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Greetings From Above - Proof of Life After Death By K.M. Ryan Introduction "Greetings From Above - Proof of Life After Death" introduces readers to the world of life after death including after death communications and contact from deceased family and friends. After death communications and contact take on a variety of forms including seeing the deceased, hearing their voice, feeling them touch you, smelling their cologne, perfume or favorite flower, or sensing their presence. Other signs that people experience include signs such as electronics turning off and on spontaneously, finding coins in unexpected places with the year of their birth or death, and seeing the deceased in vivid dreams that seem very real. All of the stories in "Greetings From Above - Proof of Life After Death" were received from people in response to ads placed in newspapers around the U.S., and from online advertisements seeking after death contact stories and experiences. All of the stories in this book occurred spontaneously and directly with the deceased contacting their living loved one. The recipients were not using any psychics, ouija boards, drugs or alcohol at the time the contact occurred. They were doing normal, every day things such as working, driving a car, or lying awake in bed. All respondents speak of having been comforted and reassured once their loved one contacted them. Many were able to get past their grief and move forward with their lives. Others felt a peace that they had never known, and were relieved and extremely happy that their loved ones were okay and still with them. Still others felt that this experience had given them a new sense of purpose in life and gave them an insight into Heaven and what the meaning of life actually is. It allowed them to live life more fully, took away their fear of death, and left them excitedly waiting for the day they can reunite with their loved one. The author shares her own experiences with her father that brought her peace, comfort and reassurance at a time where she was filled with sorrow, hopelessness and despair after his death. We think you will be filled with inspiration and a hope that love lives on forever after a loved one passes on after you read the stories from people who now have a new outlook

on life and death.

Chapter 1 Hearing A Voice "The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread." - Mother Teresa This chapter has first-hand accounts from people who have heard the external voice of deceased loved ones or friends. The experiences occured either out loud or internally through telepathy in their minds, with one or two way communication. When a loved one dies, those left behind miss seeing that person, and they miss talking to, and with, them. Hearing your father's, grandmother's, or son's voice while they are alive is something we take for granted. Once that person has passed on, most everyone wants to hear the sound of a voice that was so precious and special to them. Audible encounters from a deceased love one are one of the ways in which people experience an after death communication. The voice may be a whisper or at a regular tone. There is no mistaking that this is their loved one communicating with them. The deceased want to continue to offer us emotional support, comfort, help us with problems and give us advice. Some people hear the voice as if the deceased was in the room talking to them, others hear it through telepathy or "in their mind."

Sherri, 44, lost both her mother and her brother and has seen and spoken with both of them. "They have both spoken to me. Hearing the sounds of their voices has definitely helped me with my grief. I know I will see them when I cross over, and I have told many people about my experiences hoping it will be a comfort to others who are grieving." Sherri was comforted by the sounds of her mother's and brother's voices speaking to her. It helped ease her grief and console her at times she was feeling low.

Beth had a lighthearted encounter with her deceased mother that changed her life in a big way. "My mother spoke to me and told me to call a guy I did not like. At first I hesitated, not sure if this was the right thing to do, but my mother had always given me good advice, so I contacted him. And, he later became my husband! She totally intervened, and I would not have looked his way at all if she had not opened my eyes to him. It turned out she was right. We have now been married 4 happy years." If Beth had dismissed her mother's voice as being all in her imagination or had disregarded her mother's message, she would have missed out on the love of her life. The deceased are still watching over us when they cross over, and Beth's mother wanted her daughter to find love, go on with her life and be happy.

Chapter 2 Sensing a Presence These stories are from people who have sensed that their loved ones are close to them even though they may not see or hear them. Some people report an increased incidence of this in the weeks or months following a death. Even though the deceased loved one cannot be seen, the living loved one just knows that it is the deceased who is with them. It's a deep knowing in the soul that the loved one has come back to be beside you. The deceased want to let their loved ones know that they are fine and are still present with them in their daily lives. They want to comfort their loved ones while letting them know they will be with them to guide and watch over them.

Phyllis, 64, lost her fiance, Jason, when he was 42. "I learned about his death the night before. I was in my car, driving back from Arizona to California and strongly felt Jason's presence in the car. When it was over, I felt comforted, but more empty and alone than I had ever been in my life. Recovery from his death took a year; rebuilding took a lot longer. It taught me to live each moment to the fullest. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. It taught me that accepting God's will unquestioningly was a necessary part of moving on. And it assured me that I will see Jason again." While Phyllis grieved heavily for Jason, his presence consoled her and gave her a new outlook on the preciousness of life. She looks forward to the day when she can reunite with her beloved fiancee. -K. M. Ryan is the author of numerous books including children’s books, a relationship book, and her newest book, “Greetings From Above, Proof of Life After Death”. She wants to give those who have lost a loved one encouragement, hope and the joy of knowing that their loved one is with them and loves them more than ever. She holds a Master’s Degree, and is the writer and editor of 8 websites including Best US Romantic, Pennsylvania Vacations, and Lots of Romantic She enjoys reading, writing, exercising, going for walks around lakes and the beach, and spending time with her family and friends. Find out more at:

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Love never dies, and "Greetings From Above - Proof of Life After Death" relates true personal stories of after death communications and pers...