocks and marbles.

Dr Jane looked inside his ears with a special torch called an otoscope and asked his mum loads of questions.

At the end of the visit, Dr Jane put some putty in his ears that looked like the Blu Tac Sam's Mum used to put pictures up on his wall.

Dr Jane told him that she was going to give him tiny machines called hearing aids to put in his ears that would give him super hearing powers. Sam even got to choose the colour of these hearing aids. He chose his favourite colour, blue.

Sam was excited because he was going to be the only child in his kinder class with super powers. He couldn't wait to tell his friends!

A week later, Sam went with his mum to pick up his new blue hearing aids. Dr Jane put them in his ears and showed them how they worked. When she turned them on he felt like Superman because he could hear everything.

At kinder, Sam's friends all crowded around him to see his new super powers in action. They were amazed at how well he could hear and all wanted to have blue ears just like him.

The teacher got the class to make their own hearing aids out of pipe cleaners to put around their ears. Sam was so proud that his friends wanted to be just like him.

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Super Sam