Authentic Texas 2016 Winter / 2017

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TEXAS takes to the

TRENCHES Photos, Documents and Dispatches from the Front Lines




DURING WORLD WAR I, more than 198,000 Commission’s upcoming exhibit marks the 100th Texans answered the call to join the Allied anniversary of the Great War by assembling a forces in an effort to defeat the Central Powers collection of photographs, documents, dispatches of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman and oral histories in a salute to the ranks of Texans Empire and Bulgaria. Although many Americans who bravely responded to Uncle Sam’s famed finger wag and “I Want You” favored neutrality, the details rallying cry. While the battle found in a top-secret, coded Texas State Library and was raged on land, sea and air, communiqué between Mexico Archives Commission the war effort was more than and Germany — called the just mortar shells and mustard Zimmerman Telegram — 1201 Brazos St. Austin, TX 78701 gas. Texans on the home front hinted at a possible pact to felt the ravages of war through regain lost territories in Texas, FOR MORE INFORMATION rationing and the pain of missArizona and New Mexico. The ing their dearly beloved. threat of German soldiers on Answer the call yourself and southwestern soil was enough enlist in our shared heritage to provoke President Woodrow Wilson to declare war on April 6, 1917. Before by visiting the Texas State Library and Archives long, doughboys were shipping off by the dozen Commission (1201 Brazos St. in Austin) from April 3 to Sept. 15, 2017. For more information to dig trenches and do their part “Over There.” The Texas State Library and Archives visit ALL PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF TEXAS STATE LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES COMMISSION