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MAGAZINE December 2012

Save money on your utility bills! Hot Healthy Meals Under $10.00

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Businesses with low start-up cost! Earn money recycling Turn junk into cash!

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December 2012

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Recycle your electronics for cash Where to cash in on trash!

10 Yummy recipes that save you cash! Healthy meals under $10. 14 Freebies in your mailbox Online resources that send freebies straight to your inbox. 16 Beauty on a budget How to purchase cosmetics like Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Loreal for pennies 19 Dressing for less Great places to find great fashion deals. 22 Take your basic old wardrobe and make it new Recycled accessories. 24 Couponing for beginners How to be come an extreme couponer.

On The Cover 6 Turn junk into cash 14 Freebies in your inbox 23 Businesses with low startup cost 24 Couponing 101 for beginners 27 Save big on your utilities Cover photo by Jeru Publications

Contents 7. Paid advertisement 8. Online resources that help you save 9. Healthy snacks 11. Healthy meals under $10 12. Featured books 13. Featured books continued 15. Savings tips 17. Fashion secrets from a pro 18. Great Places to find fashion deals 20. Craft corner 21. Craft corner continued 25. Jobs you can do with no schooling 26. Jobs you can do with no school/cont.. 28. Improve your credit score 29. Healthy living 30. Exercise your way to better health 31. Great gift ideas 32. Great gift ideas continued 33. Paid advertisement 34. Paid advertisement 35. Economicable cars 38. Vacation on a budget 39. Home and garden 40. Back cover

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Recycling For Cash

The next time you throw away a can think about the fact that you are throwing away cash. Saving cans is a very easy way to earn extra money. Check the yellow pages for a recycler. Look under 'recycling' or 'recycling services' to locate one in your area. Call and ask if they buy aluminum cans. If so, ask the price per pound. If you are lucky enough to have more than one in your listings, call around and see which one is paying the most. Take your cans to the recycler. Usually they will ask you to drive onto a scale. After you dump the cans, you drive back on the scale and the difference in weight is the amount you are paid. a check for your soda cans. Remember the more you recycle the more money you make. Make sure your trip to the recycling service is worth your time and money. Do you have a pile of scrap copper lying around from a home remodel, air conditioner replacement, or even an old radiator? The scrap could be in the form of copper wire or copper pipe. Have you thought about selling it for its scrap value but don't know where to start? To sell scrap copper place your copper in bags, boxes, or containers. Separate the different sizes according to the width of your copper since some copper will pay you more than others. Copper cords from electronics does not have to be stripped but usually a person will get less money for unstripped copper cords. Unstripped copper cords are cords that are copper on the inside but still have the rubber on the outside of the cord. Check the yellow pages or online for your local scrap metal recycling center and see who will pay the best price for scrap metal. Ask family members if they have old not working electronics that they can give you instead of trashing them.



Great Places to Find Fashion Deals


Dress for Less!

Check out the outlet mall. You can find brand new cute shirts for only $3.00! Wet Seal usually has great discount prices. You can buy at least 8 things for $40.00 instead of 1 jacket at a better name brand. Try There is usually a freecycle group for your town and people practically give away clothes that they don't want. You'd be surprised what people are willing to give away for free! 19

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