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Why Too Much Sweating? Excessive Sweat Explained You’ve been down this road once too often: you’re out with your friends, and for no apparent reason, you find yourself drenched to the bone with excessive sweat. You look for the wrap you brought with you, in hopes of covering up, but realize you left it in the car. You’re stuck, and your friends are too polite to say anything, but you can see their stares. Why too much sweating? You may have a condition known as Hyperhidrosis, which is basically a tendency to sweat profusely at any given time. You might find yourself sitting on the couch on a cool day happily watching TV with the family, and suddenly you’re sitting in a pool of excess perspiration. Let’s look at some of the facts concerning this condition, and how it affects you. Physical Consequences of Hyperhidrosis The best news we can share with you is that for most cases of excessive sweating, the physical toll on your system is negligible. It’s dealing with the embarrassment and social stigmas associated with this condition that are a real pain for you.

For most people who wonder “Why too much sweating?” the answer is that it’s a case of primary focal hyperhidrosis, a condition that stems from a nervous system disorder, and is generally harmless. It’s when you start sweating all over the body, a condition known as secondary general hyperhidrosis, that you may need to get checked out by your doctor. This can have underlying causes that are quite serious, such as heart failure, thyroid problems, Parkinson’s and more. However for most people who are experiencing too much sweating, it’s usually a medically benign condition that is more of a social humiliation than anything else. So what can you do about excessive sweat problems? For the majority of Hyperhidrosis sufferers who are not facing major medical, but rather seek a way to get by day to day without being afraid to leave the house, there are some things you can do. There are ways to prevent sweating, such as deodorants for Hyperhidrosis, and other products that help you get by day to day without having to lug several changes of clothes everywhere you go. To see a wide variety of products designed to deal with excess sweating, including some featured on the Dr. Oz show, be sure and check out the full line of Klima stop sweating products. You’ll be really glad you did!

Why too much sweating  

Sometimes you simply have to ask Why too much sweating?