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This Summer Carnival SUMMER 05 SOUNDTRACK

Summer: we look forward to this time every year, and when the fall comes and we look back on the beautiful summer we had, there’s a song , a soundtrack that comes along with the pictures of summer nights, beach days, parties, and bonfires. That is a summer soundtrack. The songs that ring forth from the summer spent. So for this summer were celebrating all the mix CDs and awful old school rock tapes your friend blasts in his car, those songs that bring back some of the most magical times in our lives -summer. Every year at the end of the school year I look forwad to the summer ahead with sprinkles of hope in my eyes I say; “This is going to be the best summer. I can feel it.” This will be the best summer for all of us! Reasons why; • NO SCHOOL! • Long summer days filled with endless possibilities. • Even better Summer nights. • Great friends • Great parties • My favorite, bonfires with smores • Awesome movies coming out • Swimsuits and chlorine filled pool parties • Summer TV season starts • Summer jobs and internships (bring in the the money honey) • High wasted jean shorts • Hot enough for guys to take their shirts off for no reason. • Ice cream (its just tastes better in summer) And that’s just to name a few reasons! Here at Authentic we created our own summer soundtrack mixing music and photography. Because we all know at the end of blissful summer is a new school year and we want you to have something you can reminisce about in class. So turn your radio up, roll your windows down, put your sunglasses on, and get ready for the long soundtrack to unfold around you.

-Editor in chief Nastasia Harden

Check out aubree jones summer soundtrack.


s.d.s by Mac Miller


Doing It Right by Daft Punk

Small Town by Hoodie Allen

Angels by ASAP ROCKY

Royals by Lorde purple yellow red by portugal the man

Global concepts by Robert Delong

out of my league by F

Fitz and the tantrums


BLOG? This summers blog is perfect to follow for all you fashion forward ladies out there. You may recognize Erinn Smith from the February issue of Authentic in our photoshoot Sweet Hearts. Not only is she an up and coming super model but an amazing blogger and very stylish as well. I feel priveleged to be able to ask her about her blog and promote her because this girl is going to do big things in the future. Why did you start your own fashion blog? “For 2013, I felt as though I needed to kick things in gear. Last year, I felt as though I wasted the whole year by not taking actions to get myself closer to the things I wanted to do and the things that I wanted to become. So then I told myself that I would get my goals going in 2013. And one of my goal was to create my own fashion blog.” What blogs do you pull inspiration from to help you with your own blog? “Well there have been just a few blogs that I have been checking out. For example, I love Aimee Song’s blog. She has such a glamorous look to her outfits, and I’d love to have her closet. It’s like heaven on earth. Also, Erica Fae is a great blogger. I started off watching her YouTube videos, and from there I get so much inspiration. Another is modishyou, her style is crazy. I like how she combines different prints and textures.”

Click here to see her blog

What do you want to get across to people with your blog? “I want people to be able to learn from my blog and get a general feel for the outfits. I also want people to understand that it’s okay to be yourself and dress however cool or crazy that you want to. Even though everyone else may be wearing sports tees and Jordan’s, you are unique. There’s only one of you in the world, so that means you should be original. Don’t blend in when you were born to stand out. People also take a liking to others who are different and are themselves, so just do you.” What are the biggest challenges about having you own blog? “The biggest challenges are just trying to keep updating and getting people to check it out. When you’re proud of something, you want people to check it out. But sometimes getting people’s attention is hard, especially when not everyone you know is into fashion. With the help of my sister, we get outfits shot and posted on my website. She uses her fancy Nikon camera. Sadly, I don’t have a fancy camera, therefore I must ask her to come take pictures with me. But first I have to make sure that she’s in a good mood. Hopefully in the future I can get my own camera so I don’t have to bother her.” what are your future goals for your blog? “Hopefully my blog can grow into something that all of my friends can check out weekly and be interested in. I’m beginning a YouTube page dedicated to fashion, and I will be posting outfits of the week videos. There’s a link on my blog that can send you to the YouTube page. I’d like to also find more bloggers to check out.” What are your favorite places to shop and your style inspirations? “This question has been asked soooo many times, it’s just so crazy. Whenever people ask, I tell them that I shop everywhere. I shop at regular teen stores just like you. Charlotte Russe, Forever21, Macy’s, etc. But it’s not really about where I shop, it’s more about how I put outfits together. Sometimes I make myself look like a rich girl. But it’s just because I know how to make rich, glamorous looking outfits. My different alter egos and moods are my style inspiration. If I’m feeling a little edgy, then I’ll put together an edgy outfit. If I’m feeling glamorous, I’ll put together a glamorous outfit. I just buy things from stores that I like, and then go back to my closet and try and make an outfit with the new item. It’s like a puzzle, really. You just place different pieces together and see if it fits.”

This summer


lerey Tells us her summer soundtrack

Caraphenilia by Pierce the Veil Clarity by Zedd

Buy the Stars by Marina and the Diamonds Miracle Mile by Cold Play

Captain tyin knots vs mr. walkway by sleeping with sirens How to be a heartbreaker by MArina and the D


Cant Stop by Miley Cyrus

Royals by lorde

whose ruling this summer;

Queen Bee of everyone’s soundtrack this summer is Australian 16 year old Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Check out her work here and add her to you summer soundtrack.


Tennis Courts


Milan Harden

Keeping in touch with Nature, Milan drew this flower inspired illustration.


fun music filled summer addition of authentic teen.


fun music filled summer addition of authentic teen.